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Why did Ashfur want revenge on the clans? by Nightsong

Nightsong wonders why Ashfur became The Broken Code’s villain.

Art by flash-the-artist

Hi! I’m Nightsong! Today I’m talking about why the cat who, (WARNING: Do not read this if you haven’t read the broken code series, it may contain spoilers to all the books in it.) possesed Bramblestar did what he did. Alright, so remember how Squirrelflight started hanging out with Ashfur? That probably sparked the relationship between them. For a bit. Squirrelflight started to lose interest in him once she and Brambleclaw forgave each other. But Ashfur didn’t. Ashfur, angry and betrayed, wanted vengeance. In Long Shadows, he struck. He tried to kill Jayfeather, Hollyleaf, and Lionblaze too hurt Squirrelflight emotionally. He revealed that he lured Firestar into the fox trap, to do the same thing. So he wanted to try again. But Squirrelflight stated that they weren’t her kits. So if he killed them, it wouldn’t affect Squirrelflight how he imagined. Then he threatened to reveal the truth about them not being Squirrelflight’s kits. Hollyleaf didn’t want that to happen. She waited for Ashfur to come and killed him quickly. Everyone thought a rogue had attacked him. But when Leafpool looked at dead Ashfur’s claws and saw black fur and knew who did it. Ashfur went to Starclan. Yellowfang said that his only mistake was “loving too much.” But Ashfur wasn’t done. He tricked Shadowsight into believing that puting Bramblestar in the cold would cure his sickness. But instead, it killed him, and since Starclan was out of reach, he lost one of his lives, but didn’t return to his body. Ashfur took this opurtunity to possess his body. Bramblestar remained a spirit and wandered the forest. Rootspring saw him and spread the news. Squirrelflight figured out that it was Ashfur in Darkness Within. But why did Ashfur posses Bramblestar? He probably wanted to do it to be close to Squirrelflight. Then, he took all the wandering spirits and took control of them and made an army with them. Bramblestar was among them. But why did Ashfur want to destroy the clans? Because Squirrelflight loved the clans. He wanted to destroy everything Squirrelflight loved all because she chose Bramblestar over him. I hope you liked this article, if so, PLEASE leave it in the comments!

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