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My 10 Favorite Warrior Characters by Heatherbreeze

Heatherbreeze lists their favourite characters from the series.

Art by Maple-Heart

Hi BlogClan, Heatherbreeze here! Today I’ll be talking about my opinion in warriors’ characters!
10th Place: Bluestar (Dodges tomatoes) Okay, before you yell at me, hear me out. Bluestar as a warrior did some questionable things. Such as ignoring Thrushpelt and allowing herself to fall in love with Oakheart. (I’m sorry to OakBlue shippers, I support your ship and the choices you make!) I think that OakBlue (As I stated in my first article, My Opinion In Warrior Ships), I think it’s highly underdeveloped. Anyways, back to Bluefur.
Everyone in ThunderClan knew that Bluefur was a warrior that loved being outside, and she hated being stuck in the nursery with mewling kits. I feel like no one would be offended if Bluefur had let someone like Swiftbreeze or another queen take care of her kits while she became deputy. Besides, it would be so cool to have your mother as deputy, and it IS still easy to love your kits without being a queen. Bluefur just made things difficult and Mosskit died for no reason.
9th Place: Leafpool (Dodges tomatoes once again) I LOVED LeafPAW. Not Leafpool, LEAFPAW. Leafpool (IMO) made some DUMB decisions. First off, FALLING IN LOVE WITH CROWFEATHER. (Sorry LeafCrow shippers again TvT) Second off, Not loving Mothwing. (Serious MothLeaf shipper here, guilty as charged XD)
8th Place: Ferncloud. I love Ferncloud and would have placed her way higher if I didn’t do mostly main characters. Ferncloud is a boss for having all of those kits with Dustpelt and giving ThunderClan a real legacy. Ferncloud is the strongest warrior to be acknowledged for doing this in the name of ThunderClan.
7th Place: Sparkpelt and Alderheart: The fire twinsies. I love Sparkpelt for her passionate personality like her mother, and I love Alderheart’s soft and compassionate personality to help anyone that needs it.
6th Place: Mistystar: I love Mistystar for her righteous leadership of RiverClan, her personality and belief to do what is right, and that she never backs down from a fight when it comes to her Clan and her loyalty. Go Mistystar!
5th Place: Ivypool: LEAVE ME ALONE OKAY??? XD I love Ivypool because she went through so much as a young warrior and she really had true development over the years and that Fernsong pushed through and became a loving mate and dad for their kits. Go IvyFern
4th Place: Crowfeather. I know what your thinking. WHY CROWFEATHER, OF ALL CATS HEATHERBREEZE?? Listen. Crowfeather had a tough time as a young apprentice with his attitude and how he pulled through in the end.
3rd Place:

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