Analyzing Hawkfrost’s Ships by Willowmist

Willowmist analyses ships involving Hawkfrost.

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s’up y’all! its willowmist here with my first article :3

today we’re gonna take a look at Hawkfrost’s ships, and their chemistry, note I will be doing this for other characters, you can comment which other characters u guys want me to do. alright, let’s get started!

Hawkfrost x Ashfur
no just no, i see no chemistry between the two, i dont even think they met each other in the books. but we’ll take a look at them anyways for u ashfrost fans, since this is pretty popular ( idk wut the ship name for ashfur and hawkfrost is ) note this contains major spoilers, read at ur own risk.

hawkfrost, when he was alive, had lots of ambition, fueled by his father, tigerstar. his mother, sasha, left him in riverclan, with mothwing, who became a medicine cat. the two faced a lot of discrimination, since tigerstar was their father, and they were technically rouges. mothwing wasn’t believed to be a med cat, but when hawkfrost faked a sign from starclan, a moth’s wing, riverclan accepted her. hawkfrost rly wanted to impress at least one of his parents, so he joined his father’s evil schemes. he wanted to help his half brother, brambleclaw, to become leader, so he trapped firestar in a fox trap, and attempted to kill him so his half brother could become leader. but brambleclaw realized that this was wrong, so he killed hawkfrost and he joined his father in the dark forest.
so long story short if u want to skip my jumbo load of info ( which by the way is all by memory, sry if its inaccurate ) is that hawkfrost was trying to help brambleclaw, but he refused and brambleclaw killed him, in this scenario, his brother betrayed him, remember that.
when he joined the dark forest, he got an apprentice ivypaw, whom he trained. now in my opinion, and looking at other sources, hawkfrost isn’t pure evil, nobody can be evil without a reason. hawkfrost wanted to impress his father, because he felt that he let down sasha. note that as i explain this next part. hawkfrost grew feelings for ivypaw, but he didn’t reveal them because he was afraid that if tigerstar found out, he would be punished. ivypool betrayed him in the great battle, and he felt probably broken that the cat he trusted, maybe even liked betrayed him. we’ll get to this point later in the ivyfrost ship.

now ashfur.. *groan* hawky is one of my faves but ashfur.. nooo

here we go guys

so basically ashfur liked squirrelflight, and squirrelflight ( we’re gonna everyone their short names now cause im lazy ) had some issues with bramble. bramble was sharing his “evil” ambitions with hawky, and supposedly ” spending more time with him, and caring for him more” than squiff. then, squiff started hanging with ash, and ash developed feelings for her. but when bramble apologized to squiff, realizing wut he was doing was “wrong” they got back together. ash got jealous and took the attempt to surround squiff and “her three children” in a fire. squiff, i think told ash that she didn’t like him, and of course, revealed that her three children were not her’s. in this ashfur felt betrayed by whom he loved.

mkay, so both were betrayed by someone they loved ( it doesnt mean romantically in hawky and bramble’s situation ) so thats a start. and ash wouldn’t be able to get with squiff if it weren’t for hawky distracting bramble. honestly, i see these two as friends, but not necessarily paired up. this is my opinion so pls dont get offended.

result: 4/10

Hawkfrost x Squirrelflight
not actually that popular, for this one, meh, i mean it could be alright..?

so i already told u that hawkfrost was betrayed by his brother, and ivypool, so im not gonna waste time rewriting that, if u forgot just scroll up im not gonna copy n paste.

lemme explain squiff
so, squiff is kinda feeling that bramble is more ” devoted ” to hawky then her, so she hangs with ash, yada yada, bramble makes up with her, and then we’ve got the fire scene. so squiff, in the end, of like.. sunset i think? is mostly alright, but she felt a little, unloved? when bramble was with hawky.

so i mean, it would kinda be cool if there was an au where squiff was behind bramble’s back actually on hawky’s side, but then again, she wouldn’t want to kill her own father knowing that she’s devoted to her family. i mean, they both have like, ” spunky ” attitudes, but i dont rly see this working out.

result: 2.5/10

Hawkfrost x Leafpool
its a little more popular than squiff and hawky for some reason, this one, i also got a meh vibe on this.

alright so leaf
she’s a med cat, but she developed feelings for crow, ran away, badger attack, yada yada, read twilight pls. then she had babies, gave them to squiff, holly revealed the truth, she became a warrior, and yea. so, leafpool generally felt lonely and i guess even abandoned?

these two, i never rly saw their interaction in the books, and their personalities are very different. squiff could be manipulated by hawky, but leaf, not so much.

result: 2/10

Hawkfrost x Mapleshade
im actually a little suprised its not that popular, but anyways this one, ehh, maybe..?

basically she was betrayed by her mate, and her anger made her go to the darkforest

so, first, i think this is kinda gross since mapleshade’s like, idk a lot older then hawky, so its kinda gross. second, this wouldn’t be too bad besides the age difference, both have similar personalities and had experienced multiple betrayals. so im kinda eh on this one.

result: 3.5/10

Hawkfrost x Brambleclaw

Hawkfrost x Feathertail
ehh, i mean, ish? not rly popular

feathertail never got to know her mother, because she died giving birth to her. her father lived in thunderclan, she had a little relationship with hawky when he was an apprentice, befriending sasha and her kits in a shadow in riverclan. then read the new prophecy and the whole journey and wut not, and in the end she sacrificed her life for crowpaw.

They have different personalities, and there is an alarming age difference, but they were friends, ish.. so i kinda like them as friends and nothing more. so yea

result: 3/10


Hawkfrost x Ivypool

soooo ivy, my fav character, she was jealous of dove and joined the darkforest cause of that, realized that the darkforest was actually a bad place and went to spy, and betrayed hawky in the great battle.

these two both had siblings that outshined them, and have similar personalities, it would be nice if the erin hunters had made these two together. they would have added some character development making hawky good or ivy bad, and we could explore a whole new concept of a dead and living cat to be together. like i mentioned before, hawky did like ivy, and i feel that ivy did like hawky back. ARGH THESE TWO ARE JUST SO CUTE TOGETHER. i cannot stop rambling about these two, so im gonna make a separate article about this ship. this is my opinion and im kinda being a little biased here soo, yea.

result: 9/10

welp, that didn’t take me as long as i thought it would, so i hoped u enjoyed reading this article, and as i also mentioned before to tell me in the comments which character’s ship i should do next, thx y’all, willowy out! :3

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