Taking Warrior Names Very Literally!!!!!! by Quailpaw

Quailpaw takes names of cats by their literal meanings.

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Hi guys!!! It’s me Quailpaw back again!!! Today’s article can be about taking warrior names literally because I am in a funny mood!!!!! Let’s begin!!!

Cloudtail: A cloud tail? Wouldn’t it rain on him, because heat evaporates water making clouds which rain everywhere!

Brightheart: Bright heart must keep everyone awake at night because her heart is too bright!

Stormfur: A cat with his fur full of storms? Yikes, it must get hurt struck by lightning!

Mudfur: Kits must be playing with his pelt! That’s gotta be annoying!

Hollyleaf: A holly leaf? She must have been prickly!

Princess: I bow down and curtsy for you, you majesty… * bows * curtsies

Firestar: A star on fire?

Squirrelflight: A flying cat? A cat-squirrel? Who knows, it’s so confusing!

Ashfur: Did Ashfur swim in a Volcano or something? Or get ash piled up on top of him? Strange…

Bluestar: A blue star? Rare, pretty, exotic.

Sandstorm: A literal sand storm? Do I need words?

Lionheart: A lion heart? Yikes. And Tigerheart! Man, it would be awkward if someone is called Wolfheart!

Ravenpaw: His paw is trying to fly away where the rest of him doesn’t want to go! I feel sorry for him!

Leafpool: So a medicine cat is a leaf in a pool? What about if people went swimming or something in the pool?

Brambleclaw: So his claws are brambles? Ooooo…kay.

Tigerclaw/star: His claws are tiger? That would be dangerous if he needs to sleep!

Barley: So he’s literally like a piece of barley?

Whitewing: So I can push her off a cliff or something and she’ll fly away?

Birchfall: So birch trees are falling over? I don’t get it.

Silverstream: A silver stream? So pretty!

Hawkfrost: A frosty hawk? Why? Is the hawk frozen or something?

Webfoot: His feet are webs? That must be annoying during battle or something, he could get tangled up with the enemy!

Ferncloud: A ferny cloud? Will she rain ferns on the Clans or something? Who knows.

That finishes this article! I hope you enjoyed, and I’ll see you next time!!! Bye!

Wait. I forgot something, what was it? Oh yes! Brokenstar: A cracked star? Has it been chopped with a knife?
So, there we hare done! I’ll see you next time and I hope you enjoyed!!!!

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