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Warrior Codes ideas that got rejected by Ivywish

Ivywish lists warrior code ideas proposed by cats that were rejected.

Art by Blaukralle

Yello! It’s Wish (and I love pineapple). Today I will be looking at Warrior code ideas that got rejected and explaining why in my opinion (some of them are very biased).

The first rule that got rejected was suggested by Featherstar of Windclan,
Only cats of pure forest blood (clan born) can be clan members.
This code is not only outrageous but it is cruel and biased. Firestar was a kittypet and he saved the clan at least 9 times (for each life except the life he lost to greencough). Also Firestar plays the biggest role in the second and third arcs. Plus there are a few major prophecies about him and without him the storyline wouldn’t make any sense.

The second rule that got rejected was made by Robinstar of skyclan,
Each clan may only eat the prey they are most suited for.
This rule might have helped but if Riverclan can only eat fish then would they then get the entire lake for hunting only because they can only eat fish? And what if it is leafbare and all of Thunderclan’s prey was hiding underground? This rule should never be a code in the warrior code because all of the clans have problems in leafbare like riverclan’s rivers are frozen over so they can’t fish so they have to rely on water voles.

The last and third rule was suggested by Dovestar of Riverclan,
All clan cats must acknowledge that Starclan controlled clan life, and to deny their existence would be to violate the warrior code
This rule is the worst rule ever suggested in my opinion! Quite a few very loyal cats like Cloudtail for example, and the medicine cat Mothwing didn’t believe in starclan but they served as courageous and brave cats. Without them warriors would never be the same.

In the end, I can see why all of these rules were turned down. All of these rules would have made Warriors a completely different series. Even without these rules some things should have changed with the Warrior code.
Watch for my next article! My Opinion On The Warrior Code!
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