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Why Lionblaze Isn’t As Bad As You Think by Wolfbite

Wolfbite defends Lionblaze’s actions.

Art by xxNightfirexx

Lionblaze, on my part, is a wonderful character. But he gets a lot of hate, and I’m going to review this character!
Okay, first, let’s look at why people hate him, and then why they shouldn’t.
Yes, it was Lionblaze’s idea to sneak out of camp with Jayfeather and Hollyleaf, but he was only a kit! Yes, he knew that he shouldn’t be out of camp, but did he know the fox cubs would be twice his size? No! He had never seen one in his life. Were all of them okay? Yes, so there’s nothing to worry about. Yes, Jayfeather did run off and fall into a ditch, but was that Lionblaze’s fault? Only partially. He did have the idea to find the foxes, but Jayfeather was the one who ran away without scenting or listening to see where he was. He just ran away, and yes, he was a kit, and scared, but he knew just running off could be and would be dangerous! Okay, next. When Lionblaze was an apprentice, he went to meet Heathertail in the tunnels, and yes, he was betraying the Clan this way, but was he really? The warrior code states that it’s okay to have friends in other clans, just that your loyalty should be directed fully toward your clan. He just had a friend, and maybe they liked each other, but they both knew that they couldn’t become mates, as it would be breaking the warrior code. He refused to stop visiting her, but they were friends, and was he doing any harm to the clan? No! Yes, he was losing sleep, but he didn’t meet Heathertail everyday, giving him enough sleep to function properly. Lionblaze’s only dream was to be the best warrior the clan could ever have, and he was. He always fought for his clan, and was always loyal to it. True, he refused to listen to Heathertail when she said that Sedgekit told the clan about the tunnels, and she didn’t, but they had held a grudge against each other for a long time, and it was natural for Lionblaze to think Heathertail did it. Heathertail was wrong to get angry at Lionblaze when he had to stop meeting her. Did she expect him to keep on losing sleep and hiding secrets from his clan? If she did, she shouldn’t have. Lionblaze is partially right to hold a grudge against Heathertail. Lionblaze was and still is a great cat, only wishing to help and protect his clan with his powers.
When you hate a character, just keep reading about them and think about what they’ve gone through, why you hate them, and their good and bad sides before you officially decide if they deserve the hate you give them. Sometimes, all it takes is diving into the character’s personality and their experiences to change your mind about them!
Sorry it’s so long, but that’s all for now!

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  • Good article! However, I don’t believe those reasons are primarily why people hate Lionblaze. Lionblaze receives hate because he has killed many people semi-accidentally, and doesn’t feel enough remorse for his actions, nor do these actions ever have ani repercussions. It is a massive loss of potential character development, and without a guilt arc it leaves him being a rather underdeveloped character who has no self control in many people’s opinions. The way he behaves in TBC is also rather immature and a senior warrior and acting deputy really should know better.

    • I agree! He killed Russetfur, which granted he felt guilty about, but later killed Harestar, wanted to kill Bramblestars body and Shadowsight, and was overall a pretty bad person.

    • I actually find his kinda murder arc interesting! I think the writers were intending him to be a villian (Tho I cannot be sure) That’s why he acted like that. He had the urge to kill cats and he did kill cats. Also in Lionblaze’s defense no one really talks about how Russetfur killed Smokepaw accidentally by adding to much weight to the cliff and causing him to slip and fall. Cats accidentally kill them often and it’s alot more highlighted when it’s a main character such as Lionblaze. (Same happened with Graystripe, and even Redtail)

  • Great article! I know people hate Lionblaze for killing cats on accident but, there are so many other cats that killed other cats on purpose and they are not hated on very rarely do I see a hate post or anything about tTgerstar/claw (I like Tigerstar/claw just making a point :D) you make amazing points great article!

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