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Who did Crowfeather love more? by Slothclaw

Slothclaw wonders who Crowfeather would choose in StarClan.

Art from thumbnail of “Who will Crowfeather choose in StarClan? (Warrior Cats)” by Bright Guardian Akira (YouTube)

Hi! My names Slothclaw and in this article I’m finding out who Crowfeather loved more.
Crowfeather is one of those characters tossed around with mates.
Somehow I feel bad for Breezepelt because farther went through many mates and Breezepelt just wants his farthers attention and love. It does seem like Crowfeather likes his first litter more. But in the end all he needed to do was accept his son in Windclan.
Yes it is Feathertail Crowfeather’s original love of his life and died saving the tribe from Sharptooth. Crowfeather really was really depressed when she died and could never forget what happened. It seemed as if Crowfeather was just about to ask Feathertail to be his mate because they seemed so well together.

Leafpool, mother of the three and the one who broke the medicine cat code. Leafpool and Crowfeather where mates for a couple of moons before she left him to become a medicine cat once again. I feel like they didn’t exactly belong together because if Leafpool truly loved him she would run off to Windclan with him. But she didn’t so he probably doesn’t love her as much now.

3. Nightcloud
The dark black She-Cat who Crowfeather adored mother of Breezepelt. (Warning spoiler alert of Crowfeather’s trial)! From my point of view I don’t see Nightcloud and Crowfeather as a couple. Nightcloud might seem like a good mate but she totally disrespects Crowfeather. She is mixed with sweet and sour at all times. In Crowfeather’s trial Crowfeather risks his life at the twoleg place where Nightcloud was bought. Then at the end she ditches him! After all he’s done for her.
For me I honestly think Feathertail would have made a good mate… If she hadn’t gone to Starclan though Hollyleaf, Jayfeather, and Lionblaze would have never been born which means that Tigerstar the first would have ruled the forest. But Feathertail treated Crowfeather with respect and she was like a mate to him. She never made him her rival. She just treated him with respect. But you may have other opinions and that’s fine with me but I think Crowfeather truly loves Feathertail more.

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