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Was goosefeather right all along? by Slothclaw

Slothclaw wonders if Goosefeather was right all along or not.

Art by Cat-Patrisiya

Hiya! I’m Slothclaw and I have recently read Blustars prophecy and I was thinking about the medicine cat Goosefeather. He may make a big deal about a sign from Starclan that he had so I was wondering was he truly right?

1. The sign from the vole
This was one of Goosefeather’s first visions I ever read about. Goosefeather spots flattend stomach fur on a vole and interprets that Thunderclan would be crushed by Windclan. Resulting that Pinestar arranged an attack on Windclan camp with results of Moonflower’s death.

2. Bluestar’s prophecy
Bluestar received a prophecy from Goosefeather and Bluestar took it on seriously but Bluestar’s sister Snowfur then came to the conclusion that he was crazy. He said that Bluestar would be the fire of the clan but would be destroyed by water. Which as you know in the dangerous path book Bluestar falls into water and ends up dying.

3. Tigerkit
When Tigerkit(Tigerclaw/Tigerstar)was born he was the weakest of the litter. Goosefeather claims he should have never survived. Goosefeather later on when Tigerkit was playing Whitekit Goosefeather starts yelling at Tigerkit. “Get that monster away from me!”

4. Thistleclaw
When Thistleclaw first got his warrior name it resulted with power. Later when Thistleclaw has his apprentice Tigerpaw and when Bluestar,Thistleclaw,and Tigerpaw go on border patrol, they meet a kittypet who is only a kit. (This is Tiny AKA Scrouge). And Tigerpaw attacks him and says “You will never forget me.” Which Tiny AKA Scrouge never does but the weird thing is that Thistleclaw never tells Tigerpaw to stop he just let’s Tigerpaw attack him. So Bluestar had to stop Tigerpaw, then Bluestar sees that she needs to become deputy not Thistleclaw. This is why Goosefeather had said to Bluestar “There is Greatness in you path and blood in his.” Blistar had not believed him at the time but after seeing what Thistleclaw did she beloved him. This is why Bluestar had to give the kits(Mistykit,Mosskit,and Stonekit.) To there father(Oakheart).
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From my point of view I think Goosefeather was a little bit right. Because the vole might have been right because it never tells you if he’s right or wrong. But then Goosefeather predicted his death when he was a Elder.

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  • After reading Goosefeather’s curse, I’ve always been sympathetic towards him. Reading this article made me very happy! 🙂

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