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Why I Lost Faith in Lionblaze by Flowerbeam

Flowerbeam shares why they stopped liking Lionblaze.

Art by warriorcatskocurzyca (tumblr)

Hi! It’s me, Flowwie! Today I’ll be sharing why I stopped liking Lionblaze and how he’s changed drastically from OotS and PoT.
So, he’s not a very favorable cat. And by that I mean he isn’t liked by many, and here’s a very good reason why.
Lionblaze had potential, he had a chance to prove himself to his clan like any normal warrior. In PoT and OotS, his chapters were intriguing and interesting. He fought a fox all by himself to prove himself, and he was desperate to be with Cinderheart, always trying to show her they could be together.
But as the arcs went by, he became more and more aggressive. He fought with clanmates, and he argued with leaders.
In Wings of Fire, I read that Tui gives books to dragons who need improvement, but while Lionblaze improved in the two arcs he was in the spotlight, he got worse and worse after that.
He was always prideful and ambitious, but it got out of hand, especially in TBC.
I’ll show some examples from the book “Darkness Within.”
(page 59, Darkness Within)

“Lionblaze glared at Thornclaw. ‘Are you accusing me of not being a true warrior?’”

Here, Lionblaze is in a fight with Thornclaw, and I did read the part on page 58 where Thornclaw says something, but he did not accuse Lionblaze of not being a true warrior.
The reason I put this here is because Lionblaze is too quick to conclusions. If he had taken a moment to process what Thornclaw had said, he could have had a better understanding and comeback.
(page 213, Darkness Within)

“With a howl of rage, Lionblaze hurled himself at the prisoner, hooking his claws into the warrior’s shoulders. He dragged Ashfur onto his spine and raked his claws across his belly. Ashfur swung out a paw defensively, but Lionblaze knocked it away with a his and swung a blow at Ashfur’s cheek. Ashfur squirmed away and pressed himself harder against the hollow tree. But Lionblaze kept lashing out, blow after blow until Shadowsight could smell blood. ‘Get out of Bramblestar’s body!’”

You guys may not see much of a problem here, but the problem is Lionblaze is quick to anger. The clans had agreed not to kill Ashfur quite yet, but he went at him from rage at what Ashfur did before. While Ashfur was a bad cat, Lionblaze should not have lashed out without permission from Squirrelflight and the other leaders.
(page 253, Darkness Within)

“Lionblaze rolled his eyes. ‘It’s a poor hunter who tries to catch a mouse with its weakest paw.’
Squirrelfight jerked her muzzle toward him. “What do you mean by that?” she demanded.
The golden tabby tom seemed to hesitate for a moment, then nodded to himself and met the leader’s gaze. ‘Why are we asking a bunch of rogues to find Bramblestar when it’s obvious he’s gone?’”

Again, you may not see the problem here, but Lionblaze has got extremely aggressive, and he lost all hope. Here, he may not be trying to but he is accidentally making other clan mates lose hope too.

Now that I’ve shown you the bad, I’ll show you how he used to be in OotS. (don’t have any PoT books with me atm)
(page 53-54, The Forgotten Warrior)

“‘I’m sure you’ll be all right,” Lionblaze soothed her instinctively, remembering the times when she was his apprentice. ‘You just need to give it time. Your senses will come back.’”

Here, Lionblaze was being supportive and a good friend to Dovewing when she was worried about her senses. In TBC, I’m sure he would have argued with her somehow.
(page 241, The Last Hope)

“Lionblaze took a deep breath. ‘You have a destiny,’ he began. “Just like every cat. But you also have a choice.’ StarClan, let her understand! ‘And so do I.’ Cinderheart leaned forward, opening her mouth, but before she could interrupt, he pressed on. ‘Our destinies guide our paws, but they don’t shape every step. That is up to us. We walk the path we choose.’”

As you can see here, Lionblaze is desperately trying to convince Cinderheart she can be his mate when he’s in a prophecy, and when she is the reincarnation of Cinderpelt, and he does it in a kind way. Not an aggressive TBC way.

Anyways, I have to go, but I think I’ve said enough.
As always, I respect each and all of your opinions, so please respect mine.
Byeeee fellow blogclanners!!
|~Flowwie (Flowerpaw/beam, she/her)~|

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