Giving IPL players Warrior Names: Gujarat Titans by Frostkit

Frostkit gives warrior names to the team members of the Gujurat Titans.

Hiya! It’s Frostkit! Today, I’m giving Warrior Names to an Indian Premier League team that plays cricket!!! (Research cricket online)

Cricket was a sport originated in England, that has now spread over the world. A new league, IPL, was established, with teams based in India. Read On for what I would name the players if they could have warrior names! I’m only doing 5 or 6 though…

Hardik Pandya: Hardik is the captain of the Gujarat Titans, leading them to the trophy against the Rajasthan Royals. Since he is captain, of course we would put in the “star” suffix. He used to be a bowler, but as of 2022, an injury has weakened him, though he still lead Gujarat to the trophy with his batting. For this, I feel like Couragestar is a good name. Kinda like Firestar, don’t ya think?

Rashid Khan: Rashid is an amazing wrist-spinner, and his bowling stats are through the roof. In IPL alone he has taken 112 wickets. His 4 for 24 in an IPL game really gives me the idea for Wicket to maybe be our prefix, and since he has amazing stats in bowling, like his 4 five-wickets in Test matches, I feel Wicketbreaker may be a good name. Or maybe Wicketclaw because he is like…ripping their runs away? Like those battle moves, that a lot of Clan Cats use…

Shubman Gill: Shubman is not recognized for his bowling, but his batting. He is only 22, yet his batting stats are amazing. Already in IPL, he has a high score of 96! And he’s 22! I think “heart” would make a good suffix, because he is so young, yet so courageous (ANYONE THINKING FIRESTAR?). Hitting at least 50 fours and over 20 sixes makes me think we could call him Strongheart. Huh?

Jason Roy: This South African-English batsmen is like the backbone warrior of Gujarat. He is an amazing hitter, like Lionblaze is for battle. His 180 high score in my opinion gives him the suffix of burn, like how he burns all the balls into the stands. With his 428 fours in ODI along with his 73 sixes really gives me the idea of the warrior name Seamburn, for the way he smashes them right straight!

Matthew Wade: This wicketkeeper is like the deputy of the whole Clan. He should have a noble name. His batting stats are pretty good, but I want to give him his warrior name for his keeping skills. His 11 Test stumpings give me an idea for a good suffix of Breaker and for his 108 ODI catches, and 3 runouts, Runbreaker, because his wicketkeeping is a good part of the team. Think about it though. Runstar. Doesn’t have as much a ring to it as Mistystar, or Firestar…

Mohammed Shami: Finally, Shami is wrapping things up. He’s our greatest hunter. With a total of over 200 wickets in Test Matches, and 11 four-wickets with that, I know he needs a strong name. I’m thinking the suffix “hunter.” With his best bowled innings of 6/56, I think a suitable name for him could be Balllhunter, or Stumphuner, cause he is like, a monster in India…

So, that wraps up my article. I may be doing another one of these on the Chennai Super Kings. Frostykit, out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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