Fury’s Mercy: The Bravery that She’s Shown by Frostkit

Frostkit takes a closer look at Fury.

Art by slugswarriorsdesigns (tumblr)

Frostkit again. Today, I’m talking Fury. Also, (I LOVE BLOODCLAN)
Please note this article contains spoilers for GV:)

Fury, to many readers is just a cold-blooded killer, but in my eyes, she is just another brave cat, like Firestar and Briarlight. Read On!

Do you know how hard it is to lead a Clan? I mean, look at what Firestar went through. All the big decisions are yours to make. Now let’s talk about BloodClan. That ferocious band of cats that are driven by madness. Well, not all of them. Others are brave to actually try BloodClan. Bone, Brick, Snake, Snipe, and Scourge. Plus hundreds more. And what makes them unique is their own way of living. But away from that. Fury was one of those brave cats who tried. Tried to keep BloodClan going. Tried to help all the rouges see why they joined. She was even brave enough to lead them…

So we know BloodClan is ferocious, and Fury stood up to it. Fury tried to actually do it. And look how it turned out. Her ferocity shows she will do anything to help this Clan she lives in. She was brave enough to at least try to find more territory so BloodClan could maybe actually survive. The scraps they lived on weren’t enough, she knew that. She showed bravery in so many ways…

When Claw died, Fury at least tried to save him, probably getting half her face ripped off trying to do that. This shows bravery, determination, and ignoring the cuts that go deep within. No other cat was brave enough to take the post. Except her…

Mercy. That was by far one of the most brave things she’s done. She grew to be ferocious, to be able to fight really well. But, in the battle against ThunderClan, (led by Graystripe for that short amount of time) she had one scratch, that she gave mercy for. She could have easily shaken it off, but instead she takes the word of Cinderpelt and Graystripe, showing mercy for her own, and BloodClan’s well-being. How? This brings me back to one of my earlier points. She was the only one brave enough to take on the grueling post of leader. If she died, who could lead them?
Let’s see, Snipe: No, he goes always for the throat, letting the opponent, over time, to create a new strategy.
Brick: No. He has an obvious weak spot that could kill him.
Snake: He’s too full of himself
Ice: Takes after Snake
Gremlin: Pregnant, kittypet who does not want to return to BloodClan
I could keep going, but I don’t want to. See, this proves Fury is the best for the whole BloodClan leadership. She’s brave, loyal, and totally not bloodthirsty. (Okay a little bit, I admit.)

That was my article. Hopefully, it was good, and hopefully someone might actually feel for Fury. (I do)

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