My Unpopular Opinions by Violetfrost

Violetfrost shares their unpopular opinions.

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Hi everyone, Violetpaw/frost here with another article about my many unpopular opinions

1. I love Dovewing
Dovewing is my favorite character. She’s kind, loyal, a great mother and sister and not whiny and rude like everyone says she is.
2. I hate Leafpool
I really hate Leafpool. She spied on Crowfeather and just threw her kits at Squirrelflight when she couldn’t raise them. She’s so, so annoying.
3. I hate LeafCrow
LeafCrow is the WORST. Leafpool was spying on Crowfeather and Crowfeather was so mean to her! He forced Leafpool to run away and they were always mean to each other after they broke up! They’re super rushed, unhealthy and dramatic. I don’t know how anyone considers this healthy.

5. I hate IvyBlossom
They had no chemistry at all and Blossomfall bullied Ivypool and never apologized.

6. I dislike Blossomfall
Blossomfall is a whiny brat. She’s a horrible sister and dragged Ivypool into the tunnels when Icecloud was hurt in them.

7. I like Millie and GrayMillie
GrayMillie is better than GraySilver. It wasn’t rushed. Millie IS NOT a bad mother. She cared about all her kits and was right to yell at Blossomfall. Yelling at your kid doesn’t mean you’re a bad parent

8. I love FeatherCrow
FeatherCrow is amazing! <3 They loved each other a lot and still love each other. I wish they could have stayed together.

9. I hate DoveFox
DoveFox is so, so overrated. Foxleap is literally her uncle and they have no chemistry at all.

10. I love DoveTiger
Dovewing and Tigerstar are an awesome couple! They’re great parents and love each other a lot. DoveTiger is also the only Dovewing ship I like.

11. I dislike Flametail
I really don’t like Flametail. He was all “I’m a medicine cat so I can go wherever I want” and he blamed Jayfeather for causing his death when it obviously wasn’t Jayfeather’s fault. He was also super rude to Lionblaze and was a huge hypocrite.

12. I hate Swiftpaw
Swiftpaw is so overrated. He makes a dumb decision, and everyone says he’s heroic. He’s immature, foolish and selfish.

13. I like Tigerheartstar
I think Tigerstar 2 is underrated. He’s a great dad and mate and a really nice guy.

14. I don’t ship Mothpool
I feel like Mothwing and Leafpool are better as friends. Their friendship is great, but I don’t ship them.

15. I like Bluestar
Bluestar was a pretty good leader until she went kind of crazy. I feel like she doesn’t deserve the hate she gets. She saved ThunderClan from destruction and was a good cat.

16. I love Feathertail
Feathertail is awesome and doesn’t deserve to be hated on. She is kind and a great friend which is why I love her. She prevented the tribe from being wiped out. She is not a mary-sue.

17. I like Leopardstar
I was kind of meh on Leopardstar before Leopardstar’s Honor, but her super edition made me like her. I understood why she did the things she did and now I think she’s a really cool character.

18. I like Star Flower as a villain, but I hate her as a character
Star Flower’s a really interesting kind of villain, but as a character I really hate her. Being mates with your ex’s dad is just gross.

19. I like Mistystar
Mistystar was a really cool character in the first arc, and she was a good leader until TBC. I really liked her, and I was sad when she started making bad decisions in TBC.

That was all my unpopular warriors opinions. Bye!

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  • Nice article! My opinions:
    1. I personally am mostly neutral on Dovewing, however there are times where I slightly dislike her or slightly like her 😛
    2. I love Leafpool! I personally think she is a caring and dedicated medicine cat who sacrificed everything she loved in service to her Clan. About Crowfeather: I believe that the “spying” was never out of malice, and she truly missed Crowfeather deeply after they broke up. More on this soon 😛
    3. I LOVE LeafXCrow, for a number of reasons. Firstly, their relationship was not unhealthy: it was just very, very tragic. Leafpool had to give up Crowfeather to remain her Clan’s only medicine cat, and therefore had to return to the Clans. She greatly missed him when they broke up, and so did Crowfeather. Their love was very strong and remained throughout the different series’, and then in ALitM, they were shown rekindling their love for each other and saying how much they missed each other. They did have to deal with many difficulties on the road of their relationship, but throughout it all they still carried feelings for each other, which is the sign of a true relationship that remained loving to each other. The development of LeafXCrow is gradual and well-written, although some people don’t think so 😛 Instead of being perfect-er and the plot being in favour of their relationship, like FeatherXCrow, they had to go through challenges to see each other and maintain their relationship. I could go on for ages about my fav ship but I have schoolwork to do. 😛 Just my opinion though, on this ship 😀 I don’t mean any offence!

  • 5. I don’t like IvyXBlossom either 😛
    6. Meh, Im not that fond of Blossomfall either 😛
    7. Im neutral on Mille, but I think both graysilver and graymille were cute 😀
    8, *deep breath* here comes my trillion word essay 😛
    I dislike FeatherXCrow. I believe that it was too perfect and without flaws for a forbidden romance. The plot was in favour of them, since they could go on a journey together, unlike other forbidden romances where the two cats had to go through difficulties to maintain their relationship (bristleroot, leafcrow, graysilver, etc.) Also, I find that LeafXCrow’s love was much more “true love” than FeatherXCrow (however, this doesn’t mean that FeatherXCrow was just a crush! It was love, and it was strong, but not as strong as LeafXCrows. Crowfeather even states himself in “Crowfeather speaks: a forbidden love” that his love for Leafpool was more “dangerous and forbidden” , saying that his love for Leafpool was stronger and different, more dangerous than his cute first love with feathertail. Also, Crowfeather and feathertail’s maturity level is way too different. Feathertail has gone through trauma and hard challenges in her life and has already matured and grown as a cat. Crowfeather was still in the apprentice mindset, even if he was supposed to become a warrior. When you become a warrior, your mindset shifts a bit: you become more confident and willing to do anything for your clan mates. Apprentice mindsets differ. So Crowpaw was still developing his personality, whereas Feathertail already had. Feathertails death had to happen so Crowfeather could develop his own character and personality: another reason why their relationship wouldn’t work out. Also, it was stated that Feathertail would choose her clan over her love for Crowfeather. I could go on about this, but I’m tired 😛 (no offence to FeatherXCrow shippers! Just my opinion 😀 )

  • 9. Dovefox is okay I guess 😛
    10.I ship tigerstar with leafstar 😛
    11. Im not that fond of Flametail either 😛
    12. Swiftpaw is pretty overrated yep lol
    13. Tigerheartstar is awesome!
    14. I don’t ship Mothpool either 😛
    16. Feathertail. *grimaces*. I don’t like her. 😛
    17.Leopardstar is amazing!
    18. Agreed 😛
    19.Mistystars awesome! 😀

    I don’t mean any offence with what I wrote 😀 just my opinion! Awesome article!

  • Great article! My opinions:
    1. I’m neutral on Dovewing, there are times when she is frustrating and times when I really like her.
    2. Leafpool is okay. She’s nice and dedicated, but the kit thing was a little unreasonable.
    5. I like IvyBlossom, because I feel like they could relate to each other a little, but I see your point. I’ve never really considered it that much, but it’s a good ship overall.
    8.I don’t like any of the Crowfeather ships.
    10. They are great parents, and they do love each other. The ship is actually pretty good, but I think forbidden romances are overrated.
    11. I don’t like Flametail too. He is a huge hypocrite.
    12. Swiftpaw… ehhh. He did make a really dumb decision, but he’s not bad, I guess.
    13. Yeah, he can be annoying and VERY frustrating, but he’s a great dad and a god mate, and a pretty good leader.
    15. Bluestar is awesome. Until she started being weird. She was a good leader and character.
    16. Feathertail is great, and she was really nice and sweet.
    17. I haven’t read Leaopardstar’s Honor yet, but I still think she’s a great character.
    18. I agree. Star Flower was a good villain, and she was complicated, but I never really liked her as a character. And yeah, Clear Sky x Star Flower was reeeally weird after Thunder.
    19. Mistystar is a good character and leader, and she was really brave and kind-hearted. But she wasn’t as likable in TBC and River. But she was a great character at first.

    Overall, this was a great article and you had really good reasoning even though I didn’t agree with all of them.

  • Good Article! Here is my opinions:
    1. Disagree. Dovewing is just whiny in my opinion, but I respect yours ^^
    2. Disagree. I don’t think Leafpool “spied” but I havnt read TNP in a while. She didn’t force Squrrielflight to have her kits. She was under pressure. Would you assume Leafpool killed her kits so there wouldn’t be a secret?
    3. Disagree. Leaf x Crow has ALOT more chemistry than Feather x Crow. Feather x Crow is literally Fire x Spotted 2.0 just a high school crush.
    4. There is no 4
    5. Disagree. I kind of like Blossom x Ivy. But that’s prob just me.
    6. So-so. I agree she’s kind of whiny.
    7. Agree. I like it, but I also like Silver x Gray
    8. Disagree. Feather x Crow is definitely cute, but like I said at three, It was rushed and kind of just like a childhood/teenhood crush
    9. I %100 Agree. I actually shipped these two, but now that I know they are related it’s a big no-no.
    10. Disagree. Tiger manipulated Dove for the first 4-5 books of OotS. But it’s okay after VoS
    11. So-so
    12. Disagree. Bluestar was crazy and he just wanted to prove he was brave. He wanted to be warrior, I think you would be frustrated if your crazy leader kept postponing it.
    13. Disagree. I think Tigerheart is selfish and he thinks of his family more then his Clan
    14. I agree. I see them as best friends, not a ship.
    15. Agree. Her life was so sad!
    16. So-so. Feathertail is kind of a Mary-Sue to me, but when I read A Shadow In RiverClan I knew she wasnt. Still don’t like her though.
    17. I AGREE. I don’t know why people hate her. Probably cause the whole Tigerclaw incident.
    18. Fully, 100% Agree
    19. Agree

  • Finally someone who also doesn’t like Leafpool! Leaf x Crow was HORRIBLE and they were so mean to each other after they went back to their Clans. (I ship Feather x Crow and Leaf x Sorrel btw)