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My Fav Relationships\Ships by Beekit

Beekit lists their favourite ships.

Art by AnnMY

Hey! I’m BeekitShine.

Let’s begin…

7. Mothwing x Leafpool

Okay. This was my least favorite, because it didn’t look at least 50% like it was gonna happen. Probably the first LGBTQ+ I’ve heard of, and later on, Leafpool loved Crowfeather anyway. They even had kits. So, like a 10% chance it was gonna be official.

6. Cinderheart x Lionblaze

Too much heartbreak. Okay, first off, they both liked each other, and it was all good until Lionblaze told her about the prophecy, and it went downhill from that point. HEARTBREAK HEARTBREAK HEARTBREAK. I really appreciate Lionblaze trying so hard to grasp her heart, and his courage to tell her his second biggest secret, and yeah. But then CinderpeltCinderheart happened, Lionblaze got advice from I forget, and told her that they couldn’t chose their destinies, but could chose the shape of their lives.

5. Feathertail x Crowfeather

I really liked Feathertail, and I almost cried when she died. Feathertail was kinda what Crowfeather needed to soothe his cranky attitude. She was so kind to him, and he learned a bit of kindness and empathy from her, so when she descended to StarClan, she basically readied him for Leafpool and the Power Of Three stuff.

4. Finleap x Twigbranch

Finleap’s a bit selfish, but he’s loyal to his mate, and he even left SkyClan to be with her. But I’m still not sure he’s comfortable in ThunderClan, because he wanted Twigbranch to have his kits when she had just finished her apprenticeship, which probably lasted a long time. I can understand him, but I think he’s being a bit selfish. Twigbranch has lost a lot, like her mother and almost her sister. I think this isn’t a perfect couple, but it’s close enough.

^Top Three Time^ (This will include lots of cross-clan relationships)

3. Silverstream x Graystripe

This was on my top three because Graystripe loved Silverstream dearly, and it resulted in helping the Power Of Three prophecy by what I explained in Feather x Crow. Stormfur, on the other hand, fell in love with Brook and helped drive away Stripe or whatever’s group. Silverstream…is devoted to Graystripe and Graystripe is devoted to her. During the battle in which TC, RC and WC fought, Silverstream was loyal to Graystripe enough to not harm Fireheart. But Fireheart attacked her bc Tigerclaw was watching so that kinda backfired.

2. Dustpelt x Ferncloud

I like that Dustpelt has attitude, but I like his soft side toward Ferncloud. He stuck with her when Squilf was an apprentice AND trained untrainable young Squilf. He ALSO stuck with her when Hollykit and Elderkit died. (Painful).

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