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Giving Wings of Fire Characters Warrior Names – P1 by Spiritpaw

Spiritpaw gives warrior names to characters from the Wings of Fire series.

Hi, BlogClan! It’s me, Spiro, with another article! The name is self-explanatory as to what I’m going to be doing today. Hope you enjoy!


First, let’s start with dragons from the first arc.

Clay’s suffix will have to be heart automatically because of how kind he is. I really wanted to do mouth for this because of how much he likes food, but then I thought I could make his prefix food-related. So I thought to myself, “hmm, what food is iconic to Clay and the dragonets in the first arc? Oh, I know – cows!” Hence, Clay’s warrior name is Cowheart (:

Tsunami’s warrior name is a lot easier than Clay’s since there’s a lot more water-related stuff I could do for her. I think, with her ferocious personality, her suffix ought to be fang. I was going to do tail because of how strong SeaWing tails are, but I wanted all of these names to reflect on the dragon’s personality. And, for the prefix, since she is a SeaWing, I decided it was going to be River. The final product – Riverfang.

Now for my favorite Dragonet of Destiny – Glory!!!! I’m tempted to make her a leader because, you know, she’s a queen and all – but we’re doing warrior names here. So that’s a no-go. This time I’m going to start with her prefix, because that’ll be a lot easier. So, let’s look at what she’s like – she’s sassy, sarcastic, and secretly kind and caring and will do anything for her loved ones. I think I’ll have to make her name start with Flame because that’s the most fitting thing I can think of. And storm would be a good suffix, reflecting her other, less-good traits like sarcasm. So Glory’s warrior name is Flamestorm.

Starflight… hmm… what to do for an under-developed brainiac PoV character… His suffix is going to be sight because of his insight and knowledge. Easy enough. I think I’m going to have to make his prefix have something to do with the way he looks because I can’t think of anything else XD “So, by the powers of StarClan, I give you your warrior name – Shimmersight!” For his silver scales on the underside of his wings.

Sunny is another easy one. Probably the easiest, if I’m being honest! I really want to do Sunbeam, but that’s cannon, so alas… but her suffix is still going to be beam because of how kind and bright she is. Her prefix is going to be Beetle because that’s what her mother, Queen Thorn, was going to name her. Sunny’s warrior name: Beetlebeam.

I’m going to do the Dragonets’ guardians now, because they deserve it.

Kestrel’s suffix is going to be ‘claw because she was the battle training teacher, and she’s a SkyWing, one of the most violent Tribes. Her prefix, however, is going to reflect the grief she had because she had to abandon Sky and lived under the illusion that both of her kids were dead for most of her life – at least six years of it, anyway. So her warrior name is going to be Shatteredclaw.

Dune… we don’t really know much about him, except that he was close enough to Thorn to know about Sunny and steal her egg, and that he died trying to protect the Dragonets from Scarlet. Oh yeah, and he lost his ability to fly in the war. Other than that, we know zilch about his personality. So his name is going to be based on his appearance a little bit – Scarstep. It just sounded right, the ‘step after Scar.

Webs is probably the guardian that we know most about. He left his family for the prophecy, stole Tsunami’s and Glory’s eggs, had a lot of heartbreak, and eventually ended up as the history teacher for the Jade Mountain Academy. I think he needs a tragic name to sum up his tragic past, hence the name Lostsoul.

I’m going to squeeze Deathbringer in here, just for the fun of it (: For his sake, let’s just call him Charmingface. No explanation needed.

Queen Scarlet’s name’s gonna have to be something bad but not dumb, and I was considering to do Burnface, but I’ve already used the ‘face suffix on Deathbringer. So, this is going to be a mix-up of personality and appearance. Her prefix is going to be Venom, because of what Glory did to her, and her suffix is going to be burn, because she wanted to see the prophecy ‘burn’ before her. So her name is Venomburn.

Burn has to have a similarly evil-sounding name like Queen Scarlet’s. I think her death will have something to do with her name, so her prefix is going to be Snake. Her suffix is going to be ‘rage, because of how angry and power-hungry she was. So Burn’s name is going to be Snakerage.

Blister’s warrior name has to be as conniving as she was. Her suffix is going to be ‘mask, because of how deceiving she was. Her prefix was a little bit harder to do, but I decided on Strike because of her death. So her name is Strikemask.

Blaze needs a happy, cheerful name that sounds kind of dumb and naive. Lamb sounds like a suitable prefix, don’t you think? And her suffix… hmm… how about ‘sun? Yup, that’s dumb and naive enough! Blaze’s name is now Lambsun. (Sorry to all the Blaze-lovers out there, I was just trying to match her personality.)

Riptide needs a dashing, nice name because of his personality (and because I like him). His suffix is going to be ‘dash, because of his quick wits and charming aura, and his prefix is going to be Blue because of his scales. Bluedash is now his name!

Queen Thorn’s name is going to be Fierceblaze, because of her fierceness and the blaze of her love for Sunny. This was another easy one, like-mother like-daughter 🙂

Queen Coral’s name is a tricky one… but I’m going to make this one Splashshine because of all the treasure she wears and because she’s a SeaWing. (Ok maybe I got a little lazy on this one XD)

And, to wrap up arc one, I’m going to do Morrowseer, my favorite villain (next to Darkstalker ofc)! His prefix is going to be Deep because I always imagine he has a deep voice, and because he’s huge. His suffix is going to be ‘lava, because of the way he died. The final result – Deeplava.

Wow! That’s a lot of characters! I think I’m going to need a part 2 to this… maybe even a part 3… oh, well. That’s it for today, folks! I hope you enjoyed this article, and stay tuned for a Part 2! Thanks for reading…

Spiro, 6/19/22

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