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Turtlepaw shares their opinion on Bluestar.

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*Warning: This article contains spoilers for The Prophecies Begin and Bluestar’s Prophecy.*

Hello! I’m Turtlepaw, and today I’ll be sharing my opinion on a very well-known ThunderClan leader- Bluestar!

Here’s everything about Bluestar that I’ll be sharing my opinion on! 😀

– Bluestar’s super edition, Bluestar’s Prophecy!
– Three popular Bluestar ships!
– Was Bluestar right to give up her kits? Or was she wrong?
– Bluestar’s leadership!
– And finally, my opinion on Bluestar’s overall character!

Without further ado, let get started! 🙂

1. My opinion on Bluestar’s Prophecy
I like this super edition! I think that Bluestar had an interesting backstory. I think that seeing certain events from her POV- such as Blue x Oak- helped me understand her character better. And baby Bluekit was adorable! Overall, I think that this was a good super edition!

2. My opinion on three popular Bluestar ships
So, there are many ships involving Bluestar out there. But I’m just going to be sharing my opinion on the three most popular ones.

Bluestar x Oakheart (Canon): I love this ship! I think that Bluestar and Oakheart were really sweet together, even if their romance didn’t last long. I think it’s extremely cute that they’re a family with Mosskit in StarClan! <3

Bluestar x Thrushpelt (Non-Canon): I don’t ship Bluestar and Thrushpelt. However, I think that they had a great friendship! Thrushpelt was always so kind to Bluestar, and he was also a wonderful adoptive father to Mistykit, Stonekit, and Mosskit. So basically, I like Bluestar and Thrushpelt as good friends, but I don’t view their relationship as a romantic one.

Bluestar x Rosetail (Non-Canon): I like this ship! Bluestar and Rosetail did indeed have a beautiful friendship! I definitely ship these two! I think that Blue x Rose is a very interesting ship to explore in AUs! 😀

3. My opinion on one of the most debated-about things in the Warriors fandom: Was Bluestar right or wrong to give up her kits?

This is definitely something I have mixed opinions on. So I’ll just share reasons I think Bluestar wasn’t exactly right to give up her kits, but wasn’t exactly wrong either.

Reasons Bluestar shouldn’t have given up her kits: Well, she could’ve have been deputy and also kept her kits. If she was busy with deputy duties, another cat could watch them. (Thrushpelt, for example.) And once her kits were apprentices, she wouldn’t really have to worry anymore about keeping an eye on them- their mentors would do that. Bluestar definitely had other options besides giving up her kits.

Reasons Bluestar was right to give up her kits: Bluestar was loyal to ThunderClan, through and through. And I think that she knew that if Thistleclaw became deputy, and eventually leader, ThunderClan would be doomed to endless battles, endless bloodshed. And by giving up her kits, she hoped to stop that.

So was Bluestar right to give up her kits?
Yes and no. But we all have different opinions, so feel free to share yours in the comments!

4. My opinion on Bluestar’s leadership
I think that Bluestar was a fairly good leader. She always did seem like she truly cared about ThunderClan. I think she really tried her best to be a good leader. Later on in her leadership, however, she does some things that I strongly disapprove of. A major example of a choice Bluestar made as leader that I don’t approve of is her choice to change Brightpaw’s name to Lostface. That was extremely cruel, wrong, horrible, and… *insert every word that means ‘awful’ here.* I’m so glad that when Firestar became leader, he named Lostface Brightheart- a beautiful name perfect for this sweet-hearted she-cat. Overall, I think Bluestar was a better leader earlier on in her leadership- later on, she wasn’t as good of a leader.

5. My opinion on Bluestar’s character overall
I really like Bluestar! She was always interesting to read about- even later on, when I disapprove of some of her actions, she’s still an interesting character. And Blue x Oak is one of my favorite Warriors ships! I also enjoyed reading about many of the friendships Bluestar had in her life. My opinion on Bluestar is: Yes, she’s a good character!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my various Bluestar-related opinions! I had fun writing this article!

Whenever you defend Bluestar with a burning passion or despise her with a burning passion, I think one thing is clear: Bluestar is definitely a character everyone has a strong opinion on!

And if you so desire, you can share your opinion on Bluestar in the comments!


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