[Firestar and Crowfeather's family trees]

Firestar’s relations by Crystalshadow

Crystalshadow discusses Firestar’s family tree.

Art by Maanhart

#1 – Firestar. Firestar is the hero of the whole first series, he started as a kittypet and became the greatest warrior ever, let’s find out who he’s related to! Okay, so, let’s start with his parents. Jake, that’s his father. Jake is shipped with Tallstar in the fandom, so is Firestar possibly related to Tallstar? Nutmeg, his mother has unknown parents and no siblings so we can’t mark any relations there. Let’s go to his sister, Princess, her mate is called Oliver, so Firestar is related to Oliver and Princess’ kits are Nami, Livy, Zack, Taylor and Cloudtail so of course Firestar is related to them. Let’s go onto Cloudtail. Cloudtail’s mate is Brightheart who’s brother is a Thornclaw and mother is Frostfur, who’s mate is Lionheart so Firestar is related to those four. Also, Firestar is related to Cinderpelt and Brackenfur too. Now, his mate, Sandstorm. Sandstorm’s mother is Brindleface – who’s brother is Ravenpaw – and father is Redtail, who’s sister is Spottedleaf, who’s parents are Swiftbreeze and Adderfang and her littermates are Willowpelt, Patchpelt and Leopardfoot. Ah, Patchpelt, as we know, he is the father of Greystripe. Firestar is related to Greystripe. Leopardfoot’s son is Tigerstar, who’s kits are Brambleclaw and Tawnypelt. Firestar’s daughter is Squirrelflight so… Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight were already related before they were mates? Leafpool is Firestar’s daughter and her ‘mate’ is Crowfeather so Firestar is related to Crowfeather. Crowfeather’s other mate was Nightcloud, who’s son was Breezepelt, who’s mate was Heathertail. Crowfeather’s father is Deadfoot making Firestar related to him. Scourge is Firestar’s half brother. Hawkfrost is Brambleclaw’s half-brother so Hawkfrost is related to Firestar. Brambleclaw was mates with Squirrelfight – Firestar’s daughter. Now, if Brambleclaw’s mother was Goldenflower then Firestar is related to Swiftpaw making Brightheart related to Swiftpaw (*gasp* what if all of the ships turn out to be related before they become mates!?!) Also, if Firestar is related to Greystripe, he is also related to Silverstream, who’s kits are Feathertail and Stormfur. Feathertail falls in love with Crowfeather on the journey, but, as we’ve found out, Crowfeather is related to Firestar so…. CROWFEATHER AND FEATHERTAIL ARE RELATED! Also, Stormfur’s mate is Brook, who’s brother is Talon so he’s related to them. Also, Whitewing is Cloudtail and Brightheart’s daughter and Whitewing’s daughters are Dovewing and Ivypool. So Firestar is also related to them! Dovewing’s mate is Bumblestripe but they’re already RELATED because BUMBLESTRIPE IS GREYSTRIPE’S SON!!!!!!!!! Leafpool and Mothwing is a ship, but guess what? THEY’RE ALREADY RELATED!

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