My Favorite & Least Favorite Warrior Cats and Why by Pixiepaw

Pixiepaw talks about their favourite and least favourite characters.

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Hello, it’s Pixie/Pixiepaw here, and I’ve come to talk about my favorite and least favorite warrior cats and why. I hope you enjoy this article, now let’s get to it!



1. Fireheart/star – This is a lot of people’s favorites, and some say he’s a Gary Sue, but I personally love this character. From the start when he was Rusty, I just began to like him! He was a loyal, caring, brave, and wise cat, and I hate when he dies. R.I.P.

2. Graystripe – How can you NOT love this amazing furball! I love Graystripe. He is such a unique and imperfect character. I love his silliness, stubbornness, dedication, devotion, and loving personality. Kinda reminds me of me! The choices through his life are hard, and I admire how he overcomes every problem. Go Graystripe!

3. Sandstorm – She is a stubborn, kind, and considerate character . . . that is when she stops being mean to Firepaw/heart/star. I simply love her personality and her fierceness and wisdom. She’s very out-going and faithful. I just have to say, she’s one of my favs.

4. Squirrelflight – She is spunky, spirited, out-going, stubborn, and sweet. I really like her persistance and determination, as well as loyalty to her clan. I really think Erin Hunter did a good job creating this character.

5. Briarlight – She is a fun, playful, loyal, and determined she-cat. Right before her warrior ceremony, she broke her spine from a falling tree and ended up being paralyzed. Poor Briarlight! But that didn’t stop her. She kept doing exercise to expand her lifetime and still enjoy it. Way to go! I simply love this gal!

6. Lionblaze – Personally, I think Lionblaze/paw didn’t really start off well. He was trained by Tigerstar, and was always hungry for battle. But he changed into a pretty good character that I grew to love.

7. Cinderheart – I love how she is a reincarnation of Cinderpelt. The gray medicine cat was also one of my favs.

4. Yellowfang – I know, I know, some people don’t like this character, but I do. Look at all the hard things she’s went through: being a medicine cat and giving birth to a murderer, and then having to kill her own son! Poor Yellowfang. Overall she is a faithful and wise she-cat. The scene where she dies in the fire broke my heart. R.I.P. my friend!

5. Jayfeather – A lot of people hate him. But I don’t. I love how grumpy he is! It spunks up the story somehow, and I enjoy his snappy scenes. He also his considerate sometimes, especially when taking care of Briarlight when she was paralyzed. We finally got to see the soft side of him that we usually don’t see.

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  • Do people not love Jayfeather?

    Also- Was it cut off? Looks like it was?

    Overall: I agree with all of these. All these cats are nice, And the lowest anybody could rank them is agreeable. Firestar is judged unfairly for being a main character (Even though he was really only the main character for TPB), He is just a nice guy with a reasonable point of veiw. To everyone who says or thinks he’s overrated: Tell me, What did he do that made him better than everyone else? Become leader? Bluestar chose him. He was never depicted as overpowered or better than anyone else.

    Great article 🙂

  • I respect your opinion, but I don’t like (hate, loathe, strong words :3) Briarlight a lot (sure, I hate her a lot).

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