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Pixiepaw shares their opinion about more ships.

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Hello, it’s Pixie/Pixiepaw again! I hope you liked my Sink or Ship article! Today, I’m just making a Part 2, and after reading Mountainstorm’s article about having perspective on some of the warriors that are usually hated, I have decided to view the usually hated characters differently. Well, anyways, let’s get to it!

~*Spoiler Alert*~

5. Ivypool x Fernsong: Ship! Okay, I know this ship doesn’t get noticed a lot, but I really think that Ivypool and Fernsong are a great match for each other. And it’s so sweet of Fernsong to help out in the nursery to let Ivypool keep her warrior duties. They work really well together. I also love the spirited, feisty, and out-going personality of Ivypool. If you ask me, I think Ivysong/Fernpool is a great ship!

6. Lionblaze x Cinderheart: Ship! First of all, I love both of these characters. I think it’s cute how the two start to develop feelings for each other. Some of you might not like Lionblaze, but i think he has turned out to be a pretty good character! And Cinderheart is just genuinely one of my favorite cats! I love how playful and kind they are together. I just think they’d make a nice match!

7. Fireheart/star x Spottedleaf: Sink. I just don’t think this ship would work out nicely, especially since Spottedleaf is a medicine cat! Even though Spottedleaf lived, I just think the whole ship would just be too cheesy and not well developed. That’s just my opinion. Plus, I think Fireheart/star’s real love lies with Sandstorm.

8. Barley x Ravenpaw: Ship. Okay, this ship, I have to say, is really cute. I love how well Ravenpaw and Barley get along, as well as the concern Barley shows for him. When Ravenpaw died, Barley was so affectionate and sad towards him. I love this ship!

Well that’s all for my ship or sink part 2! Let me know which ships YOU think are good or bad. Oh, and if you haven’t already, read Mountainstorm’s Importance of Perspective When Judging Characters.

Peace Out!

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  • IvyxFern
    Ship! As you said, they’re underrated but super cute, with Ivypool being feisty and fierce but kind to Fernsong and Fernsong just being awesome and being like the first tom in the history of the Clans to nurse kits to let Ivypool keep her warrior duties.
    Ship! Really nice, and I never thought LionxHeather was all that great. I think Lionblaze is also a good character (finally someone who doesn’t think he’s bad!) and that he and Cinderheart are really cute together. They had a lot of litters!
    Sink. Yes, Spottedleaf was sometimes a Mary-Sue, and she died in the first book. Even if she lived, I don’t think that their relationship would go well, like the other code-breaking relationships. Firestar needed someone fierce and brave like Sandstorm and Sandstorm needed someone calm and friendly like Firestar to even their personalities out!
    Ship! This is super cute and I’m not sure but might, in popularity, top over TallxJake! They’re very close friends and that bond has obviously strengthened into something more than friendship. Together I think they would be really happy and Ravenpaw definitely needs calm and outgoing Barley to calm him down when he gets jumpy and nervous like we know him.
    This is a really good article! I didn’t think part 2 would come out so soon, but it’s really good!

  • Ship! (Even though I like Root x Ivy more)


    Sink! (Even though I might write an au about them)


  • 🌊✨Streampaw adores reading and writing! Feather x Crow forever! 💙 I love school! ✨🌊(Streampaw/lark, she/her) says:

    Great article, Pixiepaw! Here are my opinions on the ships listed in this article.

    1. Ivy x Fern: I like Ivy x Fern as well! They’re not my favorite couple, but they certainly are two very supportive and understanding mates. As you stated, their personalities contrast nicely, which enhances their chemistry. It was so compassionate of Fernsong to substitute for Ivypool in the nursery! The only problem with this pairing is that there’s a rather large age gap between the two, and they’re related. But I have no other complaints!

    2. Lion x Cinder: I’m neutral on this ship. You’re correct that they showed affection and playfulness when together, which was adorable, and Lionblaze’s timid demeanor around Cinderheart before they expressed their love for one another was also very cute. However, Lionblaze wasn’t completely honest with Cinderheart for a while, and Cinderheart was increasingly self-doubful of herself in their relationship in Omen of the Stars.

    3. Spotted x Fire: I don’t like Fire x Spotted and will agree with your ‘sink’. 🙂 They had very little development, their age gap was rather large, and they didn’t have any good chemistry. Besides, as you mentioned, if the two had a confirmed relationship, it would probably be overdramatic and cheesey.

    4. Raven x Barley: I LOVE RAVEN X BARLEY! <3 They're my third-favorite couple in Warrior cats. All of their interactions were simply adorable and they had quite the good combination of different personalities. Their loyalty and understanding of one another is exceptional and they were always very supportive of each other.

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