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Hello! My name is Frost, and I will be covering some of my warrior cats opinions. I am not trying to get you to agree with any of these, I just want to entertain those who DO agree. Let’s begin!

Opinion 1- I don’t ship Leaf x Crow.
Crowfeather is a complicated cat. I still like him, but it takes a while to talk about his relationships. Crow x Night is of course completely toxic, but we are not here to talk about that. The reason I don’t like Leaf x Crow is that they didn’t even talk to each other much, basically having a few interactions and deciding they wanted to run away together. To me, it seems more like 2 teenagers having a fling than a serious romance.

Opinion 2- Millie is not a great mom
Millie isn’t the absolute WORST mother in the books *cough Rainflower cough* but I think she’s pretty bad. She was a great mate to Graystripe, but that doesn’t make her a good mother. Before you read more, know that Blossomfall has NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS. This is about Millie (and Briarlight), not Blossomfall. So let’s start. Millie shows lots of care when Biarlight is injured, and naturally fusses over her as any normal mother would do. But the bad part is when she starts getting in Jayfeather’s face. If your daughter was in the hospital, would you think yelling and following the doctor around constantly would be a good idea? No. And in one of the books, Millie even suggests that it would be better for Briarlight to DIE than live her life with an unpainful injury. See Moonkitti’s video for more on this topic-

Opinion 3- I hate Jay x Half
I know many people like this ship, but I just don’t understand. First of all, writing time travel is hard, so the writing for this ship would obviously be very weird to read. But what I dislike about this ship is Jayfeather’s lack of common sense. Jay x Half only exists because fans wanted Jayfeather to get a love interest. This ship turns Jayfeather from an intelligent and loyal medicine cat with an attitude to an absolute simp. By the time he has to leave the past, he knows full well that the clans wouldn’t exist without him, yet he is fully ready to let everything he has ever known die just so he could be with Half Moon. I consider Rock a hero for forcing Jay to leave and therefore saving his personality. For more on this, see Quiet Rage’s video- Click here!

Wow, I’m tired. The article was supposed to be longer, but I think that’s good for now. Frost out!

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