My Sympathy 2 by Jaymoon

Jaymoon lists more cats who deserve second opinions from the fandom.

Art by M.Jay Warriors Art! (tumblr)

Hi everybody! Today I am going to name some more of the cats that I think deserve less hate and more love. I have four/heaps of cats who I have chosen. So, let’s get started!

1. Firestar, Cloudtail, Bramblestar ect
So, you can probably understand why I have chosen these cats and a few others. What I think is really unfair in warriors is how the cats think that blood really does matter. Well, now it doesn’t. Firestar and Cloudtail may not have warrior blood, but I can tell you one thing, they have the hearts of warriors, that’s what matters most. Moving on to Bramblestar and Tawnypelt. They may be related to the most evilest cat who has ever walked the forest but I know one thing. They know that being loyal and respectful will get them far, Tawny and Bramble both realised that the choices that come to them are going to be answered by them. Not by the “Tigerstar blood” that lurks in them.

2. Tigerstar 1
You may be thinking I’m going absolute bonkers right now but I’m not. I have one special reason that I found while looking at some warriors facts on safari. It said that Tigerstar didn’t actually reject his kits he just didn’t know how to be a father. Now THAT would be heartbreaking to any father. Just imagine it for yourself.

3. Code breakers
Now these code breakers are particular ones. This has the reason to do with the love situation. I feel that love is much more important. Without love you may be feeling a bit dull at certain times, or perhaps uncomfortable? I’m not sure. But being with the person you love is great. Being held back by the code wouldn’t make many cats very happy.

4. Jayfeather/kit
During Jaykits time I could sort of understand why he wanted to be treated normally. Now… being born with blindness is much much more of a difference than being born with sight and then becoming blind. I can understand why the others worry for Jaykit, they want him secure and safe. But if no one has experienced that then they must assume that what Jaykit says is true.

That’s all for today everybody! I hope you enjoyed my article and I’ll see you My Sympathy 3!

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