Giving Warrior Names to StarClan kits and apprentices by Slightdapple

Slightdapple gives names to StarClan cats who never received one.

Artist unknown (Source: Warrior-Cats fandom)

Hello! So, today I’ll be giving warrior names to the cats who didn’t survive long enough to get them. I’m not doing Ravenpaw, by the way.

Snowkit- His name could be Snowheart, for courage, or Snowfeather for the hawk. Or maybe even Snowfire for his attitude.

Seedpaw- Seedspark or Seedlight, because she spent her last moments saving her sister, and her braveness.

Hopekit- I think Hopefeather could work, because “hope is the thing with feathers”. Hopelight is nice too, like she’s a ray of hope.

Wishkit- I like Wishbreeze. I was thinking about things that connect to wishes, and when you blow on a dandelion, your wish is in the breeze, right? Also, it sounds really nice.

Swiftpaw- Hmm. Swiftrunner, possibly, because he runs swiftly in StarClan now? Or Swiftheart because he acted bravely when trying to get rid of the dog pack.

Elderkit- I’m not that sure. Elderberry, or Elderleaf if he wanted to medicine cat.

Tulipkit- Maybe Tulipbloom, for change and growth.

Juniperkit- You know what? I just checked his wiki sprite, and he looks a lot like Hawkfrost. So Juniperfrost.

Dandelionkit- Either Dandelionflower or Dandelionstorm, because of Sandstorm.

Flickerkit- I don’t really like Flickerlight because it sounds like his happiness is flickering. Flickersong, for his father, would be nice.

Tadpole- Frogleap or Frogswim for his energy. Or you could switch out Frog for Tadpole.

Mosskit- Hmm, maybe Mosslight, because of her hope, or Mossleap for her happiness and eagerness.

Hollykit- Probably Hollysong.

Larchkit- Not really sure… maybe Larchwood or Larchbark.

Shrewpaw- How about Shrewspring, for being calm? Or Shrewheart for courage, because he died while hunting for his Clan.

Petalkit, Patchkit, Larchkit- Petalkit would be Petalstorm, because I picture her as like Sandstorm in personality. Patchkit is Patchlight, because of his innocence and hope, and Larchkit Larchflame because of his ferocity.

Marigoldkit- I think Marigoldstem is nice. Marigoldshore as well because I’m thinking marigolds growing along a shore.

Mintkit- Either Mintheart or Mintleap, because of bravery and energy.

Storkkit and Quailkit- Oh…I don’t know. How about Storkwing and Quailsong? Maybe switch each other’s suffixes. That would be Storksong and Quailwing.

So, how do you like these names? Do you have any other ideas of what to name them? Comment it, and bye!

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