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My Favourite Warriors Characters!! By TansyBranch

Tansybranch lists their favourite characters from the series.

Art by flamingmarshmallows

Hi!! Its me TansyBranch and today I’m going to talk about my top
10 favorite characters in the Warriors series.
(also just because they are high up on the list does NOT mean I don’t love them)
Nowwww Lets get started!!

10) ShadowSight- Now this tom right here gave me lots of thought at the start,
but I learned to kinda like him even though he annoys me sometimes. I also am a big fan of the Tiger x Dove ship so it makes me like him a bit more cause he is one of their kids.

9) Slate- This girl caught my attention from the very start.
Dawn Of The Clans is the first Warriors series I ever read and I was VERYY happy for GreyWing when he found this beautiful baby, I also think she was just so friendly and willing to help all the time.
I cant imagine how sad she was when GreyWing died. 😭

8) WhiteStorm- When this white fluffy cloud was born I was in love.
He lost his mum like 1 moon after he was BORN, I mean sad right? But he grew up to be so wise and I remember in BlueStars Prophecy, BlueFur was surprised at how wise and smart he was, even like just after he became a warrior!!

7) SpottedLeaf- I personally am obsessed with Medicine cats and i always love when they come into the stories some how.
SpottedLeaf x FireStar makes me so sad because i always feel like they
would have made a perfect couple if only she wasn’t a medicine cat or if the stupid warrior-code would just change so that med cats could have mates!!

6) HalfMoon (DOTC)- She really tried to take control and get her tribemates to see sense when they decided to leave the cave with ShadedMoss, but that didn’t work out. I still love how she accepted they wanted to leave and still went on with life. I also like how she always put her tribemates needs first and thought
about what was best for them as well as herself.

5) TurtleTail- I know and some of you might not but TurtleTail used to be a Kittypet and
decided to join the ancient tribe in the mountains when she started to devlop feelings for GreyWing on the journey to the Forest. She sadly got hit by a car about 10 moons after arriving at their new home and GreyWing was heartbroken but her kept on caring for her kits as if they were his own, which i think was really
sweet. And lots of people forget about her as a character.

4) TigerStar (THE SECOND)- I’m sure you were stunned when you saw TigerStar, so you should be glad its the second one the one that we knew as TigerHeart for so long. Now lots of peope dont like the Tiger x Dove ship and I don’t know why. I’m all for forbidden romance I think it makes for a better story.
I also just think he is really caring and he looks after his clan so well when he becomes leader and when hes the deputy and even a warrior.
(Comment if you like the Tiger x Dove ship. Tell me why.)

3) WindStar (also known as WindRunner or Wind)- This one will probably get some questions.
I know lots
of you think that shes a bad mother and she was abusive to her clanmates and all that blah blah, but i really think it was just such a early loss of her kits and she was heartbroken and sad.
As for the mother part i agree that she was not very nice to MothFlight but i also think she was right to be tough on her and part of that just came from protectiveness to her kits.

2) YellowFang- With this she-cat there mainly people who LOOOVE 😍 her and then people who just hate 😑 her in general as a cat.
I love this pretty grey she, I just like her sassy-ness and how
she can just take charge of a situation and deal with it really well.

And the one you’ve been waiting for…….

1: (+)MAPLESHADE(+)- I know, i know. WHAT HOW DOES SHE LOVE THIS CAT. But sorry I just do.
She didn’t deserve to go to the Dark-Forest and she was mainly evil because of all
the heartbreak and miserable happenings in her life. SO please please stop hating on my baby.

Thanks For Reading!!

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  • Great article! Spottedfire is disgusting and Mapleshade definitely deserves the dark forest though

  • Everything about this article is amazing!
    Turtletail is just WONDERFUL!
    She is amazing and I love her so much!
    Her relationship with Graywing is almost perfect, and she was such a good mother, and very friendly to everyone!

  • Hazelbreeze (Hazel branch that sways in the breeze). Random thought: POTATOES FOREVER, πŸ–€πŸŒ«οΈπŸ€πŸ’œ says:

    I don’t think people hate Mapleshade?

    Tiger X Dove is very meh for me

    Just one thing: Why did Ashfur get StarClan (At first) but Mapleshade for Dark Forest? They both have a similar story involving heartbreak resulting in evil. If you ask me, They both deserved the Dark Forest. Mapleshade killed several cats, Ashfur tried to (And in TBC, He did murder many).

    But Spotted X Fire, Just nah. Firestar’s love for Spottedleaf was a high-school crush sort of situation. Also Leafpool and Squirrelflight (Firestar and Sandstorm’s kits, If anyone doesn’t remember) are both incredibly important to plot and such.

    Great article!

    • The difference is that Ashfur had an unhealthy obsession with Squirrelflight and the Anime-term of this is called Yandere . Yellowfang saw Ashfur as a cat who was a victem of heartbreak so she convinced starclan to let Ashfur into starclan.

      Mapleshade was victim to extreme hallucinations that drove her to kill three other cats. Starclan has no mental hospital so Mapleshade was sent to the Darkforest it’s either that or Starclan just didn’t care about the trauma Mapleshade went through.

  • 100% agree with Mapleshade, she is amazing! <3333333333333 Her story was SO sad, and her going to the DF, and Ashfur going to SC was absolute BOGUS. So may bad things happened in Maple's life, but the only bad thing that happened in Ashfur's life, was that his girlfriend broke up with him.
    I also love Dove x Tiger, it's so sweet! <3333 Idk why people hate it, I mean they are an awesome couple! (Also don't understand how people hate Dovewing, cause like, <333!)
    I think the reason people hate Yellowfang is bc she doesn't brush her teeth.
    (Just kidding, lol.)
    No, the reason people hate her is bc she ends up being a real jerk in SC apparently, and idk why the Erin's made her that way.
    I personally love her.
    I'm also a BIG Spottedleaf fan, unlike many people. (Why guys!? WHY???!!!!!!!)
    So, yeah! Loved your article! Bye!!!!!<33333333

  • I do Like Some of these Cats, I do dislike Spottedleaf and Tigerstar 2 bc well I never really liked them so ye.

    Here’s my list:

    10: Firestar
    9: Greystripe
    8: Dustpelt
    7: Brightheart
    6: Blossomfall
    5: LionBlaze
    4: Ashfur
    3: Hawkfrost (Ima simp what can I say)
    2: Jayfeather
    1: Mapleshade/Violetshine/ Ivypool/Hollyleaf (Its a four way Tie :0)

  • πŸ‚πŸŽƒπŸ‚Streampaw, the Autumn ghost whom is leaping into leaf-piles. πŸ‚πŸŽƒπŸ‚ Feathertail and Leafstar are exceptional characters! ✨🌊(Streampaw/lark, she/her)✨🌊 says:

    Great article! I also love (living) Yellowfang, and I like Half Moon and Whitestorm. I like your description of the characters, it was very engaging! However, I haven’t read Dawn of the Clans, its corresponding Super Editions, or the Broken Code, so I don’t have a set opinion on most of the characters that you mentioned.

  • Great article! i personally don’t like the tigerxdove ship, but I LOVE yellowfang. She’s amazing! my alltime fave character is firestar tho.

  • I also like medicine cats cuz it is so interesting how they find herbs and use them! I missed Spottedleaf and Yellowfang, they both died tragically… but I think Spottedleaf & Firestar would have been a good match, but Sandstorm is just fine too! I thought of a ship name for both of them, Spottedleaf x Firestar may include Fireheart too btw! So I thought for Firestar x Spottedleaf, maybe Fireleaf or Spottedheart or Spottedstar? Tell me what you think! Then Firestar x Sandstorm, maybe Firestorm or Sandheart or Sandstar? Tell me what you think about this one too! I’m new btw!

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