How it’s basically Tigerstar’s fault that everything bad happened. ⚠️ SPOILERS ⚠️ by Crystalshadow

Crystalshadow shows how everything bad that happened in the modern arcs come back to Tigerstar.

Artwork by Coinn8

This is my third article: Hope you enjoy!

Well, let’s start from book one: Tigerstar killed Redtail. Yes, I’m the first book, Tigerstar claims that Oakheart kills Redtail and then he killed Oakheart but really,
Tigerstar killed Redtail in order to become deputy because he thought – and every cat thought – that Bluestar would choose him. Oakheart died in a rockfall. Later on in the series, Lionheart – the deputy that succeeded Redtail – died in a battle with ShadowClan causing Tigerstar to become deputy after him as every cat knew would happen. Later, Firestar found out Tigerstar’s ambition to kill Ravenpaw and so, took him away from ThunderClan to live with Barley – a loner.
So it’s his fault that ThunderClan lost an apprentice! Tigerstar tricked the elder, Greypool and killed her by saying he was Oakheart and hitting her head onto a rock. Next in the series, of course, he tries to kill Bluestar! He makes her paranoid and you all know that she then only trusts Firestar so she only made Firestar’s apprentice – Cloudtail – a warrior even though Thornclaw Swiftpaw and Brightheart were older than him at that time causing Swiftpaw to go into the forest with Brightheart causing him to die and her to lose half of her face because of the dogs – who Tigerstar set free. Also, he killed Brindleface for the dogs. Then, Bluestar had to pull a dog off of Firestar causing her to drown and die. He then led Scourge to the forest and got killed by him and many other cats died in that battle too. Firestar lost one of his lives while fighting Scourge.
Now, in the second series he makes everyone wary of his son, making them think he is as evil because of his look, maybe if Tigerstar wasn’t as evil maybe Bramblestar would have been accepted a bit more. He trained Hawkfrost to be evil, causing Brambleclaw to kill him because of it. Now we come to the ONLY good thing: In the third series, he helps Lionblaze through his battle training and makes Lionblaze’s mentor, Ashfur, more impressed.

Now, that is all I have thought of so far but when I read more of the books, I will update this!

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