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Firestar’s a good cat! And here’s why by Wolfbite

Wolfbite defends Firestar’s character.

Official art by Owen Richardson

Hey everyone! It’s Wolfbite. I’m here to defend Firestar because he’s a good cat and I really don’t think he deserves ANY of the hate he gets. I’m going to go through some reasons why people hate him, and then explain why he’s a good cat and his reasons for everything he does for each reason.
Okay, so people hate him because he’s overused an overrated. I STRONGLY disagree with this. He got an arc. He got a SE, an he’s the fourth cat. He deserves ALL that. Don’t want him to be in the clan? The Clans are destroyed. He saved them from Tigerstar, from countless deaths, from everything. When people see a character with strength, they think, “Oh, I know this character is going to be too perfect, with no flaws.” No! Like in Tallstar’s Revenge, “Everyone has flaws, and sometimes, it’s those flaws that make us who we are.” Firestar’s a hero, and you can’t argue with that.
He’s got flaws, people! He’s not a Gary Stu. He went though a lot of struggle, and judged Bramblestar(Bramblekit and Bramblepaw at the time) for his father, Tigerstar. He broke the warrior code when he fed Yellowfang, and also broke it when he helped RiverClan by hunting for them with the help of Graystripe. Firestar judged Longtail because he used to be friends with Tigerstar, and it took some time for him to accept both Longtail and Bramblestar(kit or paw at the time).
Firestar’s a hero, the cat who saved the Clans, the cat who rebuilt SkyClan(Sandstorm wouldn’t have been able to do it by herself), the cat who killed Scourge, the cat who found out about Tigerstar’s treachery and deflected it, the cat who brought WindClan home with Graystripe, the cat who helped drive out Brokenstar, the cat who killed Tigerstar’s spirit, the cat who sacrificed himself for the Clans. I couldn’t even begin to imagine the mess the Clans would be without him.
Anyway, sorry if you don’t like Firestar, we all have opinions, and I hope more people see that Firestar’s good and deserves all the respect he has!

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  • Great article! Firestar has a few too many prophecy’s in my opinion, but overall, he’s a great cat!

  • 🍂🎃🍂Streampaw, the Autumn ghost whom is leaping into leaf-piles. 🍂🎃🍂 Feathertail and Leafstar are exceptional characters! ✨🌊(Streampaw/lark, she/her)✨🌊 says:

    Nice article, Wolfbite! I agree that Firestar is a good character and that he isn’t a Gary-Stu. However, saying that Sandstorm wouldn’t have been able to rebuild SkyClan herself is implying that she isn’t strong enough for such a feat, which is in fact false. Sandstorm has proven herself to be a loyal, intelligent, and fiercesome yet compassionate warrior, and even though Firestar certainly helped her a lot, she shouldn’t be disregarded. Nevertheless, going off that tangent, great article!

  • A g r e e d

    Firestar is kinda very underrated because he’s a main character (Throughout the first arc) and a lot of main characters in other fandoms (Pikachu from Pokemon, Dan’s Dragonoid, Ect, Ect) are often depicted as overpowered and it’s become sort of a stereotype of OP main characters that unrealistically are better than everyone else. But Firestar never got OP power or anything like that. He was just some dude who acheived a lot (Aaand was in one too many prophecies, But whatever).

  • I only really disliked him because I thought he was used ALOT until we started getting more focused on bramble’claw, I still think he’s a good guy.

  • Ah yes, all articles like this describe only the good things.
    Y’all worship him. Say really good things about him. Say that he has flaws, but the flaws only make him more perfect, and his kin is starting to suck. Don’t you realize, that when there is a hero as an ancestor, the descendants want their descendants to be just like him? Think about it, the past can heavily affect the future passed on. His great-grandson even left his home clan to find better kin. For love. Kin is about togetherness, not comparison.

  • Right…I’m here, because I feel I didn’t write this article properly. I wrote this a good amount of time ago, so I guess I’ve improved. First and foremost, yes, he is overused. Yes, he was in too many prophecies. Yes, he doesn’t have many flaws. Well, though he was overused, we shouldn’t hate him for this. The Erins did that. He got an arc, a SE, he was the fourth cat, he possessed Rootspring, he saved the Clans again and again and again. Sandstorm could have done it on her own, but she wouldn’t have gone if Firestar hadn’t got that message from StarClan. But I’m fine with anyone using these things as arguments-they’re good ones. None of this bothers me.
    What does, is that people say he’s a Gary Stu. He has his flaws, even though these flaws aren’t big ones. Tell me how many big flaws Dovewing has. And then, they hate him FOR these flaws. They say he doesn’t have any, and then they hate on the flaws he has.
    Anyway, sorry if I came off too harsh in the article.

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