Giving warrior cats kittypet names by Rosesong

Rosesong gives kittypet names to warrior cats.

Artwork by WildpathofShadowClan

Hello kits, apprentices, warriors, queens, med cats, elders, and many more. But today, mainly kittypets!
I’m Rosesong, and this is my very first article!
Today, we will be looking at warriors characters and what there names would be if they where kittypets!
So I’ve only read up to A Dangerous Path, so you won’t see any characters past that point, mind you. So grab a snack, get comfortable, and let’s begin!
Lets start with number one on our list!

#1 Ravenpaw
My sisters favorite
Everyone’s favorite barn cat.
Well we know he’s a black cat, so maybe his kittypet name would be Midnight or shadow.
Black hole is good, but that’s not very affectionate, right?
I think Midnight is a good name for him.
I’m not feeling very creative right and ravenpaws tricky so Midnight it is!

#2 Bluestar
Ok, before we start, take a moment to imagine Bluestar as a kittypet. What?
Anyway, a good name for a blue cat might be… Blue? Know what, that actually works!
Its simple and describes Bluestar perfectly!
Other possibilities could be Elsa, (haha!) or Blueberry.
But overall, I think that Blue sounds the best.

#3 Cloudpaw
This one WAS a kittypet for about a month or maybe just a week or two.
Well, cloudpaws purrsona is a fluffy white cat with blue eyes, and maybe he was named Marshmellow for his fluffyness! He could also be Cotton or Fluffy. AND FLUFFLES IS SO GOOD!
Marshmallow is probably the best one out of those.

#4 Tigerclaw
The ultimate villain.
Evil in his heart.
Evil in his soul.
Him as a kittypet? *Cringe*
Lion king fans might call him scar!
Others may call him I don’t know, maybe Bob?
Oooo!!!! Ooooo!!!!!! Tiger!
Super classic, but still! Pretty strait forward, but that’s what the tolegs might call him, so there we go!
Tiger it is! (For now)

#5 Yellowfang
Of course she would be on here!
I was so sad when she died!
Lemon is always an option, but that sounds bad so no, no!
Don’t forget that we can use human names to!
Umm… Penelope?
Pixie maybe. Sounds good!

Ok! Sorry for the short article, but that’s all I Can think of right now!
What do you think there names should be?
Let me know in the comments!

May Starclan light your path!

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  • Hazelbreeze (Hazel branch that sways in the breeze). Random thought: POTATOES FOREVER, 🖤🌫️🤍💜 says:

    Love the energy 🙂 Great article too!

    Also: Haha, Tigerstar as a kittypet with a collar that just said ‘Bob’ on it

    My opinions (Not saying the originals are bad)

    I think I’d call Ravenpaw… Devil. I dunno, I guess I just figured he looked like a tasmanian devil (A little) and it would be nicely ironic how he’s a skittish lil boy

    Bluestar might be Rainy or Stormy I think? I mean, Her fur looks like a stormcloud? Also, She’s kinda wild (As in, Her personality varies wildly, I mean, She went insane for that last bit of her life but she died peacefully, Recociling with her kits and all, Like the peace after the storm, In this case, The storm was her insanity

    I don’t want this comment to be an article in itself so I’ll stop myself now-

    Once again, Great article 😀

    • Lol just imagine him as Prince Rogers
      (brb gotta draw Popstar Cloudtail)
      His mum’s owners perhaps were fans of 80s music just like me

  • Ooooh! You could try scourge as a WARRIOR NAME!
    Would love to see what you come up with, I’m thinking maybe Bighead! Cause he does have one-

    • Hazelbreeze (Hazel branch that sways in the breeze). Random thought: POTATOES FOREVER, 🖤🌫️🤍💜 says:

      Lol, That’s a good one (Sorry Scourge fans, I just thought it was funny)

  • 🍂🎃🍂Streampaw, the Autumn ghost whom is leaping into leaf-piles. 🍂🎃🍂 Feathertail and Leafstar are exceptional characters! ✨🌊(Streampaw/lark, she/her)✨🌊 says:

    Creative article! I never considered the option of giving warriors kittypet names rather than its reverse. My personal favorite name out of these is probably Tiger – the perfect name for Tigerstar as a kittypet, no matter how obvious it is!

  • Great article! People always do kittypet’s names if they were warrior cats, not warrior cats’s names if they were kittypets.
    What I would name these cats:
    Raven. Just Raven.
    Star, maybe? Or Storm, because she’s like a storm? I can’t decide, so let’s move on.
    Tigerclaw/star: Fang!
    Yellowfang: Cutie?
    Your names are much better than mine, I couldn’t even find a name for Cloudpaw/tail!

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