Analyzing Leaders: Tallstar by Song

Song takes a look at WindClan’s Tallstar.

Official art by Wayne McLoughlin

Song is back with their third article in the Analyzing Leaders series: Tallstar! Today I’m going to analyze Tallstar, a WindClan leader.

Why to Like Tallstar
Tallstar was a fair and just leader of WindClan. He never stirred unwanted battles unless he felt really motivated. He wanted what was best for WindClan, and tried to keep the peace with all the Clans unless they had done something really bad. Here is Tallstar promising to keep his Clan safe no matter what:

I promise you all that I will lead WindClan with the fierce devotion of a father and the pure love of a mother. Nothing matters more to me than making WindClan strong so that future generations may live with dignity and peace. Every cat I have known – every cat I have loved has taught me the meaning of friendship and the unbending power of the warrior code.

He also can get over his grudges, like when he and Palebird warmed up to each other or when he spared Sparrow’s life.

Why to Dislike Tallstar
Tallstar can hold grudges, and I feel like he unfairly blamed Sparrow for his father’s death. I also wonder [maybe?] why he didn’t protest against Sandgorse wanting him to become a tunneler when he was destined to become a moor-runner. And why couldn’t Tallstar let his mother be happy? Why did he have to be so grumpy about Woolytail and Palebird’s relationship?

Who to Ship Tallstar With
Jake – although I haven’t read Tallstar’s Revenge, I believe Tallstar[tail] shows affection for Jake and many ship TallXJake.

Tallstar’s Losses
Let’s start with relatives. Tallstar’s mother, Palebird, warmed up to him later on, but he did lose his sister, Finchkit, and his father, Sandgorse. He had to leave Jake behind, too, but he lived a long life.

Rating Tallstar
In my opinion, Tallstar should receive 4 stars! He could’ve acted kinder when Palebird decided to mate with Woolytail, and he made some questionable decisions in life, but overall, he is a good leader.

StarClan or Dark Forest?

My Opinion
Tallstar is, overall, a great leader (in my opinion.) I’m going to create a quick scratchy top 5 leaders and deputies:
1. Crookedstar
2. Leafstar
3. Tawnypelt
4. **Tallstar**
5. Leopardstar
Hopefully this shows I like Tallstar a lot.

Song OUT!!!

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