[Graystripe and Silverstream lie together on a riverbank]

Cats That Broke The Warrior Code by Ivykit

Ivykit takes a look at some cats who broke the lesser-known rules of the warrior code.

Art by Vialir

HI! It’s Ivy, this article is about cats and them breaking the Warrior Code. Should they have been punished instead of scolded? I will be exploring how they broke the warrior code and how they got punished (if I can find it) and giving my opinion on if it was enough of a punishment.

Rule 1 was broken by Graystripe when he was torn between his loyalties to ThunderClan and RiverClan due to his romantic relationship with Silverstream, and refused to fight her. This rule was also broken by Bluefur when she fell in love with Oakheart, becoming his mate. This was also broken by Fallowtail and Reedfeather when the two became mates and later had Graypool and Willowbreeze.
I could not find the punishment for Graystripe (I am mostly focusing on Graystripe for this) but I feel that since he broke the first rule of the code and lied about it so I think the proper punishment would be to lose his position as a warrior and be confined to the camp for four moons. Or be exiled for 2 moons.

Rule 3 was broken by Firepaw when catching prey for Yellowfang after she was exiled from ShadowClan. It was also broken by Longtail and Darkstripe, who ate prey on a hunting patrol instead of bringing it back to the elders and kits.
I could find the punishment for Firepaw was giving him lots of apprentice duties and taking ticks off of elders. I am not sure about the punishment for Longtail or the punishment for Darkstripe (but he eventually went to the dark forest).

Russetfur and her patrol broke rule 12 when they were watching Berrykit struggle with his tail caught in a fox trap, and not helping him at all. This was also broken by Tigerstar (back then he was Tigerpaw) and tried to kill Tiny (Scourge) when he was a kit.
I can’t find the punishment for Russetfur and her patrol but I believe that 1 ½ weeks of apprentice duties if they told Blackstar about Berrykit (I am not surprised they didn’t). However I do know that Bluestar gave Tigerstar a scolding about not doing it and that Tiny had learned his lesson.

I know that there are many more cats that broke the warrior code but chose to focus only on these because they all were very loyal cats to their clan so I think that it goes to show that even breaking the warrior code doesn’t make you evil or naughty because everyone does it sometimes.

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