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MapleShade LOVE Rant by TansyBranch

TansyBranch shares why they love Mapleshade.

Artwork by Lunarkisa

Hi Its TansyBranch Here and Today I’m gonna talk about MapleShade

Personally I never think she should have gone to the DarkForest, she was turned evil by the way she was heartbroken by so many losses and sadness put over her. MapleShade was quite abused in my thoughts as her mate AND clan rejected her and her kits drowned in the river while (spoiler alert) FRECKLEWISH watched her kits drown ANDDDDD did nothing at all!! Her mate AppleDusk almost immediately dumped her when she told him she was having kits just because He felt that HE had betrayed his clan. WELL YOU SHOULD HAVE THOUGHT ABOUT THAT FIRST BUDDY!! AppleDusk also got a new mate (ReedShine) like two seconds after he broke up with MapleShade.

Also I find it a bit depressing that nearly every single picture I can find on google is a picture that makes her out to be bad, like her killing someone, her in a battle and horrifyingly most often pictures of her with blood dripping from her mouth!

StarClan gave AshFur another chance (he literally tried to kill SquirrelFlight, HollyLeaf, LionBlaze and JayFeather) and HawkHeart (who murdered a cat for no reason even though he was medicine cat!!) and so many other cats that did awful things but they STILLLLL got to go to StarClan even though some of them even murdered cats!!

I Think MapleShade was good at heart, she just needed some people to love her and like she said in the Last hope (Spoiler of Omen of The Stars Last Hope) “You have anything that I wanted , SandStorm!! A mate that loved me, kits that I could watch grow up and have kits of their own, the respect of my clanmates! I should have had all that!!

The DarkForest is like the worst place ever, with its sludgy water, it had literally NO prey but I’m like a teeny weeny :> bit glad that she went to the DarkForest because it wouldn’t really be the same place without her. MapleShade is also amazing at looking after herself and she is such a skilled warrior because she lived by herself for like 15 moons catching her own prey.

Thanks For Reading please start loving not hating on MapleShade!!

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  • I love Mapleshade and no one is changing that for me! Appledusk is a horrible, stupid mate and I hate him! If Appledusk Didn’t do this, the Mapleshade wouldn’t be evil and go to the dark forest. And I don’t think Mapleshade was meant to go to the dark forest! I think she was meant to be in Starclan! Also, I think that Appledusk was supposed to die early! So I am happy that Mappleshade killed him. But Mapleshades kits were adorable! It’s a shame that she killed them. Well, that’s all! Bye!

  • 🍂🎃🍂Streampaw, the Autumn ghost whom is leaping into leaf-piles. 🍂🎃🍂 Feathertail and Leafstar are exceptional characters! ✨🌊(Streampaw/lark, she/her)✨🌊 says:

    NIce article! I politely disagree.

    Primarily, though Appledusk and Frecklewish certainly weren’t entirely innocent, neither was Mapleshade. Yes, Appledusk cheated on both Mapleshade and Reedshine (Reedshine is often disregarded in this situation), but murder is far more of a significant action when compared to cheating/disloyalty. It’s made true that Appledusk does, in fact, care for Mapleshade and her kits, but he blamed her rightfully, as Mapleshade could’ve chosen to cross over a safer route. She is at blame for her offspring’s death, due to her irrationality. As for Frecklewish, it was never confirmed that she witnessed the “river” scene. Even if she did, Frecklewish is a ThunderClan warrior, and most probably never learned to swim. She would have understood that, if she attempted to save Mapleshade’s children, she might have perished as well. There are various reasons other than this concerning why Mapleshade is quite guilty for her actions, but I won’t go into the complicated process of explaining them. Good job!

  • Thanks to much guys- LOL I didnt even know this had come out till I checked today

    • Great Article TansyBranch. 😃 It’s really fun to read others opinions and I mostly agree with you. 👍

  • 🎃 👻TansyBranch👻🎃 (Tansy Branch That Sways In Wind) MapleShade Supporter 🌹 HAPPY HALLOWEEN says:

    Also BTW guys I wrote this halfway through reading Mapleshades novella. I would like to say that I totally cannot excuse her killing but she did it believing that she was helping her kits.

  • I love Mapleshade as well, but I have came to understand Frecklewish a little bit more. She shouldn’t have left the kits to die, but she was upset because she thought her brother was Mapleshade’s mate but it was her brother’s killer who had mated with Mapleshade.
    But Oakstar, Ravenwing, Appledusk, the RiverClan leader at the time (can’t remember that cat’s name) were not justified.
    Mapleshade should not have killed Ravenwing (he did not know how to defend himself) and trying to murder a innocent queen and her kits (who had not even been born) just because the queen’s mate was her ex-mate is NOT a good reason.
    I still love her as a villain and I think she should have at LEAST been able to see her kits one last time.
    I will stop before this comment becomes an article itself, so bye!

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