Giving cats who didn’t get warrior names, warrior names! by Ghostchaser

Ghostchaser gives warrior names to those who never received one.

Official art from Ravenpaw’s Path (manga)

Hi guys! It’s Ghostchaser here (or just ghostie for short)! This is my first article, so please be nice 😅 but of course, feel free to leave me some tips in the comments!

(Spoiler alert for the first 3 series!!!)

For my first article, I’m going to be giving cats who didn’t receive warriors names, warrior names! This includes:
-kittypets who joined/helped clans
-apprentices who died, left etc.
-Rouges who joined/helped clans
-maybe some kits- who knows 😉

Starting off with the kittypets!
Millie- Millie reminds me of silver’stream, I’m not sure why, maybe because they look similar? I dunno 😆 but I think her prefix would be silver- (though if that was her name, greystripe would be crying for the rest of the series, let’s be honest) I think her suffix would be -heart, in honour of her love for greystripe. She must of loved him a lot to travel all that way with him! Result: silver’heart!
Daisy- daisy decided to stay in the nursery and is often described as whiny, dramatic and sometimes downright annoying. Though really- she just cares! Again, I think her suffix would be -heart, in honour of the love she gives to the kits of thunder’clan.
Princess- Ok, ok, I know she never joined the clans! But she did help them! She gave her own SON to thunder’clan. Surely she deserves a reward for that! I think her prefix would be dipped- because when I imagine her, I imagine her paws looking like they are dipped in white paint 😆 I think her suffix would be -dawn A little strange, I know. But…yeah…I have no reasoning for this one…

Barley:One of my personal favs 😌
I think his prefix would be soft- because he was kind enough to let ravenpaw stay with him. I think that the prefix -step also suits him, because he hunts around the barn….yeah my reasoning is not the best…sincere apologies!!!
Sol: prefix. Solar-. Boom. Do I really have to explain that one? Suffix: -slip! I think this suits his sneaky, stealthy nature.
Result: Solar’slip!

Ravenpaw: I’ve seen a few articles on social media that ravenpaw’s warrior name would be ravenwing.
But we’re not gonna go with that!
I think his suffix would be -flight. Sticking with the bird theme, but not so basic. He’s also been described as skittish throughout the series and I think that in a ‘fight or flight’ situation, he’d choose flight 😆
Result: Raven’flight!
Shrewpaw: we don’t know much about him, or at least I don’t, so for his suffix I’m going to go with -snout, because when I think of shrew, I think of those cute things with the long noses ☺️

This article is pretty long for a first one, so I’m gonna end it here! I may do a part2 to this, who knows! I hope you enjoyed! May starclan light your path!!! -🌬⛅️

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