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My Opinion on Dovewing & Ivypool by Pixiepaw

Pixiepaw shares their opinion on the iconic sisters of Omen of the Stars.

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Greetings, it’s Pixie/Pixiepaw here again, and today I will be expressing my perspective on the two sisters that are introduced in OFTS, Dovepaw/wing and Ivypaw/pool. I am writing this article because of the inspiration of Mountainstorm’s The Importance of Perspective When Judging Characters.

FIRST, let’s get started on Dovepaw/wing. At the beginning of OFTS, “The Fourth Apprentice”, she was quite an enjoyable character. As an apprentice, she was much better than when she got older. So, let’s focus on when she’s an apprentice. I didn’t think she was a bad character, but when she freaked out about having powers and being different, in my mind, I was like, “Dovepaw, just deal with it.” I didn’t like how nervous and stubborn she was being, like how she refused to use her powers when Lionblaze and Jayfeather told her too. Yes, I would be scared, but seriously, Dovepaw, why do you have to get so upset and fussy about it. Other than that, she was a pretty interesting and well-developed character. I liked her perseverance and determination, but when she got so moony over Tigerheart, that’s when my opinion started to change. In the 6th arc, she really starts to bother me when she leaves her clan and her sister to be with Tigerheart, now Tigerstar 2.0. And don’t get me started on Tigerheart now. Okay, I have to admit that he was a good character in OFTS, but in the 6th arc, he got so full of himself and arrogant. Well, back to Dovewing. She and her sister had such a great bond and relationship, and then she LEAVES. That is what most bothers me. I know she was just doing what her heart told her to, and in the books showed she really had a hard time deciding what to do. Otherwise, she is a pretty good character.
NEXT, we have Ivypaw/pool. In the early books of OFTS, I didn’t quite enjoy her that much. The fact that she was manipulated by the Dark Forest so easily got to me, and especially when she has the argument with Dovepaw, refusing that OG Tigerstar isn’t evil, and that he’s loyal to ThunderClan, and ThunderClan still. Later into the arc she gets better. I am relieved when she realizes that she made a big mistake by training in the Dark Forest with evil cats near the end of “Night Whispers” OFTS. After that, Ivypaw really improves. In the 6th arc, when Ivypool and Fernsong are together, I really like Ivypool’s personality then. She is very out-going and feisty, and I love how Fernsong offers to help out in the nursery to let Ivypool continue with warrior duties. Even though in the 6th arc, the perspective is not focused on her, I still notice her. Ivypool is an amazing character, to sum it all up, but that’s just my opinion!

Thanks for reading my opinion on Dovewing and Ivypool! Hope you enjoyed. Until next time!

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  • Quailpaw, Toucan, She-cat| BlogChat name: Leafwind ( Leafi) Former name: Leafwind| Obsessed with Legend of Korra says:

    Great article, it was really well written. But I prefer Dovewing over Ivypool. That’s just my opinion though and we all have different opinions.

  • I dont compare dovewing to ivypool, BUUUUUT something everybody seems to forget is that she and tiger WANTED ROOTSPRING AND BRISTLEFROST TO DIE. it’s one thing to be afraid for shadowsight-but to wish the death of others because of it?!?!? That’s going way to far. Anyway that’s what my friend said after reading the broken code book 6. i simply cant’ love dovewing or be neutral on her. Also, the authors killed ferncloud because of fan request so I’m thinking of sending a joke letter to them that says ‘kill dovewing and tigeheart and lightleap and make them evil too, you killed ferny on fan request after all so here’s another” lolol

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