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Power and what it is in Warriors by Firefeather

Firefeather discusses the role of power in the universe of Warriors.

Art by FeysCat

H’lo! My name is Firefeather and on May 10th, an article of mine about the Crucible and Warriors got released. I remembered that I wrote something about power, so I wanted to expand on that. This is my second article, and the topic is Power.

Part 1: Hierarchy

The Power Hierarchy in Warriors is simple at first glance. You got the leader above deputy above the queens and senior warriors above the young warriors and apprentices above kits. The medicine cat is a difficult one, because their power levels can change. In a time of crisis or at the beginning of pretty much any arc, the medicine cat is relaying messages from StarClan and is very important, then is kinda forgotten. However, the medicine cat has influence over everyone. For this reason, the medicine cat will go in the top rung with the leader.

Medicine Cat(s), Leader


Senior Warriors, Queens

Young Warriors, Apprentices (including MCA)


Part 2: Responses

Now that that’s out of the way, I can finally get to the main parts. The way I see it, there are 4 types of ideas over power.

1. Exert: Using Power for Good (Firestar) or Evil (“Bramblestar” (read: Ashfur))
2. Submit: Obeying the Exerter (literally most warriors)
3. Resist: Disobeying the Exerter, again for Good (Squirrelflight) or Evil (Tigerclaw)
4. Seek: Seeking Power, for Good (regular ambitious warrior) or Evil (Tigerclaw).

As can be seen with Tigerstar I, cats can fall into multiple categories. My ideals is that sometimes, a resister can be good for the Exerter. For example, a few cats resisted Onestar when he was too prideful and refusing help from ThunderClan, and that ultimately saved the clan.

Part 3: Effects

As I just wrote, one of the effects of falling into power is pride. Some leaders are not overly prideful, such as Firestar (this is mainly because the writers wrote him to be overly perfect) and Tallstar. However, others can be way too prideful, and it can hurt the clan. Some of the main examples are Ashfur, Blackstar, and Onestar. They are all prideful for different reasons, though. Ashfur wants to take over the lake (sorta). Blackstar wants to redeem himself after following Brokenstar. Lastly, Onestar wants to establish WindClan as “NOT A PUSHOVER”.

Sorry that this article is sorta rushed; I’m working on it between all my friends’ bdays. Anyways, Firefeather out!

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