My opinion on “evil” cats in Warriors, by Shadowkit

Shadowkit gives their opinion on the so-called “evil” characters of the series.

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Hi! This is Shadowkit/mist and this is my first article! As mentioned in the title, I am sharing my opinion and some facts about a few villains. Hope you enjoy the article and feel free to share your opinion in the comments!

Ashfur: Ashfur was first accepted into Starclan and then later came up with a plan during his time in Starclan, to win back Squirrelflight’s love. In theory his plan would work, “When Bramblestar loses one of his lives, enter Bramblestar’s body and get Squirrelflight’s love, even though she still thinks he is Bramblestar” However, that didn’t really work. He managed to take over Bramblestar’s body, but many cats figured out that he was Ashfur, not Bramblestar, which led him into a worse situation. At first I sympathized with Ashfur, I mean, it must’ve been hard to deal with being rejected, but after he took over Bramblestar’s body, most of my sympathy for him vanished. I think he was an interesting villain and I have a little bit of understanding for him, but other than that I think he is evil.

Brokenstar: Just like most villains, Brokenstar has gone through a not so nice past. His sisters died, he was prophesied to be bad, Lizardstripe was a horrible adoptive mother, and Lizardstripe’s kits were evil to him. Brokenstar was mostly ignored by his clanmates and he grew lonely and angry. Raggedstar was the only one who cared about Brokenstar, but even then, Brokenstar was quick to murder him and take the role of leader. Brokenstar became evil, just as shone in Yellowfang’s dream, a few days after Brokenstar was born. I feel like Brokenstar is more of a typical villain, being prophesied to be evil, turning evil, and then causing major destruction. I find villains like Ashfur more interesting because they became evil on their own rather than from a Starclan prophecy.

Mapleshade: Everyone knows how Mapleshade’s story goes. She had kits with a Riverclan cat, Appledusk and then got exiled from her clan because someone told Oakstar about her relationship with Appledusk. Her kits drown in the river and some other cat doesn’t save them, so she goes to Riverclan to ask for help. The leader of Riverclan says he won’t help her, Appledusk betrays her by saying he is mates with another cat, and basically Mapleshade went on a murdering rampage. I don’t really like her as a villain, because I feel like her character wasn’t developed enough and her time as a villain was rushed. The only time I felt like she was a good villain was in Crookedstar’s Promise when she misleads him and some of her time in the Dark Forest.

Tigerstar: Tigerstar is a lot like Brokenstar in many ways. He had two sisters that didn’t survive past their kit hood and his father left him, but at least his mother, Leopardfoot cared about him.

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  • Mapleshade is my favorite villian and after reading Paola Santiago and the River of Tears(really good) Mapleshade reminds me of La Llorona. La Llorona drowned her kids and then wails for them and drowns children. Mapleshade kills cats to avenge her kits who wailed when they died. La Llorona and Mapleshades kids drowned in rivers and they both grieved deeply for them. ReAd PaOlA sAnTiAgO aRu ShAh AnD tHe LaSt FaLlEn StAr from a die hard warrior fan😉😺 I promise their amazing and the Kane Chronicles ( it has a cat😺)

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