Comparing warriors to horse breeds by Mistystream

Mistystream compares characters from the series to horse breeds.

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Before we jump in, there are three main categories of horses.
They are:
Hot blooded horses ( these horses are very athletic, with a thinner frame, and built for speed. They tend to be high strung and can be very strong headed and stubborn. Especially Arabians, they can be a pain.
Warm blooded horses ( These horses are calmer and tend to be less stubborn than Hot blooded horses, and are usually very trainable and intelligent. They tend to be more willing and eager to please.
Cold blooded horses ( This group of horses is mostly made up of draft horses. They are usually strong, big, and calm.. Good training from a young age is a must. It’s very hard to get something as large and strong as a draft horse to do what you want to do if it doesn’t want to.
Disclaimer: If u are about to attack me by saying that it doesn’t matter what breed horse is because they each have their own unique personality u are right. This is just based off of the general breeds. I know that it depends on each different horse.
Mares: A full grown female horse
Stallions: A full grown male horse
Geldings: um… males that can no longer breed

Firestar: Warmblood
Breed: Dutch Warmblood
Physically: He is described as large and handsome, and Dutch Warmblood’s fit that description. I think that he would be a chestnut, with a white star on his forehead.
Personality: Dutch Warmblood’s are level headed and gentle and strong. They are often used for dressage and jumping because they are highly intelligent and easy to train due to their willingness. Firestar is a levelheaded and gentle cat who prefers to talk out problems and avoid violence.

Squirrelflight: Hot-blooded
Breed: Akhal Teke
Physcially: It think that she would be a plain chestnut Akhal Teke, any facial markings don’t matter)
Personality: These horses need gentle handlers, and tend to react aggressively to harsh training methods. They are spirited and can often be hot headed and stubborn. They are very athletic and fast. I feel like this fits Squirrelflight perfectly. She is often hot headed and stubborn, and energetic.

Sol: Hot-blooded
Breed: Arabian
Physically: He would be a bay Arabian with a white blaze. Idk why but if feel like that coloring would fit him. I know Arabians are smaller horses, even though Sol is mistaken for a lion by Hollyleaf, so he must be huge.
Personality: Arabians are intelligent and resilient. They can be very independent and have very good stamina. They are one of the oldest horse breeds in the world. Sol is very intelligent, and it. He is most likely very physically fit from living on his own, more than the Clan cats.

Graystripe: Coldblooded
Breed: Shire horse
Physically: The horses are the tallest horse breed in the world, and I think Graystripe would be a dappled gray Shire.
Personality: Shire horses usually are sweet, gentle, dependent, and very strong. They tend to be fairly willing and not the most stubborn. Graystripe is supposed to the sweet goofy and loyal friend, and he is big and bulky. So I think this a good fit! Also personality wise I think that Graystipe tends to act more like a gelding than a stallion, even though he has kits.

Needletail: Hot-blooded
Breed: Thoroughbred
Physically: She would be a gray thoroughbred. These horses are extremely fast and athletically built, and make up the majority of horse racing.
Personality: These horses tend to be very forward and spirited and strong. They can be stubborn and independent. Needletail is very independent, and she is very spirited and values survival over almost every other cat.

Twigbranch: Coldblooded
Breed: Clydesdale
Physical: A light dapple gray horse
Twigbranch is goofy and loves having fun just like Clydesdales. They both tend be gentle and sweet. She sometimes doesn’t understand the way her actions hurt others. I’m deeply sorry to any draft horse owners who have had their feet stepped on.

Ivypool: Hotblood
Breed: Thoroughbred
Physically: Im not sure maybe a gray thoroughbred, with a white blaze maybe.
Thoroughbreds can be very sensitive, and Ivypool is a bit over sensitive. They are extremely powerful horses, and built for running long distances at extreme speed. Ivypool was probably very strong after her dark forest training, because the training was extremely difficult and she was one of their best fighters. Thoroughbreds can have, um, strong opinions a lot of times. They tend to lose their heads when I involves physical activity, and Ivypool tends to lose her head when it comes to proving that she better than Dovewing.

Also total side note, but I find hot blooded horses the most fun to ride because they are often they most energetic and crazy. I also prefer riding mares and stallions over geldings. They tend to be spicier. I think that geldings are a bit too even tempered for me. But you do have to be on constant guard with young stallions, because they are can gets easily uh distracted by mares.

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  • (I know this is a bit unrelated but its funny so I wanted to tell you guys this)

    My dad: My favorite breed of horse is palomino

    Me: uhh thats not a breed thats a color of horse

    My dad: 😮

  • Great Article! This was very interesting to read. And it was perfect for today because I’m going horseback riding in a few hours.
    I can tell you love horses Mistystream!

  • Great Article! I love horses too🙂🐎
    Kinda interesting how cats can somehow be similar to horses

  • This was so cool! Epic article, Mistystream! Maybe part 2 in the future? 😉 I love to ride horses, but I don’t get to very often. I think the last time I went was over a year ago…. I love to see articles were ppl rope in their passions and I can tell you love horses!

  • Quailpaw, Toucan, She-cat| BlogChat name: Leafwind ( Leafi) Former name: Leafwind| Obsessed with Legend of Korra, and Demon Slayer|Ready For Halloween Candy! Yum! says:

    Nice article! I am really interested I horses even thought I haven’t ridden one yet. This was very interesting to read, and I totally agree with you!

  • im a horsegirl so i had to do it i had to read it

    i read the title and went “wow i really would have written the same article when i first joined the blog” and so here i am flaksdjf

    see. i love thoroughbreds. they are the BEST children and i love them very very much <33 my old horse was a very wacky very lovely thoroughbred gelding, he was the sweetest boy and i liked to call him an oversized puppy dog (oversized = 17.1hh). he was also the dumbest horse ever and his stupid thin skin meant he kept scratching himself (on his face! on his back legs! on his front legs!) and injuring himself 😂 all of the thoroughbreds i know are some of the dumbest, most injury-prone horses ever but i love them <33 but i love the ivypool thoroughbred comparison lol she would 10000% be a thoroughbred mare

    we dont have stallions at my barn and ive ridden uh. PLENTY of spicy geldings lol so i cant rly speak on the stallion-gelding personality difference, i've only heard/read about it, but theres this ONE thoroughbred gelding who is actually very cranky all of the time and keeps trying to buck everyone off so. thats kind of him!! he's an ottb and we're all convinced he never won a race in his life considering how determined he is to canter as slow as possible

    i also like the needletail thoroughbred comparison! is it a coincidence that ivypool and needletail are my favorite characters and my favorite horse breed is a thoroughbred?? perhaps you may be onto something, mistystream 🤔

    anyways. pls write a pt 2 i would read the heck out of it lol
    and i recommend including more warmblood mares and omg PLEASE add ponies too bc i know so many spicy warmblood mares and so. so. many ponies.

    • Yeah I love thoroughbreds! Their so fun to ride and I like horses with a bit of spice. One of my favorite horses at my barn is this huge black thoroughbred gelding, and he’s an ex racehorse. He’s a absolutely nuts sometimes but I love him to death

  • Great article! And I always laugh when horse people explain geldings to non-horsey people (Like my 6-year-old sis. That was an interesting conversation…)

    My little sis: What are geldings?

    Me: Umm… they’re boy horses who can’t marry…

    My little sis: Why can’t they marry?

    Me: Um…well… (changes topic) Hey look! Your Breyer horse is jumping over my leg!

    My little sis: OOooh! He should be a jumping horse!

    Me: Yeah (Wipes sweat off forehead)

    • Yeah that’s always a little bit of a uuuhhhhmmmmm question, but I’ve been asked so many times that I just flat out say it now!

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