Why Leafstar and Skywatcher Need a Super Edition by Beekit

Beekit shares why they think Leafstar and Skywatcher should receive Super Editions.

Art by warriorcatsdatabase (tumblr)

Hey there! It’s me, Beekit! This is only the second article I have written on BlogClan.

Okay. I only got a peek at Leafstar’s life in Firestar’s Quest and A Stranger in SkyClan, which means I don’t know a lot about her. I would love to know about her kithood, her family, and her history other than what we got when Firestar was with Leafdapple at her nine lives ceremony. And there, she also calls out, “Mother!” to her mother, an unnamed she-cat that appears in Firestar’s quest. (Hint hint, if she had a SE, we would know her past and secrets). I haven’t read SkyClan’s Destiny and I don’t know if it features this, but I would like to know how Leafstar met Billystorm. Also a bunch of other stuff about her relationship with him that I don’t know about. Also, I am DYING to know who her family is after reading the part where Leafstar gets her nine lives. I also think that we should know more about what she did as a loner and rogue, as she is only featured in SkyClan’s Destiny as a LEADER, and a warrior for a short time in Firestar’s Quest. I would ALSO like to know what happened to Firefern, Stormheart, and Billystorm. Because first, Leafstar kits them in A Stranger in SkyClan, then Alderheart goes on his quest to find them, and Firefern, Stormheart, and Billystorm aren’t with the traveling cats. Leafstar having a SE would patch up the holes in her life. Only Harrybrook is with SkyClan.

Skywatcher time!

Skywatcher is a very minor character, and also the first cat to tell Firestar of the PoT prophecy. Also, we get a mention of his mother, Lowbranch, and his mentor, Pricklenose. He is the first sign of SkyClan’s survival Firestar meets on his journey, and that helped A LOT. We only get to see him as an old cat, but if we had a SE on him then we would get to see pretty much all of his life that wasn’t spent as an old loner. This matches 40% with what I said for Leafstar, but we would get to see his past, his family, his kithood and other things.

I know I said a lot more for Leafstar, but Skywatcher isn’t known that well, unless you’ve read Firestar’s Quest and that part Firestar said during OotS *Omen of the Stars*
“Skywatcher said you’d come” or something
Well, BYE!
I’m in 4th grade so pls don’t hate on my shabby writing.

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