The Clans, Info That Everyone Should Know by Cherryflight

Cherryflight introduces the Clans and their differences.

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Helloooooo Warriors fans! It’s Cherryflight again! It’s so great to be writing another article!  

In this one I’ll be talking about the differences in all the clans! (What fresh kill they hunt, what they’re like in battle, where they sleep, where their territory is, and their personalities through all the books.) 


I think everyone knows how important ThunderClan is throughout all the Warriors books. ThunderClan is a strong and loyal clan that lives in woodland. Thunderclan was always one of the most peaceful clans, (trying not to create trouble), and they are respectful. When ThunderClan fights, they are strongest among the trees, although their fighting technique varies. ThunderClan often helps cats in need because that is simply who they are. As everyone should know, Firestar took it an extra mile when he was leader, making sure that if there was a cat on their territory who needed help, they would get it. Firestar was always careful not to change how he looked at any cat just because of their birth. You could say he thought this because of his past as being shamed of being a kittypet, but let’s not go into that. ThunderClan is often thought of as weak or mostly half-clan because of their constant taking in of loners and kittypets. (Firestar never liked that.) 

A quote from Warriors ThunderClan:  

No. I won’t believe that. There is always something that a cat can do, as long as he has courage and loyalty.” 

―Fireheart to Bluestar 

ThunderClan’s most common prey is voles, mice, and squirrels, though you shouldn’t be surprised if they eat a rabbit or small bird. ThunderClan’s camp by the lake is the hollow, but back in the forest they lived in a clearing among more trees.  


WindClan’s territory is mostly the moors. They prefer an open sky and hills rather than trees. They like dry grass instead of wet and they are known for their speed in battle. During Tallstar’s time, WindClan was considered the clan that was always in need of help, small and scrawny compared to the fierce ThunderClan cats and large ShadowClan cats. But after Tallstar’s death Onestar became leader. Onestar didn’t like the constant need for help, so he hardened his clan, always trying to prove to Firestar that their old friendship was useless.  

A quote from Warriors WindClan:  

“You act as if we can hardly feed ourselves. But WindClan is as strong as any other Clan, and we shall prove it. We do not need help from any cat.” 

Onestar to Firestar 

WindClan is easily offended and isn’t scared to throw a sharp retort at any cat. They know a lot about Twolegs, probably because their clan has always been closest to the Twoleg nests. WindClan’s prey is hares and rabbits. (Although there was a time when they started eating squirrels and birds worrying ThunderClan……) WindClan cats don’t sleep in dens, they’d rather be out in the fresh air all night.  

Ugh, okay. Enough putting it off Cherryflight! Just talk about ShadowClan already!  


ShadowClan lives among marshlands and the pines of the forest. Several times in the books, cats from ThunderClan also complain about the mud, wondering how ShadowClan doesn’t have webbed paws. ShadowClan cats are proud, and nomatter how things are in their clan they always mention that prey is plentiful at the gathering. Other clans often mistake them for being battle hungry, cold-hearted, and soulless.  When the Clans were in the forest, elders would tell kits that the cold north wind of the mountains froze the ShadowClan warriors’ hearts. In battle, ShadowClan have strong warriors and good skills, but they aren’t as cunning as WindClan. They have a small but decent amount of territory, and they are willing to add anything to the fresh kill pile. Mostly, though, they eat reptiles and amphibians, like lizards and frogs. Sometimes they hunt rats. ShadowClan cats obviously like hunting at night and are best at it then. They use the cover of darkness to their advantage when in battle. ShadowClan’s camp is hidden in the shadows and well-guarded. It is thick with thorns and brambles but is a comfortable place to live for the cats there. 

Firestar, you’re panicking over nothing. Twolegs are mad. Even the smallest kit knows that. True, they knocked down a few trees, but now they’ve gone away again. Whatever was going on, it’s over.” 

―Blackstar to Firestar about the Twoleg interference 


RiverClan cats live by water. ALL THE TIME. They live by rivers, streams, waterbeds, puddles, and they especially like the wetlands. They’re known for their ability to catch fish because it is literally one of the only types of prey they eat. They have long, sleek pelts for swimming and they swim a lot. Often, other clans tease them and complain about their ‘fish breath.’ RiverClan camp is a small patch of land surrounded by two streams. They enjoy having the only bridge to the Island (gathering place) because at any time they can claim it as their own. RiverClan cats are stubborn but are strong fighters in battle. As leaders come and go, RiverClan tends to change with the times. In one book they might be really cruel and in another they might be extremely helpful. In The Darkest Hour, they align with ShadowClan to become TigerClan with Tigerstar as their leader.  

I wish you all well. But this is RiverClan’s last Gathering for a while. We will stay on our land and rebuild what was destroyed by the rogues. But the Clans can make decisions without us for now. RiverClan needs time. We need peace, and we need to look inward to heal the wounds that have been inflicted on us. From tonight, I am closing our borders.” 

―Mistystar deciding to close RiverClan’s borders 


SkyClan is the fifth clan, which didn’t appear until after Omen of the Stars.  

They were forced to leave the forest due to Twolegs. When asked to give up their territory, the other clans refused. SkyClan was then driven out. Later, Firestar and Sandstorm rebuilt SkyClan until it was strong again. SkyClan has strong hind legs, rough/hard pads, and they are very powerful. They are a bit like ThunderClan since they eat similar prey. 

I’d like to comment on SkyClan’s territory by the lake, but I haven’t read that far so I can’t. (Sorry SkyClan fans.)  

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this article! It took me a while to write lol. Bye!  

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