Comparing Warriors Characters And Encanto Characters by Crowpaw

Crowpaw compares characters from the series to characters from Encanto.

Image from Disney’s Encanto

Hey guys! It’s my Crowpaw, and in today’s article i’ll be comparing warriors characters and Encanto characters! Let’s begin! (I will also be putting in what their gifts are in case you don’t know them by name 😉)

Abuela (Candle Keeper??) – Millie.
So I couldn’t really find a cat that was most like the Abuela but I believe Millie is close enough. Both Abuela and MIllie favored children. Although Abuela favored many children and grandchildren while Millie only favored Briarlight. They still have a bit of similarities.

Pepa (Weather Control) – Sorreltail.
I always kinda thought Sorreltail and Pepa were alike in a way, I think this because I always thought of Pepa as someone who has many children but still is excitable and fun who also is calm and careful. I think Sorreltail matches this well because they both are very fun and a mother to many but also wise.

Julieta (Healing Food??) – Ferncloud.
Both Julieta and Ferncloud are quite similar. They’re both calm, wise, and supportive, especially towards their children.

Agustin (No gift; Accident Prone) and Felix (No gift) – Graystripe.
Both are silly and supportive characters that everyone loves to be around! (Most of the time…)

Bruno (Nosy Future Snooping) – Pinestar.
Didn’t see this one coming now did you? I think Pinestar and Bruno are a bit alike. They’re both misunderstood characters who (if i’m remembering correctly) were both cast out from their groups. They both also left without going far and without forgetting who they left…

Dolores (Hearing As Far As Infinity And Beyond) – Poppyfrost.
Both side characters who don’t talk a lot. Both crushing on someone else’s mate/boyfriend/fiance. Both my favorite characters… Enough said. * mic drop * (I actually got Dovewing vibes ’cause of the gift but their personalities are nowhere near similar)

Camilo (Shapeshifting, wow I just realized something dark…) – Graystripe Again! (Sorry!)
I’m sorry but Graystripe again! Both of these dudes are young, funny, and easy-going characters who love to make people smile. AND FOOD!!!

Antonio (Talks to animals and probably the gossip king) – Cinderpelt.
I think these two are very similar because they both are excitable young kids who are cheerful, supportive, sensible, and very much connected to the world around them.

Luisa (She-hulk but huge and super strong ALWAYS) – Goosefeather.
These two share a bit of similarity, both are very pressured that they won’t be able the help everyone and they both also are looked at very highly by their peers, yet they can’t deliver.


Mirabel (no gift but nobody knows why) – Ivypool.
Pffffffffttttttttttt This one’s easy. Both of them wanted to be special like their sibling(s) but all they had to do, was look deep inside, and they did, and what they found was, you don’t have to have a power to be special, you just have to be you. (Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww)

**End of warning**

Now everyone thought that Silverstream was the most perfect and beautiful cat in all four clans, And she was. But deep inside, she just wanted to crack out of her shell and try something new, be different, be imperfect. And just like Isabela, she did, she did something she’d never done before by mating with Greystripe, the cat of her dreams.

That’s all for this article! Thanks for reading and i’d love to see your opinions in the comments below! Have a good one, and i’ll see you next time!

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