Daughter of the Deep Characters are like which Warriors? by Crestridge

Crestridge compares Warriors characters to characters from Daughter of the Deep.

Hey It’s Crestridge (though that name will likely change), and this is my first article. I will be comparing Daughter of the Deep characters to warrior characters. I got inspiration for this from the article Comparing Warriors to characters from The Crucible by Firefeather. Okay so the plot of the book is like this:
Ana goes to a special marine sciences/military school called Harding-Pencroft Academy, or HP. She and her class are leaving cam for their end of year trial when they witness their school blowing up. Turns out that her school and their rival school LI, are dangerous enemies. Captain Nemo, from 20,000 leagues under the sea, was real, (and Anas ancestor). He created many powerful inventions, and LI wants to share this with the world but HP knows this is too dangerous. So Ana and the rest of the freshmen class have to stop the rival school before a bunch of bad things happen, blablablabla.

Ana Dakkar: She is a lot like Fireheart/star. Both of them are the main characters. Also, many people did not see them as leaders, Fireheart was a kittypet, and everyone thought Ana’s older brother Dev was the leader of the two. Plus they are pretty powerful enemies, they are both good at what they do, such as diving and hunting. Plus they are both natural leaders. They also are in a romantic relationship with someone who was their opponent. Fireheart with Sandstorm and Ana with Gem, though they aren’t official. They are often kinder to enemies than others might want them too.

Dr. Hewett-I think that Hewett is a lot like Yellowfang. Prior to the book’s start Hewett worked for Land Institute, The bad guys. This is like Yellowfang being in Shadowclan until she went to Thunderclan. Plus both of them are pretty grumpy and you don’t want to get on their bad side. Originally the main characters (Ana/Firepaw) are suspicious of Hewett/Yellowfang but eventually come to respect them. Firestar and Yellowfang have a closer relationship than Ana and Hewett however I would say the relationship is pretty similar.

Dev-Dev reminds me of Breezepelt. He is the main antagonist of the book, and he’s also Ana’s brother, ouch! Like Breezepelt, Dev joins the enemy because he thinks that it will make him stronger. However it all sort of blows up in their face, and now their family won’t trust them. Like Bp, Dev isn’t completely evil and could potentially become a better person. However, currently he’s locked up in a guest bedroom for safety, so he has a bit farther to go then Breezepelt.

Gem-Gem, short for Gemini, is like Brambleclaw. Gem was assigned to protect Ana, sort of like how Brambleclaw watched over Squirrelpaw. They both take this job very seriously and get annoyed when said protected takes risks. They are both good at fighting and have taken down skilled enemies. Both are fiercely loyal to their school/clan, and leaders, and often are put in some position of power. Both are nice people, especially once you get to know them.

Nelinha-She reminds me of Tawnypelt and Tawnypelt’s relationship with Brambleclaw. Both of them are strong independent girls who aren’t afraid of speaking up. They are very supportive friends which is shown with their relationship with Ana/Brambleclaw. They can both get very sassy and can hold a grudge even when forgiveness should likely happen as seen with Nelinha and Gem and Tawnypelt and Yarrowleaf, and Sleekwhisker. (Tawnypelt definitely had much more of a right to be angry as the two had betrayed their clan; however, these are the first two cats that came to mind). However both Nelinha and Tawnypelt can be kind and supportive, and are there for their friends.

Ester: I couldn’t find anyone to match Ester. Ester is Autistic, and though I’m not saying Autistic people can’t have similar traits to non-autistic Cats, I couldn’t think of anyone similar, let me know if you have thought of someone.
Crestridge out.

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