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Mapleshade: What does she Deserve? by Floofpaw

Floofpaw takes a look at Mapleshade’s actions.

Artwork by Lithestep

Hello fellow Blogclanners! Tis Floofpaw/ybear with another article. As the title suggests, I will be analyzing Mapleshade’s character and attempting to determine what she deserves. To do this I will be rereading Mapleshade’s Vengeance and finding all the evidence that defends her. I will then find counterpoints to the ones that I can and conduct a final analysis!
WARNING: Major Spoilers for Mapleshade’s Vengeance as well as minor spoilers for OotS, AVoS, and DotC!

“‘I’m going to be a father,’ [Appledusk] purred. ‘Incredible.’ He tipped his head to one side. ‘But these kits will be half-clan. Half Riverclan. How will your clanmates feel about that?’
‘They won’t know,’ Mapleshade answered. She noticed Appledusk flinch. ‘At least, not at first,’ She went on. ‘I will raise them as Thunderclan until they have been fully accepted. Then every cat will be able to cope with the truth. Why should it matter that their father lives in a different clan?’”
-Mapleshade’s Vengeance, Pages 12-13, Quote #1

Mapleshade’s intentions were good. She was handed a difficult situation and she tried her best to make it work; it can’t be considered entirely her fault that things went wrong. Of course this can’t exactly justify murdering anyone, but we at least know her heart was in the right place to begin with.
Counterpoint: Her intentions don’t really matter. Three cats are still dead and good intentions don’t change that.

“The air in the warriors’ den was suddenly so thick that Mapleshade couldn’t catch her breath. Is Starclan offering me a way for my kits to be accepted by their clanmates? I can’t lie, not if I want them to know the truth later. She stared at Frecklewish, unable to speak.”
-Mapleshade’s Vengeance, Page 16, Quote #2

Mapleshade never directly lied to her clanmates. She was planning to tell them the truth later, and she thought that Starclan might be helping her make her kits be accepted. She had no way of knowing things would get so out of hand. Really, this is Starclan’s fault for not providing a little clarification. Like y’know maybe bop into her dreams quickly and tell her ‘No, we do NOT approve of you lying to all of your clanmates like this,’ Instead of suddenly throwing Mapleshade under the bus by sending a sign to Ravenwing.
Counterpoint: She is letting Frecklewish believe Birchface is the father with the hopes that she will spread it around. This is essentially lying, is nearly as bad, and still results in her being exiled and her kits dying. By not contradicting these rumors, she is basically lying.

“Oakstar was starting to back out of the nursery. ‘Right now, the most important thing is that Mapleshade’s kits are safe and well,’ he meowed. There was a grim note to his voice that made Mapleshade’s fur stand up. ‘We will raise them to be great warriors like their father,’ Oakstar vowed. ‘And let them avenge his death when they are ready.’”
-Mapleshade’s Vengeance, Pages 23-24, Quote #3

Oakstar is clearly not thinking in line with the warrior code. He is thinking about what Mapleshade’s kits can do for Thunderclan, not what Thunderclan can do for her kits. Of course they will grow up to be great warriors, but right now this isn’t what Oakstar should be thinking about. Plus, killing is against the warrior code anyways. I think this is showing that although Oakstar is of course upset over Birchface, it’s possible that if he believed that Mapleshade and her kits’ loyalties didn’t lie entirely with Thunderclan because of Appledusk he might have exiled them anyways, which is, again, breaking the warrior code. For someone who exiles a cat for breaking the code, he sure doesn’t seem too against it himself.
-No counterpoint, Oakstar sucks.-

“‘Please don’t say anything!’ Mapleshade begged. ‘These are Thunderclan’s kits!’
‘They are half Riverclan,’ Ravenwing corrected, his voice as hard as ice. ‘Our clanmates deserve to know. I’m sorry, Mapleshade. Sorry for you, but even sorrier for these kits. They will end up suffering for the lies that you have told.’ He whirled around and vanished into the bracken.
-Mapleshade’s Vengeance, Pages 36-37, Quote #4

…Admittedly this scene doesn’t happen quiiiiiite the way I remembered it before rereading Mapleshade’s Vengeance. But rereading the book I now have a much less pro-Raven view of this conversation. Ravenwing knows there will be repercussions for the kits, yet he is going to tell the clan anyway. From what we’ve seen of Oakstar in the above quotes we can tell that he is extremely likely to resort to exile, and I believe Ravenwing is smart enough to figure this out. I understand that he is a young medicine cat trying to find his place in the clan, but this isn’t the way to do it. Although we can’t place the blame entirely on him. He’s new to his job and probably believes that he has to do this as a medicine cat. It’s not fair of Starclan to put him in this position. However, he needs to have the guts to make the right choice and keep this a secret, which he evidently does not.
Counterpoint: Back then, the warriors were much more devoted to Starclan and had absolute faith in them, which Mapleshade demonstrates throughout the book with her internal dialogue. Defying Starclan is no small thing, especially for an inexperienced medicine cat. If Mapleshade can justify murder with her faith, I say Ravenwing can justify telling the clan with his. Also: ‘I have told you nothing,’ Mapleshade mewed through clenched jaws.
‘You have told me plenty,’ Ravenwing responded, sadness in his sky colored eyes. ‘The truth must come out.’
Ravenwing is sad about this. He doesn’t want to report Mapleshade, but he feels he must because it is the will of Starclan. He’s not an evil cat. Is he brave? Certainly not. Does he deserve to die for his mistake? No, of course not. If every coward who made mistakes went to DF, I have a feeling it would be a lot more crowded. (Shadowclan cats who initially sided with Scourge, Shadowclan cats who initially sided with Darktail, um, MISTYSTAR, if you’ve seen her awful performance in AVoS, Onestar for sure, again for awful performance in AVoS, BLACKSTAR, every cat in DoTC who didn’t stand up to One Eye, need I go on?)

“Frecklewish shook off the warriors and glared at Mapleshade. ‘You have betrayed my brother’s name!’ she spat. ‘You have betrayed us all with your lies and your disloyalty. You don’t deserve to be called a warrior and nor do those… those half-clan creatures.’ She curled her lip toward the three kits, who cowered beneath the ferns. ‘Their father killed Birchface and Flowerpaw! Get them out of here!’”

“Oakstar bounded down from the highrock and stood in front of her. His yellow eyes gleamed with hatred and he thrust his head forward until his breath blew hotly on Mapleshade’s muzzle. ‘Have you forgotten that Appledusk murdered my son and Flowerpaw? Of all cats, why did you have to choose him? You cannot possibly expect my forgiveness.’ He stepped back and raised his head. ‘You have betrayed the warrior code and lied to your clanmates. We will not raise these kits within the walls of our camp, nor the boundaries of our territory. Take them and leave. You are no longer a warrior of Thunderclan.’”
-Quotes from Mapleshade’s Vengeance, Pages 40-41, Quotes #5-6

Frecklewish has done a complete turnaround of her opinion on Mapleshade and her kits. She used to adore them, but now she hates them just because she knows who their father is. She has every right to be furious with Mapleshade, but the kits are the same cats she thought they were. They haven’t lied to her or done anything to deserve this, and she needs to leave them out of it. And Oakstar is being completely irrational. He rants about Mapleshade breaking the code when he is doing it himself in a quite frankly much worse manner. He doesn’t even stop to consider that he might be letting his emotions make his decisions for him or to stop and ask his deputy, Beetail. Do you know what I want to know? WHO EVEN IS BEETAIL RWKBGKHGLK? Does the clan deputy not have ANY sort of opinion on this? He says literally nothing throughout this entire scene and I believe an objective opinion on this matter is required. Again, Oakstar also has the right to be furious with Mapleshade. However, he can’t neglect kits and has no reason to. And by this logic of the warrior code he technically can’t, or at least shouldn’t, exile Mapleshade either given that she is the kits’ mother. Technically, because his orders break the warrior code, by the code’s own decree nobody has to listen to him. However, most of the clan seems to be on board with it anyway even though the kits have done absolutely nothing to deserve this.
Counterpoint: If Mapleshade hadn’t indirectly lied, none of this would have happened, although this isn’t a particularly strong counterpoint because she may have been exiled anyway. However, if she had told the truth all along her clanmates would probably be less angry. Also, Mapleshade leaves camp near the top of page 42. It starts to rain about halfway down page 42 after a short time skip, and it is not mentioned that it is pouring and the river is flooded until page 43 after more time has passed. The storm didn’t start until after Mapleshade left camp, so Oakstar had no way of knowing the kits would drown. Even when it started he probably suspected that Mapleshade would use the bridge like a normal person, which she did not. He hates Mapleshade and never wants to see her again, but he had no way of knowing he was endangering her kits.

“‘You knew about these kits?’ Darkstar asked. The tip of her tail was twitching.
Appledusk nodded, and Reedshine let out a soft wail.
‘Mapleshade told me that she would raise them in Thunderclan,’ Appledusk meowed. ‘I… I knew I had made a mistake so I said nothing to my clanmates.’
A mistake? Mapleshade almost winced at the pain in Appledusk’s pale green eyes. Almost, but not quite. The ice was spreading through her faster than a leaf-bare frost. Soon I won’t be able to feel anything, She thought.
“I should never have betrayed my clan by meeting with Mapleshade,” Appledusk went on. “I will regret it for the rest of my life, and I can only beg for your forgiveness.”
-Mapleshade’s Vengeance, Page 50, Quote #7

After everything she has been through, being kicked out of her clan and her kits drowning, for Starclan’s sake, Appledusk is the only cat Mapleshade has left, and he abandons her. He dismisses their relationship and their kits as a mistake and begs for Darkstar’s forgiveness. If he had been more supportive of Mapleshade, and advocated that she have a place in Riverclan, maybe things could have gone differently. I understand that he has a new mate and is trying to put his forbidden romance behind him, but in this case he can’t, not yet. The whole situation is halfway his fault and so he has a responsibility to try and help Mapleshade through this, but does he? Nope, because he’s a coward, and he’s going to pay for it.
Counterpoint: Although Appledusk is very clearly demonstrating that he is a jerk, I would like to clear up a few things. Cheating on Someone < Murder. Saying that Appledusk deserves DF and Mapleshade deserves Starclan is completely backwards. Mapleshade’s crimes are far, FAR worse than his. People also say he didn’t care about his kits. This is not true.
“Mapleshade was only dimly aware of her claws hooking into the branch beside her. She felt herself being dragged through the water, and then strong jaws were in her pelt, hauling her onto the stones. Appledusk loomed over her. ‘What in the name of Starclan are you doing? Where are the kits?’” After rescuing Mapleshade, the kits are the first thing he thinks of. Who can say he doesn’t care about them? Anyway, continuing-
“‘My kits…,’ Mapleshade rasped. ‘Save… my kits…,’
Appledusk’s face appeared before her, his eyes huge with horror. ‘Are you telling me the kits are in the river?’
Mapleshade nodded, too tired to speak. Eeltail was already bounding along the shore.
‘If the kits are in there, they are going to be in big trouble!’ She called over her shoulder. Splashfoot raced after her. Appledusk crouched beside Mapleshade.
‘I will find them, I promise,’ He whispered. Then he raced away from her.”
-Mapleshade’s Vengeance, Pages 46-47
I’d say that proves he cares about his kits. In case you’re not convinced yet, have another quote.
“‘But night is falling!’ Mapleshade protested. ‘Where will I go? Appledusk, help me!’
The pale brown warrior shook his head. ‘Why should I? It’s your fault these kits are dead. I never want to see you again.’”
-Mapleshade’s Vengeance, Page 52
Appledusk never wants to see Mapleshade again, because he blames her for the death of his kits, which I believe he is right to. *Grabs megaphone to be heard over outraged screams* Allow me to explain. SHE JUST DROWNED THEIR CHILDREN. AND THERE’S A BRIDGE. People say that Mapleshade is not thinking rationally and therefore cannot be expected to remember the bridge, but, have another quote.
“Mapleshade reached the wooden bridge and raced across, ears flattened and fur spiked. The noise of the river tumbling below dragged her mind back to the moment she had let go of Patchkit. The water was too strong! It was not my fault that my kits died, She reminded herself. She jumped off the bridge onto dry, sandy ground that sloped up towards fourtrees directly in front of her.”
-Mapleshade’s Vengeance, Page 56
Right now Mapleshade is grieving, exhausted, sleep deprived, sick, hallucinating, hungry, and thirsty. If she can remember to use the bridge after her kits are dead, I say she ought to be able to remember before. Plus, just because she’s upset doesn’t mean she has no parental responsibility here. Who’s supposed to make rational decisions if she can’t? The kits?! This is still her fault.

“The image of her three dead kits hovered at the edge of [Mapleshade’s] vision, as if she would be able to see them if only she could turn her head fast enough. Mama, help me! They wailed.
‘I can’t,’ Mapleshade whispered. ‘Oh, my precious ones, I am so sorry.’
-Mapleshade’s Vengeance, Page 55, Quote #8

Mapleshade is hungry, sleep deprived, hallucinating, sick, (It mentioned on the previous page that she had a fever.) and has lost everything dear to her. Basically at this point we cannot expect her to make rational decisions. Although this doesn’t excuse murder it can at least partially explain it, and again, as stated in my analysis of the previous quote, this might never have happened if Appledusk wasn’t such a jerk.
-No counterpoint, the hallucinations are not her fault.-

-Side Analysis-
On page 58 it is revealed that Frecklewish followed Mapleshade to make sure she left and saw her fall off the stepping stones. According to Nettlepaw, she saw a Riverclan patrol on the far shore and believed that the kits would not drown. Now, although she is technically breaking the warrior code by neglecting kits in danger, does this really make her the evil cat she is made out to be? Well, this depends on a couple factors, unfortunately none of which we know the answer to, although we can make a logical guess.

Can Frecklewish Swim? If Frecklewish is able to swim, then by the warrior code it is her obligation to jump into the river and help. However, as a Thunderclan cat, it is extremely unlikely that she is able to swim. This means that in this case, she would only get in the way and pointlessly kill herself, meaning that this rule of the warrior code would only serve to ensure the kits’ doom. However, in the unlikely event that she can, she should have jumped in and deserves the Dark Forest.

Why didn’t she do anything? Did she not help because, A: She can’t swim, or, B: Out of hatred for Mapleshade and the kits, or, C: A mixture of both? I believe that C is the most likely option out of these options, which would most likely still make her evil and deserving of DF. However, we don’t know what was going through Frecklewish’s mind at the moment. It’s possible she came to her senses while following Mapleshade. It’s possible that she was horrified as she watched the kits drown. In conclusion, I don’t believe we can really be sure whether or not Frecklewish deserves the DF. Perhaps, since she ended up there in any case, Starclan knows more than we do. But Starclan isn’t exactly perfect, so I believe there is no sure answer.
-End of Side Analysis-

“[Mapleshade] reached a hedge of thick soft moss and crawled under the branches. Suddenly she was too tired to walk another step. Ignoring the rumbling in her belly, she closed her eyes.
‘Help me!’
Two drenched faces appeared in front of Mapleshade, eyes huge and pleading, mouths open in tiny wails. The sound of the flooded river roared in Mapleshade’s ears.
‘Patchkit! Petalkit!’ She screeched. She thrashed with her front legs, trying to reach them as the water sucked them away, put her paws thudded against cold, hard earth.
Mapleshade opened her eyes. She was lying under the hedge beneath highstones. Why had she dreamed of her kits? Where was Larchkit?
‘Mama! Save us!’ Two voices echoed again.
Mapleshade shook herself and sat up. Ravenwing had died- did that mean only one kit had been avenged?”
-Mapleshade’s Vengeance, Pages 66-67, Quote #9
-No counterpoint that has not previously been stated.-

Mapleshade is, once again, hallucinating. In her currently irrational manner of thinking she believes that she must kill three cats because she had three kits. The hallucinations are not her fault, and without them it is possible she might never have murdered at all, or at least only killed Ravenwing. Now, only killing one cat is still evil and still sends her to DF for sure, but I guess it’s better than killing three? Yeah I’m not sure where I’m going with that train of thought. *Runs train off mental cliff and continues to next quote*

“Only one voice echoed in [Mapleshade’s] ears now: Patchkit, her tiniest, most defenseless kit. ‘Help me, mama!’
Her daughter, Petalkit, had found peace in the attack on Frecklewish. Like Larchkit, her desperate cries had been silenced. For a moment Mapleshade’s breath was crushed beneath a wave of grief for the son and daughter she might never see again. Then she clenched her jaw and pictured the final cat who must pay for the death of her kits.
‘Not long now, Patchkit,’ She vowed. ‘Soon you will be free!’
-Mapleshade’s Vengeance, Page 75, Quote #10
-No counterpoint that has not previously been stated.-

Due to her hallucinations (Which we have covered are not her fault) Mapleshade believes in a twisted way that her avenging her kits’ deaths is helping them find peace in the afterlife. She has lost everything and has nothing left to lose, so she is willing to do anything it takes to make that happen in a misguided sort of way. Although it was her choice to make the first kill, the hallucinations are making her keep going.

“Something small and ginger and white stirred beside Appledusk’s unmoving body. ‘You killed him, mama!’ Patchkit shrilled. His little tail was held high with triumph. ‘We are all free now!’”
-Mapleshade’s Vengeance, Page 84, Quote #11
…These hallucinations again. They make Mapleshade believe what she is doing is right, in a twisted sort of way. I find it entirely possible that without them she might have come to her senses and not murdered anyone or at least not so many. (Well except murdering one cat is still evil…)
-No counterpoint that has not previously been stated.-

And now that we have all the facts from Mapleshade’s Vengeance it is time for a…
Although Mapleshade alone cannot be blamed for her kits’ deaths, I believe she is the most to blame. She had so many better options besides crossing the river, and although Frecklewish is following her and she has no time to stop and think, it should just be common sense to use the bridge instead. Then, she proceeds to blame everyone but herself and attempt to murder them all, save Oakstar. She even attempts to kill Reedshine, who’s only mistake is falling for the same cat Mapleshade did. Yes, she was handed an extremely difficult situation. But the conflict was escalated by her own choices. Oakstar didn’t decide to cross that river. Frecklewish didn’t decide to cross that river. Appledusk didn’t decide to cross that river. In fact, he did everything he could to SAVE the kits. It’s not really fair to blame him, even if he does suck. Furthermore, even if, let’s say, this doesn’t firmly put her in DF, have one more quote.
“Instead of dread, Mapleshade felt a surge of triumph. If she was here because of what she had endured, then there would be other cats like her, cats who would understand what she had gone through, who knew what it was to stand up to enemies and dole out immeasurable pain.
She would find these cats, whatever that voice had told her, train them to be as strong and fearless as she was, and use them to cause more trouble for the clans than the warriors could imagine in their worst dreams.
Mapleshade had found a place where she truly belonged. From here, she could cause more suffering than when she had been alive, and fight her battles alone. For all eternity, Appledusk’s kin would mourn the day he had destroyed the life of a Thunderclan warrior. Just as she had promised to Reedshine, Mapleshade’s desire for vengeance would never sleep.”
-Mapleshade’s Vengeance, Pages 87-88
Mapleshade is HAPPY to be in DF. All she wants to do is cause more suffering for Appledusk’s descendants. She should know better than anyone it’s unfair to judge someone on who their parents are. I think it’s safe to say she has not learned her lesson and is probably going to build an army to attack the clans during OoTS, because that happened. If Mapleshade truly deserved Starclan, she would not be happy to be in the Dark Forest. So I firmly believe, with all the facts weighed, that Mapleshade deserves the Dark Forest. Byyyyye and I hope you enjoyed reading this! :]

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  • 🍂🎃🍂Streampaw, the Autumn ghost whom is leaping into leaf-piles. 🍂🎃🍂 Feathertail and Leafstar are exceptional characters! ✨🌊(Streampaw/lark, she/her)✨🌊 says:

    Exceptional article, Floofpaw! I have to admit, this is one of the most in-depth, logically written, and well-explained articles concerning Mapleshade’s situation that I’ve ever read. Fantastic job! I especially liked how you rationally made both points and counter-points in Mapleshade’s defense. I agree that she deserves the Dark Forest and is mostly to blame, but Ravenwing, Oakstar, and Appledusk aren’t completely innocent either.

  • You’re forgetting that Mapleshade couldn’t even *use* the bridge to cross, it’s all the way in RIVERCLAN territory, and the only way to get there is by crossing the stepping stones. Not to mention te fact that she has a grief-stricken frecklewish breathing down on her neck, so see as little to no time to tink.

    • Actually, if you look on a map the bridge is on the border between Thunderclan and Riverclan. Also, you do not need to cross the stepping stones to get to the brudge, only a tiny stream that would not pose nearly as much danger as the river and does not even have stepping stones. Thunderclan crosses it every moon to get to fourtrees, so even in a flood it probably wouldn’t be that dangerous. Also, no matter where the stepping stones are on the river they are either so close to the bridge you may as well just go to the bridge or farther from Thunderclan camp than the bridge.

      • ThunderClan doesn’t cross it to get to four trees lol, and it isn’t a “tiny stream” it’s a river leading to the sewers. ThunderClan actually passes through ShadowClan territory to get to fourtrees, it’s noted in the first arc.

          • Well then, perhaps you remembered wrong. While I do admit, I was wrong on the ShadowClan part, but it *is* a river, and there’s a tree laying in the middle, allowing ThunderClan cats to cross.

            • No offense, but ‘maybe you remembered wrong’ can’t really be accepted as solid proof when I wrote a 20-minute article on the subject and all of your other info has been proven faulty. Plus, even if that is true she can still just go around the river given that a thunderpath crosses over it. And before you protest, no, this would not be overly dangerous because there will be fewer drivers than usual due to the storm. In any case, it would be less dangerous than the option she went with.

              • Mapleshade just lost her clan , don’t expect her to think rationally after something as heartbreaking as her clan disrespecting her and her kits.
                When somthing this sudden and frustrating happends you dont think clealy and have lost the ability to make smart decisions. Mapleshade just wanted to get away from Thunderclan and to Riverclan and as frustrated as she was she would not take the long way. I cant even begin to think how angry she must have been when thunderclan threw her and her kits out , her mind was definitely clouded . Also from the first arc I’m pretty sure Shadowclan doesn’t allow Thunderclan to use there territory to get to the gathering. Maybe it was the time of the flood and Thunderclans path to the gathering was blocked? Crookedstar was nice enough to allow Thunderclan to use there bridge to cross so they could get to the gathering.

              • No offense, you didn’t present anything that would disprove my case. All you said was that you remembered it, without actually citing the page that would disprove me. The *river* is on the map, if it was a simple little stream, then it wouldn’t be presented on the map at all.

              • “there will be fewer drivers than usual due to the storm. ”

                Keep in mind that this is ENGLAND we’re talking about. The weather isn’t all that pretty, and I doubt that a simple storm would stop people from riding their cars anyway, this can be seen clearly in present times.

                Also adding to the fact that we don’t know if they’d be lesser or more cars there, and Mapleshade didn’t have the time because sunhigh was already blooming and Frecklewish was on her tail, there was no other option but to cross the river.

                • I’ll admit the part about England is true but the thunderpath is actually closer to Thunderclan camp than the river, and she wouldn’t even have to cross it anyways. And you haven’t said anything that disproves me either, if you have a page number to provide me with I’ll happily check. I would do the same if I owned a copy of Bluestar’s Prophecy but alas I do not.

                  • there’s nothing for me to disprove, you didn’t even bring up an actual point, All you said was “um yeah you’re wrong CUZ I remembered this happening 14 years ago”

                    my evidence can be seen on the warrior cats map. Don’t believe me? Search it up and there it is.

                  • adding on to this, why would Mapleshade even think of going to the Thunderpath? What would she even find there? There’s no way ShadowClan is going to accept a random queen, let alone ThunderClan, one of their rivals.

                    And it day was already rising when she arrived at sunningrocks. If she were to turn around, go deeper into ThunderClan territory (yknow, the same clan who is WILLING to KILL her and her children), she’d be done for.

    • I’m sorry, but there is actually stuff for you to disprove, which you have not. She does not need to go into Shadowclan territory to go around the river/stream/whatever it actually is if she stays on the Thunderclan side of the Thunderpath (Which again does not require crossing the Thunderpath) and she can use the Thunderpath to go around this thing you keep insisting is a river (Btw this tree you say they use to cross is not marked on any map I can find, so unless you can provide me a reliable map where it is marked or a page number we’re at a stalemate in this regard.) to go through fourtrees and cross the bridge into Riverclan territory. And again it is closer than the river, so she doesn’t need to go ‘deeper’ into Thunderclan territory, it would indeed be a faster way off of Thunderclan hunting grounds. Also unless you have further proof I believe we should stop arguing whether or not the thingy they cross is a stream or a river given that I have disproved your point whether or not I am right about the stream/river.

      • “I’m sorry, but there is actually stuff for you to disprove, which you have not. She does not need to go into Shadowclan territory to go around the river/stream/whatever it actually is if she stays on the Thunderclan side of the Thunderpath”

        I have already said I was wrong on this, not sure why you’re bringing this up when this was already discarded?

        “actually is if she stays on the Thunderclan side of the Thunderpath (Which again does not require crossing the Thunderpath) and she can use the Thunderpath to go around this thing you keep insisting is a river ”

        I’m sorry but what are you even on about? She can’t go around the river without crossing the Thunderpath; yes, it’s a river. The entire reason why ThunderClan had to go through ShadowClan territory to go to fourtress was BECAUSE the *river* was flooded.

      • yes, she would have to go “deeper” into ThunderClan territory if she was to turn around from Sunningrocks and go all the way to Thunderpath. Deeper means “further” in this context btw, because it seems as if you’re misunderstanding my initial statement.

      • Mapleshade is calling her clanmates not so nice words when walking to the river with her kits , when your this frustrated you don’t think straight. So basically you say in your article that Mapleshad did not have the ability to make rational decisions , yet you say she could have taken a different way to get into riverclan territory. Seems like your saying that she could have made rational decisions.

        • Again I’ve already explained my reasoning on this in the article and in my reply to you on the first page of comments.

          • Floofpaw I agree. But your wrong. Midnight shadow is right. Also she said this “Don’t worry my kits, I’ll see you again. And strong enough to protect you” she hated the Df that’s why she trained those warriors it was to make star clan so mad they had no choice but to take her with her kits. Her actions were half justified. Raven wing got a sign maple shade was lieing not to go and tell on her. Btw you forgot reed shine deserved the df.

          • Floofpaw I agree. But your wrong. Midnight shadow is right. Also she she said this “Don’t worry my kits, I’ll see you again. And strong enough to protect you” she hated the Df that’s why she trained those warriors it was to make star clan so mad they had no choice but to take her with her kits. Her actions were half justified. Raven wing got a sign maple shade was lieing not to go and tell on her. Btw you forgot reed shine deserved the df.

  • Eftersom hon hade en arg Freacklewish efter sig som antagligen ville döda eller slåss mot dem så var nog Mapleshades två val att 1. Stanna och slåss kanske bli dödad avv Freacklewish eller korsa floden det är försöka korsa floden för en chans att överleva eller dö garanterat? Välj vad du vill, jag skulle valt samma väg som Mapleshade gjorde!

    När Ravenwing får reda på Apple och Maples förhållande ber hon honom att inte berätta men han gör det ändå och ingen vet vem dom är Maples mamma och Pappa och utan dem = dåligt childhood. När hennes kit dör avvisar Apple henne när hon behöver honom som mest och det är bara ELAKT. Freacklewish bara antog att Birchface var pappan innan Maple han säga något och sen blir hon arg när hon får reda på att han inte är, Maple hade inte ens fått en chans att berätta💔

    Hazelsight ut –>

    Mod edit: Translation from Swedish (using Google Translate)
    Since she had an angry Frecklewish after her who probably wanted to kill or fight them, Mapleshade’s two choices were probably 1. Stay and fight and maybe get killed by Frecklewish or cross the river that is try to cross the river for a chance to survive or die guaranteed? Take your pick, I’d go the same way Mapleshade did!

    When Ravenwing finds out about Apple and Maple’s relationship, she asks him not to tell but he does it anyway and no one knows who they are Maple’s mother and father and without them = bad childhood. When her kit dies, Apple rejects her when she needs him the most and it’s just MEAN. Freacklewish just assumed Birchface was the father before Maple said anything and then she gets mad when she finds out he isn’t, Maple didn’t even get a chance to tell💔

    Hazelsight out –>

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