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Here are some reasons why I don’t like the medicine code by Wolfbite

Wolfbite shares their opinion on the medicine cat code.

Art by WarriorCat3042

Hey! It’s Wolfbite again, this is my 3rd article. Today I’ll be discussing why I really don’t like the medicine code. I’ll be reviewing each rule, and then deciding if the rule is fair or not. Then, I’ll provide a few reasons for my choice. Anyway, let’s just dive right in!
Rule 1: A medicine cat may not fall in love or take a mate.
Nope! NO! Not fair at all! You can’t just take away a cat’s right to LOVE, for StarClan’s sake! Cats just see other cats and they can’t help falling in love! You can’t control who you fall in love with. And there are certainly SOME love-worthy cats in the Clan the medicine cat is in. So, they fall in love, can’t control that, they have kits, can’t control that either! And that brings us to our next rule:
Rule 2: A medicine cat cannot have kits. Don’t people understand that a medicine cat can’t control giving birth? They, they just CAN’T! It comes naturally. And WHY was this rule made? Because people think the med. cat will treat their kits or mate better than others! A medicine cat is dedicated to treating every cat equally, and that’s a rule no one can deny! They will always love their kits, but that won’t make them treat their kits or mate better! Doctors have kids and care for both them and others equally, so why can’t a medicine cat do the same?
Rule 3: A medicine cat may only retire when their apprentice is ready to take their place. Um, I mostly agree with this one, but there are a few holes in this rule. What if the medicine cat gets badly injured or dies, and the apprentice wasn’t ready or had just started training? Who would be the medicine cat then? There should be a rule that says a medicine cat must pick an apprentice in a specific amount of time. That rule will prevent there being no medicine cat, just like the rule that a new leader must pick a deputy by moonhigh prevents there being no leader. Okay, that one’s fine. Next!
Rule 4: A medicine cat shares dreams only with StarClan. Well, can you share dreams with anyone except StarClan? I don’t think it’s possible, depending on what they mean by sharing dreams. If it is possible-wait, IT IS! Sharing dreams with the Dark Forest is possible, right? Well, then this DEFINITELY should be a rule. Sharing dreams with the Place of No Stars is not only bad, but it’s dangerous too! A cat could get hurt there, and if they’re killed by a Dark Forest resident, then there’s no medicine cat if the apprentice isn’t ready, once again proving that the rule I presented above is a good one. Anyway, this rule is certainly one everyone, not just medicine cats, should follow.
Rule 5: A medicine cat may only discuss dreams, prophecies, etc. with their leader or other medicine cats at the monthly meeting; dreams of an otherwise prophetic nature should not be disclosed to any outside parties, or any other cats in the Clan. Okay, that’s a long one. Anyway, I, um, partially agree with this one. I mean, sure, valuable information could get into the wrong paws(see that little pun I made there? It’s not that good.), but if a medicine cat has a disturbing dream or prophecy and is constantly being attacked with it, sure, they can share it with their leader, or other medicine cats, but they might not understand. A close friend to discuss the dream with might make them feel calmer and more capable of understanding the prophecy or handling the dream. A good, trusted friend of the med. cat might be better than unclear StarClan, a leader who might not care, or other medicine cats that might not understand. If this is the case, who should the medicine cat talk to now?
Anyway, those are my reviews of the medicine code. I really don’t like that med. cats can never experience love, and I hope there’s someone who can change that rule. I hate the medicine cat code with 70% percent of me, the other 30% is okay with the code, but not on the best terms.

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