Giveing Popular 90s Cartoon Characters Warrior names P1: Chip and Dale rescue rangers and Animaniacs by Primrosepaw

Primrosepaw gives warrior names to characters from Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers and Animaniacs.

Art from Pinky and the Brain

Heya Min- I mean Primrosepaw here sorry still getting used to the new name πŸ˜….


I decided I wanted to do a Warrior names Articale series Devoted to 90’s Cartoons!
Today we will start by giving Chip and Dale: Rescue Rangers Warrior Names!!!!!!! If ur not FURmiler (yes yes pun) with this series/movie(its boths so yeah) u should whatch it before reading the article! Still here? YAY!!!
Let’s begin!

1.) Chip
Ahh yes Chip, Detective guy, Dresses like Indiana Joans for some STRANGE reason. I think he would be something like Blackstripe Because, I’m going with his Apperance he has a Black stripe down his back. So yeah Blackstripe.

2.) Dale (the guy that dresses like Magnum P.I)
He’s my favorite, he may be lazy but u really have to understand, and I’m starting a rant ain’t I? Anyway he’d probly be Chickmunkleap…..idk why….I just like it

3.) Gadget Hawkrench
HAWKFLIGHT!!!! Idk it just fits ima just move on now….

4) Moteray Jack
He’s awsome he also like cheese so ye. So Cheeselight yay!

Next is
5.) Zipper!
Flystreak he’s a fly also he’s very fast so ye….

Actually ima do TWO SHOWZZZ!!!

Next is Animaniacs!!! The original AND the new one


1.) Yakko
The oldest sibling, Yakko Warner. He is hilarious πŸ˜‚. From anvil drops to “HELLO NURSE” to his bootiful songs. (So catchy) Ima call him Yaksong:3

2.) Dot
The only girl, she is like bootiful. She’s funny her full name is: Princess Angelina Contessa Louisa Francesca Banana Fanna Bo Besca III….that’s alot and I mean ALOT!!! So she is Bananafang

3.) Wakko
Wakko is the Middle child (poor kid) He is very…..different. he’s funny tho he also eats Everything 🀣 πŸ˜‚ .

4.) Slappy
I love slappy she’s Funny! She uses ALOT of Explosives!!!!!UwU So she is Squirrelbite!

Now next issssss…….
5.) The Brain
He is like a villen but not a villen, he’s CONSTATLY trying to take over the world, so yeah. He is Smartlynx (idk I just like lynxes)

Time to write a outro…
Ty Guys SM for reading my article!! Ya’ll are the best!!!! I’ll make another artical soon, got any recommendations? Comment them ur Favorite 90s Cartoons that are mostlikly widely known also plz no anime!


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