Comparing Nevermore Characters to Warriors by Owlheart

Owlheart compares Warriors characters to characters from Nevermoor.

Hey fellow BlogClanners! I’m Owlheart and this article’s going to be about how some warriors are like some characters in the Nevermore book series. Spoilers for both series.
Hawthorn: Hawthorn’s the main character’s best friend. He’s also really funny. Hawthorn supports Morrigan throughout the entirety of the books. Just like Firestar’s best friend Graystripe!
Morrigan: Morrigan’s the main character in the Nevermore books. She has powers of a Wundersmith, and is trying to prove that they’re not all bad. I’m not sure who she is most like. Maybe Hollyleaf? Ivypool? Dovewing? If you think you know, put it in the comments.
Jupiter: He’s Morrigan’s patron. Kind of like her mentor. He’s really funny and energetic. But he defends Morrigan with tooth and nail. Who do we know that’s like that? I’d say like Graystripe again.
Cadence: No one really remembers because of her knack as a mesmerist. But Morrigan remembers and finds her sarcastic and I would say honest. Sandstrom is just like that. I don’t think she ever lied to Firestar like that.
Squall: He’s the bad guy. He’s another Wundersmith, like Morrigan. He’s the one that gave Wundersmiths a bad name. Other than that, we really don’t know very much about him. I think he’s kind of like Brokenstar. He gave his Clan a bad name, like how Squall gave Wundersmiths a bad name.
Thaddea: Thaddea’s knack is a fighter. She’s really arrogant and stubborn. A lot like Cinderpelt when she was an apprentice. She was arrogant too. As she aged she became the famous cat she is now. Thaddea’s still a kid though, so I don’t know if she’ll be like grown-up Cinderpelt yet.
Elder Quin: Elder Quin seems old and frail, but make no mistake. She would be a warrior any Clan would be proud of. She’s also really nice and loyal. Kind of like Mothwing. They’re both really old, but fiercely loyal to their groups.
Elder Saga: Elder Saga’s a bullwun(Read book two in the series for an explanation). He’s really fierce but easily offended. Just like our good friends Bramblestar. The two of them aren’t from the greatest origins but grew to a high rank in society.
Can’t think of anyone for Elder Wong… I’m gonna skip him.
Murgatroyd: She’s one of the scholar mistresses at Morrigan’s school. She’s really prickly and mean. I think she’s like ghost Yellowfang. Neither of them are very nice. By the way, living Yellowfang was way better than ghost Yellowfang. Trout used a word to describe her, but I forgot what it was.
Frank: Frank’s a vampire-dwarf. Half vampire and half dwarf. He’s funny and really dramatic. I think he’s like Jayfeather. Jay’s pretty dramatic, but funny.
Fenestra: Fen’s a Magnificat. That’s pretty much an elephant sized, floofy, talking cat. According to Morrigan, she’s funny and mean. Not according to Morrigan, I find her loyal. She’s kind of like living Yellowfang.
And… That’s all of the one’s I can think of. If you liked this, you should totally read the books. The first one is called Nevermore: The Trials of Morrigan Crow.
Thanks for reading! Bye for now!

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