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Would You Rather Warrior Cats by Pixiepaw

Pixiepaw decides between pairs of characters.

Art by MapleSpyder

Hello! It’s Pixiepaw back with another article! Today, I’ll be choosing which warrior cats I like best out of two. Let me know if you agree or disagree with my opinion. If you want, list your answers in the comments! Now, let’s get started.
(Inspiration from Featherpaw’s This Or That)


1. Firestar or Graystripe? This is a hard one. Both characters are extraordinary and play a significant role in the Warriors series. Firestar, a noble, loyal, kind, and wise leader, former kittypet is one of my favorite characters for many reasons. Though Graystripe does too. He is a ThunderClan tom who follows his heart, and he is playful and silly. Through a while of hard thinking, I’ve decided to go with Graystripe, but just by A LITTLE.

2. Sandstorm or Spottedleaf? Easy, Sandstorm! I love this she-warrior’s personality; her ferocity, stubbornness, yet lovingness and sweetness. I absolutely loved her as soon as she started developing feelings for Firestar (Fireheart at the time). But I was very disappointed when she became a background character, like Firestar’s shadow in OFTS. Through the time when we got to see a lot of her personality, I loved her! Although I also like Spottedleaf—some—she isn’t my favorite, and not even close matches up to Sandstorm.

3. Mistystar or Stonefur? Although Mistystar was a great cat and, I thought, was one of the greatest leaders, she made some questionable decisions. I do love Mistyfoot/star a lot. She put a lot of faith into Leopardstar and pushed through Hawkfrost’s strong ambition to be deputy. But Stonefur was a significant cat as well, for he protected Feathertail and Stormfur when Tigerstar wanted to kill them. Stonefur died bravely protecting the siblings, and was a great, faithful, and noble cat. It was a hard decision, but I’ve decided to go with Stonefur.

4. Lionblaze or Hollyleaf? I quickly chose Lionblaze because he’s one of my favorite warrior cats in the series. He started off meh, but then got way better! Hollyleaf was nice at first, but was too serious and stuck up about the warrior code. Also, I hated how she yowled out all the secrets at the gathering, but killed Ashfur so HE couldn’t tell the secrets himself. Once Hollyleaf found out Leafpool was her mother, she went insane and disappeared in the tunnels. When she comes back in the forgotten warrior, she’s a bit better than before, and helps out with the problem with Sol, but still, Lionblaze wins by a lot. I do have sympathy over Hollyleaf though, all that time trying to figure out her power, when really, she didn’t have one. Poor Hollyleaf. I also don’t like how much Lionblaze and Jayfeather grieve for her. </3

5. Jayfeather or Cinderpelt? Er . . . This is tough. Sorry Cinderpelt, but I’m going to have to go with Jayfeather for several reasons. First, I feel like Jayfeather’s perspective and story is more interesting and intriguing than Cinderpelt’s—in my opinion. Some of you might not like Jayfeather at all, or even HATE him. But I actually enjoy the grumpy furball. With him having the ability to ‘read minds’ it makes the books so much more interesting with all the knowledge he’s receiving and groping to figure it out! I also believe it’s so sweet when he was so considerate, caring, and delicate with Briarlight, unlike any other of his patients. I love Cinderpelt for many reasons; her compassion, her loyalty, but the urge to help any other cat in need. For example, helping Littlecloud with his sickness, inspiring him to take on the role as a medicine cat as well! Go Cinderpelt. Also, Cinderheart is one of my fav warrior cats. Jayfeather wins just by a little.

6. Scourge or Sol? Both villains are cunning, devious, sly, and sharp-witted. I’m intrigued in the story of how Tiny turned into Scourge, from his bigger littermates bullying him, to Tigerpaw, future Tigerstar, also being quite mean to him. Tiny was his name, tinier than usual, but that didn’t stop him. He took revenge on the Clans, and killed Tigerstar with one deadly attack, slitting his dog teeth-enforced claws down Tigerstar’s entire under body, the evil mighty leader slowly losing all his lives at once! What a blow! When WindClan and ThunderClan attack Scourge attack his BloodClan warriors, Scourge is slayed in battle by Firestar. To me, I really enjoyed Scourge’s backstory and run-in with the Clans! Sol is also one of my favorite villains. He gets cats to do the dirtywork and fighting for him, manipulating them so they believe every word he says. The story of Sol was quite interesting, and I love his return later in OFTS. I love both of these villains, but I have to go with Scourge. Again, the winner only won by a tinsy bit.

7. Mapleshade or Brokenstar? Mapleshade. Definite. Mapleshade’s story was unlike any other, and she was one of my favorite villains. She was very violent, but I have pity on her. She was cheated on by Appledusk, then blinded by fury and hatred. She promised vengeance. She leapt at Reedshine, Appledusk’s mate, but he blocked her way, and Mapleshade ended up killing him instead of Reedshine and her kits. Then unexpectedly, Perchpaw slits her throat, and Mapleshade wakes up in the dark forest. To me, getting killed by an apprentice is embarrassing. I am really sorry for Mapleshade that her life turned so wrong from one bad thing. :,( Brokenstar was cool too, I guess, but wasn’t my favorite. Tbh, I liked his personality better when he’s in the Dark Forest in OFTS.

8. Ivypool or Dovewing? Ivypool, by a lot. Okay, after reading Mountainstorm’s article about perspective, I’ve learned not to judge Dovewing too hard. Many people despise her, but she’s honestly a pretty good character. She gets a little worse as she grows older. What bothers me most, is when she abandons her clan and her SISTER to be with Tigerheart because he MUST become leader. Ivypool is just genuinely better. She’s a skilled, brave, and courageous warrior. As an apprentice, up until the end of Night Whispers, OFTS, I didn’t really enjoy her. But as the series moved on, I loved her! Ivypool is a magnificent character. She wins!

9. Whitestorm or Bluestar? Whitestorm is a loyal, faithful, and wise warrior that I absolutely LOVED throughout the first series of Warrior cats. Now, people don’t recognize or notice him that much. (I haven’t read any articles that involved him yet) He is very considerate and sweet. I love when everyday, he comes in and helps Bluestar when she is going mentally insane and gives up on her ancestors. Whitestorm was very respectful to every cat, and was one of the few cats to celebrate when Fireheart was made deputy. Bluestar was also an amazing cat, and died bravely doing what was right for her clan and her kits. She made up for the stupid decisions and declaration when she was going insane, and sacrificed herself for the good of ThunderClan. In our hearts, Bluestar. With lots of thought, I’ve decided to choose the amazing warrior Whitestorm.

10. Squirrelflight or Leafpool? Squirrelflight and Leafpool are both good cats, but Squirrelflight wins my heart with her glowing determination. From the start when she went on the journey to the sun-drown-place, she became one of my favorite characters. It broke my heart when Brambleclaw refused to talk to her after the catastrophe with Lionblaze, Jayfeather, and Hollyleaf. Squirrelflight never gave up on Brambleclaw, despite the times when he’s been cold to her. Go Squirrelflight! She never gave up. That’s why I love her. Leafpool was also a good cat, but her story appeared to me as a little too boring and dramatic? If you know what I mean. Anyways, Squirrelflight wins this one.

11. Brightheart or Briarlight? UUUHHH! This is so hard! Brightheart is a strong she-warrior that never gave up despite her eye getting demolished by a dog. Brightheart is an absolute great character and I love the roles she plays in the warriors series; overcoming the shaking accident with the dog, helping out in the medicine den, and training apprentices and warriors new battle moves that she invented to suit her condition. Briarlight was also permanently damaged when a tree collapsed on her, breaking her spinal cord, causing her to be paralyzed in her hips and below. She could never be a warrior again. When Jayfeather instructed her to exercises, Briarlight dragged herself back and forth from the fresh-kill pile and the medicine den, and around camp! Thanks to Jayfeather, she lived longer, but if it weren’t for her strong and determined spirit, Briarlight wouldn’t have the determination and energy to exercise. I choose Briarlight for this one. YOU GO Briarlight!!

12. Twigbranch or Violetshine? Twigbranch is one of the sisters that were found abandoned near a thunderpath in AVoS. She was found with her sister Violetshine, and later, were found out to be part of SkyClan. Twigbranch is a feisty, loyal, noble, and sweet she-cat that I absolutely love! When a tree branch crushes Finleap’s tail and has to get half of it cut off, Twigbranch was always there to support him. Finleap was an energetic and enthusiastic cat, but when his tail got injured, he dulled to a gloomy personality. Twigbranch helped him replenish his old spirit, and they fall in love. Finleap follows Twigbranch back to ThunderClan when Twigbranch declares her real loyalties like in ThunderClan; her adopted clan. Twigbranch is just a great character, and she’s one of my favorites. Violetshine is also an extraordinary cat as well. She is taken in by ShadowClan when the rogues are overcoming the clan. She is always there for her friend Needletail, and later, Needletail sacrifices herself to let Violetshine live. Violetshine is a she-cat who is determined and sweet. When Needletail needed her, Violetshine was there. For instance, she tried rescuing Needle from the rogues. These sisters are both amazing cats! I’ve put some hard thought into who to choose, but I just can’t decide! Let me know in the comments which one you’d choose, or if you don’t like or know them at all.


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  • 𓃠𝔸𝕦π•₯π•¦π•žπ•Ÿπ•€π•™π•’π••π•–π“ƒ π”Έπ•¦π•₯π•¦π•žπ•Ÿ 𝕨𝕙𝕖𝕣𝕖 π•žπ•’π•‘π•π•–π•€ 𝕒𝕣𝕖 𝕀𝕙𝕒𝕕𝕖𓃠 β˜»π•™π•’π•‘π•‘π•ͺ π•™π•’π•π•π• π•¨π•–π•–π•Ÿβ˜» says:

    This was hard but I got:

    1)- Firestar
    2)- sandstorm
    3)- mistystar
    4)- Hollyleaf
    5)- Jayfeather
    6)- scourge
    7)- Mapleshade
    8)- ivypool
    9)- bluestar
    10)- Squrrielflight
    11)- briarlight even though Millie spoiled her
    12)- violetshine

  • I got
    1 :Firestar 2: sandstorm 3: mistystar 4: Hollyleaf 5: Jayfeather 6: scourge 7: mapleshade 8: Ivypool 9: whitestorm 10: Squirleflight 11: briarlight 12: twigbranch { even tho i hate her name}

  • Great article! I would choose: 1 – Graystripe, 2 – Sandstorm, 3 – Mistystar, 4 – Hollyleaf, 5 – Cinderpelt, 6 – Scourge, 7 – Mapleshade, 8 – Dovewing, 9 – Whitestorm, 10 – Squirrelflight, 11 – Briarlight, 12 – idk because I haven’t read AVoS yet

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