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Ship or Sink? by Pixiepaw

Pixiepaw talks about ships from the series.

Art by Wings-of-North

Hello guys, it’s Pixie/Pixiepaw here, and today I’ll be talking about my favorite ships and some sinks. This is my first article ever written, so don’t mind me if I’m horrible at it!

~*Spoiler Alert*~

1. Firestar x Sandstorm: Ship! Personally, I love this ship. I feel like the two are a great combo and really go well together. I also love how their relationship formed—from Sandpaw, at the time, teasing and bullying Firepaw, to the two warriors developing a strong affection with each other! I also like Firestar’s and Sandstorm’s personalities. That’s it for this ship, now moving on.

2. Tigerheart/star x Dovewing: Sink! Aplogies to those of you that like this ship. As an apprentice, I thought that Dovepaw was okay. But when she turned into Dovewing, she was a brat! Also, to the start when they first met when journeying upriver, I didn’t really like Tigerheart to begin with. Something about his personality I just don’t like, but I can’t grapple onto it. I especially HATE when Dovewing leaves her own clan and her sister to be with arrogant Tigerstar in ShadowClan. Well, I definatley disapprove of this ship.

3. Feathertail x Crowfeather/paw: Ship? Okay, I support this ship, though it isn’t my favorite. Feathertail was a good character, in my opinion. Some of you may think she’s a Mary Sue, but I think she’s a decent character. I really liked that even Crowpaw was being so grumpy and irritated, Feathertail always tried to be nice and considerate to him. I do like how they slowly developed their soft and gentle relationship over the journey. But if Feathertail did live, I don’t think their relationship would work out with the whole clan rival clan thing.

4. Brambleclaw x Squirrelflight: I don’t know! Comment which you think! At first, I really loved their relationship, Squirrelpaw starting off as an irritable, squabbly know-it-all, and Brambleclaw not fond of her. But when they started their journey to the sun-drown-place, they started to develop affection and feelings for each other! But I hate when Brambleclaw was so demanding and rude to Squirrelflight when she and Ashfur got close. Also, even when Squirrel chose Bramble over Ash and they got together, when Brambleclaw discovered that Squirrelflight had lied about ‘her kits’; Hollyleaf, Lionblaze, and Jayfeather, he got so mad and wouldn’t forgive her. Eventually when he realized that she did everything for the best, they got back together. But guess what, when he became leader and made Squirrelflight deputy in apology, he started to get all snappy, selfish, and rude to her, and even threatened to displace her from deputy. I mean, come on, Brambleclaw!

Okay, well that’s it for this article! I hope you all enjoyed my first writing!
Now, Pixiepaw is OUT!

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  • Interesting article!


    I think Crowfeather should just have a bunch of good friends, Nightcloud included. He’s not the best mate, and I don’t ship him with anyone. I dislike Bramblestar when he’s leader, and like him when he’s still a warrior and a deputy. Squirrelflight tends to get on my nerves sometimes. Tigerstar is a pain in my opinion, and Dovewing is just – eh, I don’t like either sister, to be honest. Sand x Fire is okay, if Fire hadn’t been Cinder’s mentor, though, and she’d been a bit older and hadn’t been maimed on the Thunderpath, I’d ship Fire x Cinder, because I like Cinder’s personality. But Sand x Fire I do support because their personalities match and they even each other out. As funny as it sounds, Sand would actually be the fire and Fire would be the water.

  • Nice article!
    I agree with all apart from Squirrel x Bramble -thought it isn’t really disagreeing since you’re neutral on the topic- I think their relationship is really toxic and it’s a definite sink for me, and I’d like to add to the Feather x Crow passage: while I can’t say for certain since there isn’t enough background on their relationship, but I think being from rival Clans wouldn’t have stopped them for being together.
    Nice article once again! 😀

  • FirexSand
    Ship! I agree that they have great personalities and just fit together really well, and the whole relationship wasn’t the whole “love at first sight” kind of thing.
    Sink. Tigerstar is arrogant and a jerk in most of A Vision of Shadows. Dovewing is also a big brat, and both run away from their needy Clans to be together for a long period of time, then come back, expecting to be welcomed. It really isn’t a good ship.
    Ship! I personally think it’s better than LeafxCrow because it was both cats’ first love and they had a lot of time to grow affectionate for each other. I think that if Feathertail had survived, Crowfeather and Feathertail would have bonded over the Great Journey and would have become mates. If Leafpool ran away with Crowfeather, why couldn’t Feathertail?
    Ship! I think that, even though, yes, Bramblestar’s a jerk in Squirrelflight’s Hope, that’s only one book and he has a right to be mad at Squirrelflight for hiding a gigantic secret like that for so many moons and lying to him, and he had the right impulse to keep Squirrelflight away from Ashfur. That relationship did NOT end well.
    Anyway, great article! I love articles about ships and ship or sink articles.

  • Great article!!
    I really agree with you on Bramble x Squirrel. You’re the first person I’ve seen that has really summed up my ideas about it, it was a great ship to start with, but after that, it just went downhill. Although, there was this quite good scene I remember later in the books where Squirrelflight had a massive wound on the belly and Brambleclaw was really worried about her.

    My opinions:
    1) ship
    2) ship, I dislike both of the characters but I think they go really well together
    3) sink, I think Crowfeather and Leafpool compliment each other a lot better
    4) same as you

  • “when he became leader and made Squirrelflight deputy in apology, he started to get all snappy, selfish, and rude to her, and even threatened to displace her from deputy.” (from your article) well, were the things squilf did not stupid? from a leader’s standpoint? most of her decisions turn out right! so everyone gets mad that bramble didn’t listen to her, when what he did was reasonable from a leader’s standpoint. also, him threatening to demote her was because squilf DID do something behind his back.

    ‘Oh, but he should have listened to her!’ If her decisions turned out to be a huge mistake I think this ship wouldn’t be as controversial.

    ‘He wouldn’t listen at all and what squilf did was morally right and she wanted to do the right thing and he didn’t and he wouldn’t let her!’ Well, I dont feel like there’s a clear right or wrong for this. both of them could have had a lot better communication, ofc! if we got a view into why bramble didn’t go let squilf help the sisters I think we would understand his choice a lot better, but ofc the authors are determined to make him look really bad……(i think?)
    Squilf still did go set thunderclan into a panic, and that’s really not something a deputy should do. Now a deputy should definitely not so strictly obey the leader-if a leader is wrong, and if the deputy knows, they shouldn’t just keep quiet like that, or else they’re not a good deputy, so the leader should accept what they did was wrong. But squilf DID set thunderclan in a panic, and do deceitful things, didn’t she? So I can see why bramble would get mad, but neither bramble or squilf are complete jerks or complete good victims of abuse, as many people say. (I can’t remember if he accepted he was wrong, tho.)

  • I agree with you fully on tigerdove! While I think they are suitable for each other, I certainly still don’t like either. Also didn’t tiger and dove wish death on bristle and root just because they were afraid for shadow? it’s one thing to be afraid for shadow but to put bristle and root into danger without even acknowleding that that’s going too far and feeling guilt, is, well…..

  • Fire X Sand – Ship
    Dove X Tiger – Sink?
    Crow X Feather – ?
    Bramble X Squirrel – Sink?

    Maybe I’m a blunt idiot, But I don’t see very many issues with Dove X Tiger. I don’t think Dovewing should have pressured Tigerheart into leaving ShadowClan, Especially considering the fact that ShadowClan was legit crumbling to ash at that point. I also don’t like how Tigerheart told Blackstar about Jayfeather’s Catmint patch when Dovepaw told him about it. Then again, I don’t remember why she told him about the herb patch in the first place.

    I haven’t read most of TNP (I only managed to find Twilight at my local library) so I haven’t experienced what Crow X Feather was like.

    I feel like neither of Squirrelflight’s options were very good. Ashfur was simply obsessed with her, And Brambleclaw wasn’t exactly the nicest cat around. Bramblestar wasn’t quite a supportive mate either once she chose him

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