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Warriors Theories I Have by Heatherbreeze

Heatherbreeze shares some of their theories about Warriors.

Art by MoonshadowArtworks

Hi BlogClan, Heatherbreeze again! I’m feeling pretty theoristic, so I’m going to share some of my theories on WC with you!

#1: Bluestar Never Truly Loved Oakheart. [Dodges tomatoes] LISTEN OKAY [I apologize for any hate I’m about to give any OakBlue shippers, this is my opinion and I support whatever you do!] Okay. I think that Bluestar never really loved anycat, like Squirrelflight. They’re both ambitious and bold—they don’t need mates or kits. I feel like Oakheart sneakily manipulated her and Bluestar ended up pregnant. Wow, Bluefur, that was a large leap.

#2: Firestar’s Family Colors: One of the things I used to ponder is why Squirrelflight and Leafpool don’t look anything like their parents, Sandstorm, and Firestar. [At least, colorwise,] I think Leafpool’s genes were inherited from Firestar’s mother, Nutmeg. They both have the same tan tabby fur, amber eyes, and white chest and paws. Now, Squirrelflight. I think that Squirrelflight’s dark red color comes from Grandpa Redtail. Think about it. Redtail was a dark brown tom with dark RED patches and amber eyes. Squirrelflight might have inherited that from him?

#3: Dustpelt Hates Firestar. I know this one is a stretch. Like, a MASSIVE stretch. But I think that Dustpelt never liked Firestar, though he respects him publicly, but personally. Though Dustpelt is a background character, his actions were vital in Firepaw’s life. But I think Dustpelt has a hate for him for these reasons. 1, Firepaw became the center of attention. Dustpaw was a pretty popular apprentice, with the warriors too. Once Firepaw joined, all attention was on the kittypet warrior. 2, he stole Sandstorm. Dustpelt and Sandstorm were very close as apprentices, though Sandpaw grew fond and fell in love with the cat Dustpelt despised most. Poor Dusty.

#4: Spiderleg’s Parenting. I know this one is obvious, but for those who don’t know. I think that Spiderleg is a bad father because of how Dustpelt treated I’m as a father. [We need more Fernsong daddies.] Dustpelt continually kept having litters with Ferncloud, making Spiderleg and Shrewpaw pushed aside as their very first. So when it became Spiderleg’s turn . . . well—let’s just say he didn’t have enough experience. Should’ve thought that one through.

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