My opinions on the rule that says med. cats can’t have kits by Frostpaw

Frostpaw shares their opinion on the medicine cat rule about no mates.

Art by TheMoonfall

Hi! I’m Frostpaw this is my first article (still looking for a mentor) and in this article i’m going to explain what i think about the rule about the medicine cats can’t have kits and i’m going to say the upsides and downsides and the risks and the whole reason i wrote this article so let’s get started!

I think medicine cats should be allowed to have kits only if there are two medicine cats in all. Second, I think it should be only allowed to have kits when there is no tension between all the clans and doesn’t seem likely to have an upcoming battle anywhere soon. Third, I think the second medicine cat can’t be an apprentice because if the apprentice forgets a herb, then the cat he or she is treating has a higher chance of dying and might come close to death but survive but with a lot of suffering so the second medicine cat can’t be an apprentice. Forth, if a medicine cat wants to have kits but only has a medicine cat apprentice, then the medicine cat can’t make his or her apprentice a full medicine cat early because they want a mate. That’s all the rules that i can think of that will keep the clan safe.

I’m going to start on the upsides now.


1. the medicine cat will be happy and will be very gentle and will know how to cure her kit’s sickness and if it’s a tom who is the medicine cat then he will know how to cure his kit and all of them have a higher chance of surviving then most kits because the medicine cat will care more about his mate then another cat who is kitting so that’s upside 1.

2. the medicine cat’s kits will have part of it’s mother or father’s personality so the kits’ will probally be gentel because medicine cats are gentle and some might be like brightheart but without the hurt eye. For those who don’t know brightheart (I’m thinking most people do know brightheart) brightheart was a she-cat and she lost an eye from fighting dogs which swiftpaw got killed in and another cat like brightheart but without the hurt eye would be really useful because the cat could heal it’s clanmates and the medicine cat won’t have to run around healing everyone because the cat could help.

I’m not sure if there is any more upsides so off to downsides

1. there is a risk because if the second medicine cat finds a wound that needs two cats to treat, then the cat has a very high risk of dying, so that’s a downside

2.if the second medicine cat is still newly assesed, then it’s kind of dangrous

That’s all for this article, hoped you liked it!

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