My favorite Warrior cats and why (she cat edition) by Mountainleaf

Mountainleaf lists their favourite she-cats from the series.

Art by BlueOokashi (Twitter)

Hello! Moutainleaf here.yes yes, i used to be SPecklekit, Foxpaw, Ivyfern, Maplepaw, and Gayfeather. this is my first atrical and it is about all my favorite warrior cats and why. I hope you enjoy!!
1. Twig branch
she is just so amazing and I just love her. She brought Skyclan from its wander and took them to the lake, she helped rescue Skyclan when they ran away, and she AND finleap helped Sunset from the Sisters when she was hurt.
2. Squrrel flight
She’s has a lot of enrgy and she loves Bramblestar so much! She is sweet, kind, caring, and loyal to him!!!!!!! She helped the Sisters even when Bramblestar told her not to just because they took Strike stones hearing out of one ear. she is just…. GREAT!!!!
3. Mapleshade
I know a lot of people hate her for being elvil, but imagine how she mustive felt. So your boyfriend cheates on you just when you learn that you’re expecting kits. Then you try to go to riverclan, you’re kits wash away. you’re boyfriend blames it on you, Oakstar kicks you out, you kill you’re oldest thunderclan friend for kicking you out, you kill appledusk, and a young medicene cat. you feel bad and a apprentice kills you. How would you feel? 😡
4. Turtletail
she is so sweet and graywing loves you, you become a kittypet you die.
she is kind, stubborn, and has a sharp tougne. she dies saving a clanmate and confesses that she wised that fireheart were her son. you just have to love her.
6. Nightcloud
I know people hate her for not loving crowfeather and having kits but, like, what?! Daisy wanted kits, and people love her. she nice and protetive of Breezepelt, even tho she did hate crowfeather.
7. Leafpool
I love her. I hate how she died, and she’s sweet. nothing else to say here
8. Sandstorm
she was a good mom, she was Firestars mate, and shes sweet and ferice
Thats all for today! Hope you liked it!! Remember its my first article!! Have a nice day!!

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  • Mapleshade is sympathetic, but she is definitely a (very good) villain and definitely deserves the dark forest!!!

  • About Mapleshade: I doubt she felt bad about all the murderer (Haven’t read Mapleshade’s vengeance yet), And I think a lot of people actually love her (Not romatically, In a ‘I like this character’ way).

    I’m pretty sure neither Crowfeather or Nightcloud loved the other thoroughly, Crowfeather wanted to prove his loyalty and Nightcloud wanted kits. I guess it was a conveinece thing

    Great article!

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