[a stylistic bust drawing of Firestar looks at the audience, his features trailing into fire to the left]

In Defence of Firestar by Firestorm

Firestorm defends Firestar’s character.

Art by MapleSpyder

Hi! This is my first article and I am SO EXCITED! For it, I want to defend Firestar, my favorite character. I know what you thinking. Firestar is overly perfect! Firestar is always right! But I really want to give some of my reasons why Firestar is NOT, I repeat, NOT like that! I hope I can convince you to at least not hate him, or not think he’s just perfect, if not start liking him a bit. So just hear me out, ok?
For starters, Firestar, even when he became leader, did not always make smart decisions. Remember what he thought of Cinderpelt’s fire and tiger prophesy? He seperated Brambleclaw and Squirrelpaw, which resulted in his daughter leaving him! I bet he felt like he had made a huge mistake. And he also was still visiting Princess! When his Clan might have needed him. Imagine this: ShadowClan’s attacking! Where’s Firestar? Oh no! He’s visiting his kittypet sister! Someone, go fetch him!
He also wasn’t so perfect as a warrior, either. He brought RiverClan ThunderClan prey without his leader knowing! He talked to a leader of another Clan without his leader knowing! Also, brought a Princess’s kit to the Clan in the middle of leaf-bare, when he probably should’ve waited at least another moon. Here is a pretty stupid thing he did: he suggested they should go onto RiverClan’s territory while they were heading home from bringing WindClan back to their territory, which was dumb for 2 reasons. One, they had WINDCLAN cat’s with them, and two, it is RIVERCLAN territory! This led to Graystripe accidentaly knocking Whiteclaw off the gorge, causing him to feel guilty, which caused him to maybe feel like Silverstream who understood him. Not so smart, Firestar.
I hope I convinced you to at least not hate Firestar. He was a great leader who DID make a lot of right decisions, but I think that he made enough bad ones to balance them out. I love Firestar so much, and he was the first character in Warriors that I absolutely loved. Please comment if your opinion has changed from this article!

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