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Goldenflower’s Strength by Finchpaw

Finchpaw takes a closer look at the life of Goldenflower.

Art by marymsjay-warriors-art (tumblr)

Hello everyone! Finchpaw here, with an article about my favourite warrior cat: Goldenflower, and how mentally strong she was. She is totally underrated in my opinion, and I made this article to analyse her life story.

Goldenflower is my favourite cat for a reason. She went through so much pain, and nobody talks about her. Let’s start by analysing her life.

“I understand how you feel. Your eyes have always betrayed your heart. But these are my kits, and I will die to protect them if I have to. I’m afraid for them, Fireheart. The Clan will never forgive Tigerclaw—nor should they. But Bramblekit and Tawnykit have done nothing wrong, and I will not let them be punished because of Tigerclaw.”

Nothing much happened until the first arc. In the first arc is where everything comes crashing down on her.

In the first arc, book one, she loses her brother to ShadowClan. They were close enough so this must have hurt. She falls in love with TigerClaw, and they have kits toghether.

Then, she finds out her mate is a lying, traitorous, murderer, and her newborn kits will have no father to help raise them.

She also has to witness her mother’s newest kit, Snowkit, being carried off by a hawk, and seeing her mother struggle to manage the grief.

Her clanmates are very suspicious of her newborn twin kits, Bramblekit and Tawnykit, whom she loves with all of her heart, and I speculate suspicion was also put on Goldenflower for choosing a mate she didn’t even know was a murderous traitor.

She desperately tries to defend herself, and her kits as they grow older.

Tragedy strikes when her former mate leads a pack of dogs onto her eldest kit, Swiftpaw, and kills him.

If that isn’t enough, one of the twin kits, Tawnykit (now Tawnypaw) decides to leave to join ShadowClan, the clan in which Tigerclaw (now Tigerstar) now belongs to.

Goldenflower was also there when her former mate, Tigerstar, was ripped to pieces by Scourge. This might seem like revenge was served, but even the top enemy of Tigerstar, Firestar, was horrified. So Goldenflower was probably shocked beyond words.

We never really hear of her again, until it is mentioned in the next arc that she died in the middle point between the two arcs due to an illness.

A stunning MAP that showcases all of this, is Rises The Moon. It can be found on YouTube and was hosted by EphemeralMoth. It shows all of her sadness, fury and isolation, and her kits slowly turning away from her. There is a Trigger Warning for blood and character death though, so if you don’t like that then maybe watch something else.

The reason I like Goldenflower so much is because she hid all of this sorrow, guilt, rage, frustration and grief, and kept a happy face on for the sake of her kits growing up and having a happy childhood, not carrying the burden of having a bloodthirsty father.

She is one of the true warriors, and she is completely underrated in my opinion.

Thank you all so much for reading this article. I’d love to hear what you think about Goldenflower in the comments of the page! Have a good day or night!
Finchpaw out!

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