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Why the four clans in TPB match the four Hogwarts houses by Robinpaw

Robinpaw draws parallels between the original four Clans in the first arc to the Hogwarts Houses from Harry Potter.

Artwork by Snowfalls_art

(DISCLAIMER: This is just my own opinion, and I’m not trying to force an opinion on anyone, or say that the first few arcs were bad, I liked them. I’m just pointing out some problems I noticed.)

Hi! I’m Robinpaw, and today I’m going to talk about the resemblance of the four clans in the first few arcs to the four Hogwarts houses in Harry Potter. I’m also going to talk about glorification/demonization, and how that relates to the houses. Hope you enjoy it! (Also, this is my first article, so feedback would be nice.)

First of all, Thunderclan is definitely Gryffindor, since they both contain all the main characters and POVs, both are the “good guys” of their stories, and both are very glorified. I know that this was more or less fixed in some of the later arcs, but in TPB and a few of the arcs after it, Thunderclan is the center of attention, and the Super Editions, Mangas and Novellas were the only method of seeing cats from another clan as more than trespassers or prey-stealers. In HP, Gryffindor is seen as “the best house” and Thunderclan is no different.

Also, Shadowclan and Slytherin are both overly demonized. Not all Shadowclan cats are “bad guys,” some of them just might have been following their leaders, or doing their duty. However, because of the lack of Shadowclan POVs for a while, “bad guys” are all they’re seen as, and they have no personality beyond being antagonistic and evil. This isn’t exactly like Slytherin, (there’s more portrayal, it’s just that almost all of the Slytherins are portrayed as mean and rude) but their similarity is that they’re both made out to look bad by the main group. In HP, there’s a lot of pressure not to get into Slytherin by most characters, and the ones who do want to get into the “evil” house are “evil” themselves. The Battle of Hogwarts was basically Slytherin against everyone else.

Lastly, Riverclan and Windclan, like Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff, are both shoved to the side in the battle between the “good guys” and the “bad guys.” Because of the lack of POVs for a while, they are portrayed as bland, uninteresting and unimportant, until “lion and tiger meet in battle,” of course, because then they are either helping Thunderclan or Shadowclan, meaning that they are only relevant when they have some sort of alliance with the protagonists or the antagonists.

In conclusion, the four Hogwarts houses have many portrayal similarities to the four Clans in the first few arcs, but the portrayals range from glorification to bland-ness to demonization, and I feel like that’s not right. Individual characters shouldn’t be judged on their Clan’s or house’s default and unrealistic characteristics.

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