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Rating ships from different arcs!! Part 1 – Dawn of the Clans by Goldeneyes

Goldeneyes rates ships from Dawn of the Clans.

Art by shinotori

Hi everyone!! Today I will be rating some ships in Dawn of the Clans!! Also, first article!! I may do a part two for the other arcs. Ok let’s get started.

*Spoilers for Dawn of the Clans*

Gray Wing X Turtle Tail
They are SOOO cute together! I love how Gray Wing is totally oblivious to Turtle Tails love since the beginning. I do NOT like Tom, and how he got TURTLE TAIL KILLED. (subtle anger). *angry cat* I think that with enough time, this partnership could have gone so far!

Gray Wing X Slate
Ok, this one is interesting. I don’t think (fully my opinion here) that this one had a lot of space to develop. I mean, right after Slate kits, Gray Wing *sniffle* dies. I think that if Gray Wing was alive, they could have had a very happy and healthy relationship. This did not really have a lot of “page time”. It was just, “Oh Gray Wing is on the moor, he meets Slate, joins Wind Runners group *yada yada yada* Hey, Slate’s expecting kits! What a surprise!” I think that there could have been more development between these two, and could have been a really … well, idk tbh.

Clear Sky X Bright Sky
Ok, this is the only Clear Sky ship I actually like [sry Clear Sky fans]. I don’t like Clear Sky as a character, mainly because he was a bit of a jerk to Thunder when Thunder was a kit (This is a discussion for later). Clear Sky and Bright Sky clearly had a beautiful relationship going on before BRIGHT SKY WAS CARRIED OF BY A HAWK!!!! RIP. I really liked Bright Sky as a character, I think (along with every other couple) that there could have been a LOT of development.

Clear Sky X Storm
Ok… ok…ok. This is the controversial one for me. I honestly don’t even know. I really thought that it was going to be Storm X Gray Wing, but no. Suddenly, Clear Sky and Storm are FALLING for each other, and then Clear Sky is a big meanie (sry again Clear Sky fans) sending Storm out. And then there’s the moment when Storm DIES like the amount of death in The Dawn of the Clans is just… no. *Sigh* IDK, what do you guys think about this one? I thought it was very sudden, and out of the blue.

Clear Sky X Star Flower
I was NOT expecting this one. Honestly, when I saw this, it kind of made me hate Clear Sky a little more [Again, apologies, Clear Sky fans]. Like, falling in love with the cat that BETRAYED your son, and also bewitched him. And MAY I MENTION the fact that she is the DAUGHTER of stinky One Eye??? I think that Star Flower kind of meant to break Thunder’s heart and acted like a little bit of a brat. (“Oh Thunder, I’m sorry that I broke your heart, it’s just that Clear Sky and I were meant to BE” BLAH BLAH) Not cool Clear Sky AND Star Flower, not cool. At least Clear Sky’s new kits won’t have to experience what Thunder experienced (the rejection of a biological father). ANYWHO what are your guys thoughts on this one?

Thunder X Violet Dawn
Honestly, less page time (again) but I LOVE it!! They are adorable together, and I’m glad Thunder found someone he finally TRULY *cough cough* loves. Again, in my opinion, not much development time (maybe because it was at the end of the series? idk) but super adorbs. Don’t really have anything to say about it! Just that it’s a good one, and it was kiiiinda probable?

Welp, that’s all I have! Again, I could be doing a part 2 for the different arcs (The Prophecies Begin is next [maybe]). I did miss some, like Wind Runner and Gorse Fur, but I didn’t have much to say about it… IDK! Also, does anyone else find it weird about the age difference between Star Flower and Thunder? Like, Thunder fell in love with a cat that was the daughter of an old dude and she also later fell in love with his DAD. Meh, idk.

Anyways, peace out, and keep reading!

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  • Great article! ThunderXViolet is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is my favorite Dawn of the Clans ship.

  • Muffinlight 🧁(Muffie/Muff) 🧁 (Muffin That Shines In Morning Light) 🧁 (Used to be Amberstar Of SunClan) <3 says:

    I love Grey Wing X Turtle Tail! <3

  • It’s Bright Stream, not Bright Sky, lol! I ship her and Clear Sky by the way. Oh, and look at my name for my favorite ship of these!

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